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Making memories!

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” says A.A Milne in the book Winnie the Pooh.
The last week of school! A reminder of the year gone by! How can it just pass by without making sweet memories?
To make this happen, the last week was all play and no work! But believe us we were not dull. We splashed in the pool and we made paper planes! We tossed the balls and we went down memory lanes! We helped our teacher clean up the classroom and we conducted an SLC for our parents with a vroom! The potluck party for empty tummies and the yummy dishes prepared by mummies! Recalling the day when we entered this grade and reminiscing how we held a charade! As the year ends, we’ll miss it all, but these memories will remain etched in our soul!

Surtilalas on a roll!


I (Ruchika Bhatia – Mentor of Surtilalas group) am proud to share an action taken by my students from Grade 6 (Shyna Shah and Diya Gautam) during the PYP Exhibition process held in Fountainhead school. They’ve really tried their best to bring awareness among people for consuming Traditional food and preserving it for the coming generations.

Hope you like it. Please add your comments below!!

PYPX 2016-17

Culmination of a journey or moving towards a new one? That’s difficult to decide. Yes! We have come to the end of the PYP journey for the grade 6 students. The PYP Exhibition was celebrated with fun and fare at Fountainhead School on 13th and 14th April, 2017. Students brushed up their PYP skills and did in depth research to understand the big idea. The school organised trips to different locations to give students a hands on feel of the central idea of the exhibition, Understanding Our Past Culture, Helps Us To Make Informed Choices In the Present And Shapes Our Future. The central idea has been framed under the TDT, Where we are in Place and Time.
The 6 week long process was an enjoyable one for the learners and the end result was stupendous. The last few weeks just flew by and we could see students running around with errands and demands, be it for a mentor meeting or working on the Art presentation.
All in all a good show of great teamwork and understanding. The learners exhibited the IB attitudes and Learner Profile attributes in the best possible way and we, the facilitators, just gazed in awe as the young orators spoke about topics selected by them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents, teachers and mentors for nurturing our learners and helping them through each and every step.
Last, but not the least, a big shout out to our Grade 6 students for the great show and all the best for your future!

Kala Utsav 2016-17

Kala Utsav, a colourful cultural arts extravaganza where students from grade 3 to 12 showcased their learning of Arts and Design Special. The enthusiastic and talented performers were the highlight of the event. Each of them exhibited their talent which was appreciated by the parents.

Music performances comprised of instrumental performance, band performance, solo singing and group singing while drama performances were infused with hilarious and thought provoking skits, mime, UV performance and monologue whereas dance performances were a  fusion of ballet, hip-hop and various regional dances in multi-hued traditional outfits, presented with gaiety and fervour.

The enthusiasm  of every child stole away every spectator’s heart. In Visual Arts segment the art gallery was adorned with young artists’ paintings, installations and different artifacts. Students of Makers’ segment presented their pieces of art to the audience. The parents visiting the art gallery were admiring and taking pictures too.

Our young chefs who have selected cooking as part of their Arts and Design Special made and served different delicacies.The participants and the parents satiated their hunger devouring the savories prepared by efficient hands.

On the whole the Kala Utsav was indeed a festival of joy and celebration of learning for us as well as our students.



Write-up: Mary Gerad

Editing and Compilation: Lulua Bandookwala

Photographs: Hitesh Surti & Anuj Kumar

Few snippets of the astounding event:


Admission Update: Class of 2017

Dear Parents,

We are glad to announce that the following universities (see image below) have accepted applications and made offers to our Grade 12 students (Class of 2017) so far.

Important points:

  1. The application review process is still going on in some of the foreign universities. We will post updates as soon as we get the confirmation from the students.

  2. The application process for Indian universities has recently started and will continue till May end. We will post updates as soon as we get confirmation from the students.  

Returning Library Books

Dear Parents,
Please note that from Thursday 6th April 2017 [Cycle 32 i.e. second last cycle for the academic year 2016-17] the library staff will stop issuing books to the students. During this cycle, when the students visit the Library,  they can return their pending books.
Students often forget to return their books, so in order to clear all the dues, we give them 2 slots for returning their books and resolve the issues of pending books if any.
For any query related to library books please mail us at
On behalf of the Library team.

Reminder: Parent feedback form

Dear Parent,

Greetings of the day! We believe that every parent has an opinion about their child’s education and the school’s administration. We are giving you an opportunity to voice your opinion.

To ease the process; we are changing the system of taking feedback from this year. Now, there is a single form available having questions ranging from overall feedback about school to the HRT and subject teachers and administrative support feedback survey for the academic year 2016-17.

Further, this form will now be available on our school website under “Helpdesk —> Online Form Center” tab so that you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to give feedback for appreciation or improvement. Once you fill the form, your feedback will be automatically forwarded to the respective TL and coordinator.

It’s as easy as click of a mouse button. You are required to fill out an online feedback form (please refer to this link “Parent Feedback Form (Nursery – Grade 12). To access this form you have to log out from any other Gmail account(s) , if logged in, and then login with school parent email id.

For siblings, you need to fill the forms from separate parent id’s provided to you by the school e.g. Sibling – 1 – Mahesh Kumar (, Sibling – 2 – Shikha Kumar (

All responses will remain confidential.

This is to meet your expectations and suggestions wherever applicable by the next survey. Your feedback/suggestions will be taken into consideration and can also change the way we operate in the future.

The last date to fill this form is 10th Feb, 2017

Celebrating Reading – Whole School Read Aloud Day

Fountainhead School celebrated  Whole School Read Aloud Day on 6th February, 2017. Parents, teachers and the admin staff read to children of all grades right from Early Years to Senior School. We could see children engrossed in the books listening to a mystery reader. Parents were also excited to be a part of this event. Children enjoyed interacting with their mystery readers especially because such interactions rarely happen. Children and adults should read and be read-to on a daily basis to promote sound language skills. These celebrations provide for such opportunities.

Celebrating a read aloud all year long with your children 20 minutes each day will convert them to lifelong readers, and the possibilities are endless.

To celebrate the spirit of the event, let’s read a short poem!

Reading Roads!!

On the reading roads, we have started walking!!

Hand in hand, we are not shaking!!

Unfolding new worlds, as we read!!

We feel an insatiable greed!!

We will read more books,

Learn new words!!

Come on everyone,

Join our breed!!




Poem:  Lulua Bandookwala

A sneak peek into our celebration:

Pictures courtesy: Hitesh Surti