Grade 10_International_Mathematics_Extended_Highlights_Of_Week.

Dear Parents,

We concluded the following concepts of statistics by the end of this week:

1)Calculate mean,median and mode of ungrouped as well as grouped frequency distribution table.

2)Varied measures of spread or dispersion.

3)Integrating ICT by evaluating measures of spread and measures of dispersion using GDC.

4)Cumulative frequency

5)Scatter diagrams or scatter plots.

6)Different types of correlation

7)Equation of line of best fit or regression line.


Grade 10 Math Educators.


Grade 8 _ Exuberance _ Vivacity _Maths _ Highlights of the week (20th June to 24th June 2016)

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of the week.

We started with the introduction to Distance-Time Graph. Later the following were discussed.

  • Discussion on video- gradient.
  • Plotting of Distance-Time Graph.
  • Calculation of Gradient.
  • Analysis of Distance-Time Graph.
  • Questions on the basis of Analysis of Graph.
  • Calculating distance, time and speed  using Graph.
  • Completion of exercise 1.19
  • Revision and Extra sums for practice were given.
  • Introduction to Travel Graphs.
  • Questions regarding Travel Graphs from Exercise 1.20

Have a Happy Weekend.


Swati Bhutra

Grade 9_Biology_Highlights of the week

Hello parents,

In this week, we discussed in detail and completed the seven characteristics of living things. Students cited examples for each characteristic and lastly we concluded how the presence of all characteristics is important to state any organism as living.

We then began with another unit ‘Cells’ where we discussed about the structure of cells and its parts.


Senior school Biology team

Grade_8_Classroom Code_ Highlights

Dear Students,

Kindly enroll yourself for the Google class room for the resources shared with the code :  pis0c92

 The Google classroom link is:

The resources of the topics done till now are shared on the Google classroom, refer them and elaborate the pointers discussed in class.

Also, during this week following are the topics covered:

  • Concept of Socialism, Capitalism and Communism
  • Nehru’s Foreign Policy
  • Non Aligned Movement (NAM)
  • Panchsheel



Grade 8

I&S Team

Note for grade 7 – google classroom

Dear Students,

Kindly enroll yourselves to the google classroom by using this code: dhkps3

The link for the google classroom is :

Just to remind you that, if you do not enroll, you will miss out with all the resources we have shared on it.



Integrated Humanities Team.