Gr4 13/10/2017 ‘ Important not Urgent ‘ Note for Gr4 Parent community.

Gr4 13/10/2017 ‘ Important not Urgent ‘ Note for Gr4 Parent community.

Dear Parents,

Delighted to announce that tomorrow; 14th Oct Saturday D1 students will be celebrating the last school day before the Diwali break.

They shall follow D1 time table. 

For the pot luck party, they are expected to bring only traditional and cultural food/ drinks.

We also want all students  to carry along with them board, card, indoor games to school tomorrow and have fun 

Kindly note:- Diwali home work is sent home today.

You are expected to sign and acknowledge their work before you send the complete Diwali home work on the 6th Nov, the day school reopens.

On behalf of grade4 team we wish that, may this Diwali festival and the holidays bring you opportunity to create memorable moments with your child.

But here comes the twist….. 

You are Fountainhead parents and you thought you will be spared from doing your Diwali home work…  we  you are fortunate too…

Here is what you have to do… use your creativity and…..

  1. You shall find ample opportunities to make connection with the past units, ‘Energy’, ‘Exploration’ and current unit ‘Risks, challenges and opportunities children encounter world wide’, a request to consciously do so.
  2. Ask our students to drop in a mail to their teachers and wish … which will help them to enhance their language skills.
  3. When you are planning to visit a restaurant or taking a trip, ask the students to calculate the total amount to be paid, the distance traveled, ticket fare for all the members, that’s where they do real life application of the numeracy skills. 
  4. Important, read to them any thing current or interesting.
  5. When you are performing any rituals or pooja make sure that your child is around, if possible do share  why you are doing it. 
  6. That’s not all… play with them, badminton, ludo, water ball in swimming pool etc (P.E)  suppoet then when they make rangoli, make Diwali greeting cards (Visual Arts) dance on songs, play antakshari while driving, traveling ( music) watch good ( children) movies, plays etc ( drama).


Happy Diwali and Happy Holidays.

Continue ‘Monday’ as a NO SCREEN day.

P.S. :- Forward the message on the social media you are active on.

Thank You.
Suparna Khadepaw
Level Coordinator, Grade-4 | Fountainhead School
Opp. Ambetha Water Tank | Rander-Dandi Road
Kunkni | Surat India 395 005
(T) +91 261 302 9000
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