Hindi homework for Sr.kg

कक्षा कार्य – 1. इस सप्ताह हमने कक्षा में  UOI -memory के साथ Integration किया जिसमें बच्चों ने अपनी बचपन की यादों के चित्र बनाए |

गृहकार्य –  नीचे दिए गये link पर जाकर बच्चों को स्वर(अ से अं ) की  वीडियो दिखाएँ 



Hindi homework for Sr.kg

कक्षा कार्य – 1.इस सप्ताह हमने कक्षा में UOI  - memory  के साथ Integration किया, जिसमें बच्चों  ने अपनी बचपन की यादों  के चित्र बनाए |

2 . हिंदी my skill book में पेज नं. 11  व  13 करवाया है |

गृहकार्य –  1. हिंदी my skill book मे पेज नं. 12  और 14 पूरा करवाएं |


English Highlights of the week _Grade 9 Eureka_Serendipity_Fortuity

Dear Parents,

This week we began with the first short story “The Phoenix”. The story is aimed at acquainting students with Literary forms such as “Satire” and “Irony” along with an enriching vocabulary and a deep insight into animal abuse.

Students read the story and understood the context in which the story is written, the legend of the mythical bird Phoenix and various types of Human actions that result in animal abuse.  They understood that every creature is unique and has to be accepted in its full glory.

The weekly listening exercise was also conducted where students were expected to answer a set of questions after watching a video. This not only ensures enhanced listening skills but also helps in self paced learning.

The next week will begin with a trip to Gavier Lake where students will closely understand the interdependence in nature.

Looking forward to a great week ahead.



Highlights of the week (21st to 25th July)

Circle Time:

  • Rhymes-Good morning, I twiddle my thumbs
  • Music and movement- Morning strut song
  • Word of the week-Perspective
  • Morning message- We will help our parents.
  • Morning talk:

1.Which is your favourite story/book?

2.Which is your most precious memory?

  • Read Aloud:
  1. Get out of bed by Robert Munsch
  2. A chair for my mother by Vera Williams
  3. Mmm cookies by Robert Munsch.
  4. The Greedy python by Eric Carle
  5. Gadagada gudugudu



  • Revision of two letter sight words:

I        a        is        it        to        do

we        be        he        go        no        so

my        by        or        me        on        up

in        us        as        at        am


  • Writing of ‘ad’ family words in cw notebook.
  • Learning Centres:

Center1- Listening station

Centre 2- Coloring of ‘ag’ family booklet

Centre 3- Association of ‘ag’ family pics to words

Centre 4- writing ‘ag’ family words with clay.

  • Worksheet of ‘ag’ family
  • Reading booklet- Pages 1, 2, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11.

Guided Play:

Word Hunt Game: Learners were  given a worksheet of ‘ad’ family words , the spellings of the same were stuck on the walls .Learners had to find out the spellings and write beside the picture on their sheet.


  • Introduction of Clock.
  • Grouping ( Tens and ones using Judo blocks, popsicle sticks, Ganit mala)
  • Estimation of quantity ( more and less concept)- Done through  a story and manipulatives.
  • Revision of three attributes patterns.
  • Revision of after and before numbers.
  • Comparing and counting through rangometry and a worksheet.

Guided Play:

GP: Group 1- Wooden blocks Number Towers ( Forward and backward Counting)

Group 2- There were cubes of two colours, learners had to make 4 towers of backward and forward counting.

Group 3-Range of numbers was written on the baskets eg: 25  - 47. Learners had to find the balls (with numbers written on it )from sandpit  as per the range mentioned and put the balls in the respective basket.



TDT: Where we are in place and time.

Central Idea- We can know about our past through stories and artifacts.

Learning Engagements- Show & Tell of the memory box.


We’ve started with the Tuning In for the next Unit under the TDT- Who we are

This was done through Read Aloud ( Mmm cookies and The Greedy Python) and a video .

Link of the video-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEy0Ltlm3nU .

After the video and the read aloud class discussion on the word ‘healthy’ was done.


Tuesday : Lang HW- worksheet of ‘ad’ family

 Math HW-Online game.

Friday HW-

Lang-Write ‘ad’ family words 3 times in notebook

Reading booklet -Read pages 1,2.7,8,9,10,11

Math 3 book: Pages; 34, 36, 38


Shreya Kantharia

Field Trip to Gavier Lake_Grade 9_Eureka_Serendipity_Fortuity

Dear  all,

The students of Grade 9 will be going for a field trip to Gavier Lake. The purpose of the field trip is to understand ecosystems and how the animals and creatures blossom in their habitat when left free. This is in connection to their unit “The Phoenix” where the students will study about human actions responsible for animal abuse.

The field trip will being them closer to nature and post this we will be studying articles related to animal abuse and prepare a persuasive essay on the same topic.


The details of the trip are:

Date: Monday, July 28th

Time: 9am -12 pm

Dress code: Schools Uniform (School shorts may be worn, however all students need to ensure that they wear school shoes ONLY)

Students are advised to carry their umbrellas/raincoats. They are expected to come at regular school timing and first go to their classes, keep their Chromebooks safely and gather at the assembly by 09:15 sharp.

Students may carry their breakfast and a water bottle to the trip.

CAMERAS ARE NOT ALLOWED and will be confiscated if found.

Please bring books as per the Timetable, regular classes will resume after 12 PM. Also, an extra pair of clothes may be kept in case it rains heavily.

Looking forward to a great trip!



Hindi H.W for Gr5


मेहमान की बदौलत कहानी पढ़कर नीचे दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए|

१.क्या आप  तीनो वक्तियों,लकड़हारा, करोड़ीमल और पटेल के लिए राजा का निर्णय से सहमत हो ? अगर आप राजा होते तो क्या निर्णय लेते|

२.अंत में लकड़हारे को क्या इनाम मिला?

write all these answer in sheet paper.

Enterprise Grade 10 Updates

The meaning of market research, its importance and need was discussed this week in our Enterprise class. We also covered different methods and suitability of Primary Research and Secondary Research. This topic will be of great help to the students in their coursework task because they will be able to choose the appropriate method and customize it according to their requirements.

The students also diligently pursued their task 1 report writing this week and sought clarifications and help wherever required. They are progressing slowly but confidently with the first task of their coursework.



India Studies Updates, Grade 10

We completed our Case Study, ‘How might India develop its programme for improving human development’ this week and the students wrote a summative assessment on the topic. The assessment was conducted today in which the students were given a 1 hour 45 minutes paper of 60 marks set according to the guidelines of the IGCSE.

We shall begin our new Core theme, ‘Economic Development of India’ from day 3 next week


Business Management Updates, Grade 11

The students of business management learned about different forms of business organization, viz sole proprietorship, partnership and companies this week. The students were also made aware about some key terms. The skills required by a successful entrepreneur were taught to the students through a role play. Moreover, case studies were given to students wherein they acted as consultants and gave advice on the best form of organization according to the situation and requirements. Overall, we had a fruitful and a productive week