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Grade 5 Collaboration, Homework of 6th April, 2017



Solve and find the area of triangles from the links mentioned below:

Area of triangle 1

Area of triangle 2


  • Class Execution – Work in groups or pairs assigned to you with the topics under different subjects like UOI, Math or Language. Also work on the displays for SLC based on the topics for class execution.
  • Hearty congratulations to all the winners for the Reading Challenge!! (March) Keep it up!! 🙂

    Vani Malavia – 20 books (Wonderful Vani)

    Jihan Sakariya and Hasti Gangani– 7 books

    Jishnu Mehra – 2 books 


    Keep Reading 🙂

Day 1-Highlights and homework of the day!! (6th April, 2017)


  • Formative assessment of story writing was conducted, where students, made their own story using all the elements of story writing and following the writing process.
  • Revision of alliterations and similes was done through a worksheet.

Chromebook: After the read aloud of “Riaz and Mukund” the students reflected on their understanding using an online tool – Padlet.

Portfolio was work done by the students.


Click on the links given below and play the games:





Bhumika Manglani (HRT)


Gujarati – Level selection form

Dear Parents,
This is to inform you that we as Fountainhead School, offer Gujarati as a third  language from Grade 2. Gujarati subject is offered in two diffrent levels i.e. Standard level and Ab initio level.
It’s time to select your preference of Gujarati subject for your ward. Kindly click on the link below and read the form carefully. All the details regarding the subject are given in the form. The last date to  fill the form is 20th April, 2017.

Homework for 6th April, 2017

Star of the day- Pranay Malu

Day 1



  1. Students have to write a poem using alliteration, simile and onomatopoeia (minimum 6 lines) in a ‘Google Doc’ and share it with their HRT.
  2.  Students have to enhance their typing skill by practicing from the link given below:

Typing Practice

Note: The students have been handed over the investment and their share of profit earned during the Business Fair in an envelope. The parents are kindly requested to take note of it and also, discuss about using the same.

Highlights of 6th and 7th April, 2017 and homework for today!!!

Highlights for both days (6th and 7th April,2017):


Formative assessment was conducted.


Summative assessment was conducted.

Read alouds of the following two books were done.

  1. The Great Migration by Jonathan and Angela Scott.
  2. The Wind-up Mouse by Leo Leonni


  1. Complete the given worksheet on memory game.
  2. Click on the link given below and play the game-

https://www.turtlediary.com/game/multiples-of-a-number.html (Find the multiples)

https://in.ixl.com/ela/class-ii/choose-the-antonym (opposites)




Grade 9_Enterprise_Highlights of the week.

Dear Students & Parents,

In this cycle of Enterprise Classes, we focused on Revision part through various ways. Each Unit was revised in Class and in next Block Slot, students watched motivational video about pursuing one’s dreams and not giving up/compromise and Quiz was played on Kahoot which made them revised all the Units  of Enterprise.

Students were given practice questions to write in class and  individual doubts were catered to.

In case of any doubts, students are requested to approach teachers after kindly checking their Time Table and Calendar.

Also, the question bank is shared based on the Term II Case Study which students need to refer.

Please adhere to instructions given in class for Enterprise exam.


Enterprise Educators-Pragati Sagar & Hina Hakim.