Note for Grade 5 Synergy

Note –

Summer vacation H.W has been given today. It needs to be submitted on the day the school reopens.


Ms. Ruchika Bhatia joined Fountainhead School in Feb. 2013. She is pursuing M.A.ENGLISH course from EIILM University, Sikkim. She has pursued regular course of B.Ed from V.N.S.G.U., SURAT (2010-11). She has also completed graduation with B.COM from V.N.S.G.U.(2009). She did her schooling from LOURDES CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL, SURAT. Currently she is working with Grade 4 Team. She is a muzzzic-holic. She believes in "life-long learning" and has a positive approach towards life.She feels "SMART WORK" is of more importance than "HARD WORK" to achieve SUCCESS!!!

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