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Grade-2 video

Students were curious and excited to learn the concept of ‘Rounding off’. During the session, they gained fluency with rounding off numbers to the nearest 10’s and 100’s place. Various strategies were used throughout the session.

Some guiding questions :-

1) Why do we round numbers?

2) When do we use an estimation?

3) Where do we use rounding off in our real life situations?

Students could make real life connections by saying ” while shopping”.


Western Ultimate Cup-Bus route

Dear Students,

Given below is bus route for Western Ultimate Cup (WUC), frisbee tournament.

Date: 22-23 April 2017 (Sat-Sun)

All the players of Surat will follow this bus route.


Fountainhead School


Highlights of the day!! (Day 3)


  1. Discussed Summer Holiday homework and handed over to the students.
  2. Students had their PS and Hindi class.


Dear Parents,
Potluck party –  It’s time to enjoy and relish the yummiest food, it’s time for the year-end potluck party.
This time we are changing the pattern a bit. This year we have planned to keep it for 2 days instead of having it on the same day for all the 8 sections. The reason behind this being that students will learn to share with their peers, collect some beautiful memories, and last but not the least will relish the yummy food for 2 days.
So, on April 19th, all sections will have a potluck, but the food will be brought by these 4 sections only –Discover, Ponder, Invent, Wonder. These sections will share their food with their buddy class. The students of the rest of the four sections will bring healthy food as per school Food Policy (not as per Friday Food Policy).
Similarly, on April 20th rest four sections i.e. Create, Think, Explore, Dream will bring.
You’re requested to send food which will suffice for 5 – 6 students only.
We’ll be discussing with the students, the food items they would like to bring and as per that will inform you through the daily diary.