Grade 5- Reciprocity

Grade 5- Reciprocity

[Highlight Of The Day]

Pre-Assessment of Language was conducted


Solve the following in your Math NB

Q.1: Write the given figure in Indian and International number system: 11,55,75,010

Q:2: Find quotient and remainder of the following:-

(Verify your answer at the end using Dividend = Quotient x Divisor + Remainder)

Dividend- 6960, Divisor- 12 Dividend- 399, Divisor- 19

Q:3 I have scored a total of 3598 points in the new Pokemon game in 14 days. If I scored equal points on all days, how many points did I score in a day?

Q:4 Do as directed: 34 Kilometers and 28 meters = _________Centimeters Add : 63 litres 150 ml , 29 litres 20 ml and 97 litres 156 ml Subtract: 6 kg 500 g from 8 kg

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