Highlights of the week!! (2nd to 5th January 2018)

Highlights of the week!! (2nd to 5th January 2018)

[Unit Of Inquiry]
  1. The students were tuned into a new unit through a learning engagement (group activity) which was executed in the class.
  2. Students reflected on their prior knowledge for the new unit.


  1. Formative assessment and dictation was conducted.
  2. Nine Hats Reader-The students read chapter 1, 2 and 3 from Stuart Little story.
  3. Retelling of the story was done.


  1. Formative assessment was conducted.
  2. Students practiced real life word problems related to the calendar and time.
  3. To the start with the concept of multiplication, the strategy of Grouping and set was introduced through manipulative.
  4. The Grouping strategy was practiced with the students’ involvement.
[Important notice]

Kindly send an ‘Ice tray(properly labelled) with your child on Monday for a learning engagement.


Grade 2 Team

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