Homework – 28th July

Homework :

Language : Complete the given worksheet. (Given by Rachna ma’am)

I’ve shared all 3 articles and questions with you. Identify the most relevant article as per the questions provided and answer the questions in Lang notebook.

Please note: Tomorrow we are starting with Literary event of Spelling Bee with its first round. So Students are requested to prepare for grade level spelling.

G11 French Highlights of the week

Dear parents,

This week, the students had two slots where we solved a few exercises from Chapter 3 of the textbook, Panorama Francophone 1. They have been given an assignment of presenting their house / flat, the objective is to develop speaking skills and enhance their vocabulary. They have also been asked to present someone’s route creatively.

All assignments have been posted on the classroom.



G11 English Highlights of the week

Dear parents,

This week, we had a guest lecture by Pankti, who leads the Art dpt. in school. She talked to students about what art is and what makes it popular. Students have been given leading questions to understand the talk further and also questions that would help them analyse texts better. We then had a reflection session and analysed a text based on it.

The SL class had a formative assessment session where they created an art work based on the themes given and then wrote a critical appreciation of the work in around 250 words.

The HL class worked on the next topic in popular culture, which is comic strips and created a comic strip to understand the process that goes into creating it and also to distinguish between a comic strip and soap opera in terms of theme, purpose, audience and text conventions.


Vagisha and Smruti

Highlights and homework – 28th July’16

UOI :-

Moving forward with the DFC booklet on identifying the problem , the cause and the idea for change was discussed with the learners and which was reflected by them in the booklet.

Maths(Integrated with UOI):

Learners analysed the responses and the summary. They then wrote the conclusion from the summary.


Maths(Survey Conclusion): Complete the conclusion of the responses shared if left.

Language homework : Complete LWE Week 2 D5 in your LD notebook.


Experimental Sciences: Limiting reagent worksheet and Lab report

Grade11 – All
Homework submitted by: roshan.khan@fountainheadschools.org
Submission Date: Mon Aug 01 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Solve the assigned worksheet in Chem CW book and write lab report in a seperate notebook for Empirical formula of MgO and Limiting reagent in making Chalk experiment.
Expected Time: 120