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Day: June 15, 2017

Highlights and Homework, Grade-5 Alliance, 15th June’ 17

Highlights and Homework, Grade-5 Alliance, 15th June’ 17

[Highlight Of The Day]

Phone chain sheet has been given to students.

Parents invite has been sent for Class Dojo. Kindly follow the instructions given in the sheet and join the class.

Students practiced for their class mission statement presentation.


  • Please bring one passport size picture for your birthday chart.
  • Create a Limerick poem on “Friendship” and write in your reflection notebook.
‘Glimpses of first few days’

‘Glimpses of first few days’

Dear parents,

A hearty welcome to all of you! I, Nisha Jain am eager to start the new academic session 2017-18. I have been with Fountainhead School since 2012. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be your child’s homeroom teacher. I assure you that our children will have a safe, secure and stimulating environment. As your child’s teacher, I am only a part of your child’s academic future. Parental encouragement and involvement along with student cooperation and participation are vital components of educational growth. I encourage you and your child to join me in this academic endeavor.

I would like to share with you the first few days of Senior Kg. Ignite. The students were welcomed to their new class with a small token of love(star) from our end. They settled into the class after performing their routines and procedures. They had fun playing the ice-breaking activity, which helped them to know their teacher, didi and friends better. The students along with me discussed and formed the essential agreements as well as the routines and procedures for the class. They enjoyed their school meal and also had fun making the spinners.

As it’s truly said, time flies away when you’re having fun, and it passed by too quickly. We enjoyed the whole day and I look forward to getting to know and learn from your child!

Sharing a few glimpses of the first few day with you…


With gratitude,


Recap of the day – 15th June, 2017

Recap of the day – 15th June, 2017

Day 5, Thursday

Math: Multiplication tables were revised through oral chanting. Later, revision of the mathematical concepts was done in the class.

Read aloud of the story ‘Dancing on the walls’ written by ‘Shamim Padamsee’ was done to reinforce the 7-habits and attributes of Learner Profile.


Revise the tables from 2 to 12.

Mathematics: Rational and Irrational numbers

Mathematics: Rational and Irrational numbers

Grade8 – G8 Elan
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Fri Jun 16 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Dear students,

1. Kindly complete Ex. 3E (Pg 65) – Q.1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and Ex. 3F (Pg 67) from Haese textbook in your math notebook.

Important note:
Instruction for Ex. 3F – Q.2 – when placing square root of a number on a number line, we’ll consider positive root as well as negative root. Eg. square root of 4, so +2 and -2.

Other Important notes:
1.Kindly copy questions.
2. Kindly cross check your answers from the back side.

Please feel free to approach if any doubt/query.
Expected Time: 25