Highlights and Homework of the day: 9th December: Friday


  • Dictionary skills were introduced through a class activity.
  • Students were given 5 words to find their meanings from dictionary.
  • They also learnt how to find meanings and synonyms from the website: www.dictionary.com


  1. To the start with the concept of multiplication, the strategy of Grouping and sets was introduced through manipulative.
  2. The Grouping strategy was practiced with the students’ involvement.


  1. The students were shown 2 different videos related to both negative and positive impact of human actions on animals and reflection taken in notebook.


  • Language notebook: Find the definition of the following words: school, friends, hammer, portfolio and books. (Find definition from the website: www.dictionary.com)
  • Frame meaningful sentences using the given words- lucky, miserable, frightened, clever.
  • Worksheet is given.


Runa Nath (HRT)

G8_ Exuberance, Vivacity, Verve, Zest_ Math_ Highlights of the Week_ 9/12/2016

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of this week:

  1.  We started the week with Ex 2.21 based on simultaneous equations. Students used the prior knowledge of substitution and elimination method taught during Ex 2.20 to solve this exercise. Some questions were solved in the class while rest were given as HW.
  2. Next we started with constructing more complex equations and solving them for one/two variables in Ex 2.22.
  3. We continued this concept in Ex 2.23 also. Most of the questions were solved/discussed in the class and rest were given as HW.
  4. Next concept we took was solving quadratic equations by factorizing. Ex 2.24 was based on this and students used splitting the middle term to factorize and find the solutions. Students learnt the difference that while in linear equation its just one solution of the equation while quadratic equations have two solutions. Students given time to solve questions from this exercise in class , rest all they suppose to complete from home.

Hope you have a great weekend.



G11 English Highlights of the week

Dear parents,

HL students were briefed about the Analytical Written Task so that they while they read Part 3 works now, they could keep these questions in mind. Then, we worked on the topic Gender from Language in Cultural Context which made an interesting class with quite a bit of discussion and analysis on songs, advertisements…. SL had a practice paper solved to ensure regular work on Paper 1.


Vagisha Shrivastava and Smruti

G11 French Highlights of the week

Dear parents,

This week, we worked on the chapter Au lycee. Students were taken around the school to click pictures of the school and now they will work on creating a brochure (for one pair) and the other pair would work on creating an introduction video for the school in French. This activity will also be linked to the CAS component of the DP.

In the last slot, students were given chits with words and they had to write a text on their vacation using those words. They were given 20 minutes to do so. Then, they played scrabble in French.



Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of the week :

This week, the unit on Descriptive Writing was continued wherein a worksheet was given and they were asked to write the words related to a Cafe or a Restaurant. This was followed by watching a video, discussion on what happens in the video. They attempted to write a piece of descriptive writing on Waiting for a friend in a restaurant/cafe.

As part of Reading Comprehension, students read a passage on – Tiger Encounter and attempted the questions. This was followed by a discussion with a view to clarifying and confirming their comprehension.

Book Club :
Students read their books as part of the book club and read aloud sessions were also conducted with them in the library.

Language Team

Grade 9 Chemistry highlights rates of reaction”

Dear All

This week students learnt about the methods and apparatus to measure the rates of reaction involving change in mass over time, effect of catalyst on rate of reaction and examples of explosive reaction in terms of increased surface area. The learning was supplemented with lecture method, classroom discussion and videos.


Chemistry team