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Grade 7_Mathematics Unit Test_04/04/2017_Important Note

Dear Students,

The Mathematics Unit Test on April 04, 2017 will be an on-line assessment.

Students are supposed to carry their fully charged Chrome-Book and reach the allocated venues sharp at 04:10 p.m.

Students will carry their bags to the venue and leave for the bus after the test from the venue directly.

The venues are -:

Section Roll numbers Venue
Acuity 1-19 Pulse
Cognizance 1-19 Hippodrome
Envisage 1-19 Senior Library
Idea 1-18 Y box
Insight 1-19 X box
Perspicacity 1-10 Room No. 321
Perspicacity 11-20 Room No. 326
Vision 1-9 Room No. 324
Vision 10-18 Room No. 327


MYP Math Teachers

Math homework for 3rd April 2017


Dear Students,

Having revised Integers, let’s now revise Polygons.

Go through the following link and do as directed.


Make sure you complete it by Wednesday. i.e, 5th April 2017. The questions will be discussed in the class.

See you all tomorrow… 🙂

Spell bee – 1st round winners

Dear Parents,

Before announcing the winners, we would like to congratulate all the students who participated in the competition.

The winners of the spell bee – round 1. The second round will be conducted on 4th April 2017.

Name Section Name Section
Dheer Gandhi Ideate Mahimna Gohil Illustrate
Preyasi Desai Ideate Niyati Baheti Illustrate
Anushka Bajaj Ideate Yatna Sheth Illustrate
Suhani Agarwal Ideate Hitharh Diwan Illustrate
Sanvee Jain Ideate Hitaishi Somani Illustrate
Devanshi Jindal Illuminate’ Arav Paladiya Initiate
Dharm Patel Illuminate’ Suhaan Bhatia Initiate
Aadya Jain Illuminate’ Dax Patel Initiate
Pari Jain Illuminate’ Harsh Begani Initiate
Mehak Agarwal Illuminate’ Sarvam Shah Initiate
Hiyaa Madhwani Imbue Yomika Khurana Inspire
Shubhi Grover Imbue Sanjana Shah Inspire
Kavya Shah Imbue Sankalp agarwal Inspire
Zeyad Khan Imbue Khwaish Jain Inspire
Aahan Tuteja Imbue Dharma Patel Inspire
Saumya Patel Innovate Kanisha Virani Imagine
Aaria Patel Innovate Sharan Khurana Imagine
Prisha Mehta Innovate Aashvi Dalmia Imagine
Ashvika Agarwal Innovate Sanchi Khanna Imagine
Dhruvil Tulshiyani Innovate Dikshika Rathod Imagine

Grade 3 team

Highlights and Homework for 3rd April, 2017

Star of the day- Shaurya Rajgor animated-star-image-0020

Day 4



The students read and comprehended the last chapter of their reader. Later, they began writing a narrative piece on the topic- A day I was sad.


The students appeared for the Summative Assessment for fractions and geometry.



  1. Complete the correction of the dictation words. Also, learn words from Fry List- Tenth Hundred.
  2. Complete the narrative piece on the topic- A day I was sad, using the writing process.

Highlight and Homework of 3rd April,2017


Math: Students appeared for the Summative Assessment.


ICT: 1). Students have to make a presentation on their experience of ‘Business Fair’ using ‘Google Slides’ and share it with their HRT.

There should be minimum 4 slides including the following:

  • A key learning from the business fair
  • Skills and subskills applied during the business fair (mention how and where you applied them)
  • Two things that you liked the most during the process of planning and conducting the business fair.
  • Two things that you could have done in a  better way.

2). Kindly fill the form given below  as it is a survey conducted by Grade 6 students for their Pyp exhibition on the topic- ‘Gaming as a leisure activity’