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Day: October 9, 2018

A gentle reminder – Poetry literary event

A gentle reminder – Poetry literary event

Dear Parents,

We are organizing the second literary event ‘Poem recitation’ for all the classes  of Grade 1 on Day 2 Thursday, 18th October’ 2018.

The students will be graded on the following criteria:

1. Knowing the poem -Memorization

2. Speaking clearly – Pronunciation

3. Expression

4. Voice modulation

5. Audibility

Note: Students have to select a poem of their choice in English and learn at home. Kindly note the rhymes already taken in the class should not be selected. Also send a hard  copy of the  poem to the HRT by 15th October’2018 – Monday .


Grade 1 team.

Highlights and homework – Grade 4 – October 9th

Highlights and homework – Grade 4 – October 9th

Highlights: Learners evaluated the experiments conducted till now keeping the science skills in mind. They further analyzed the experiment they conducted at home.

Assembly: Learners practised for assembly.



  1. Complete reading chapter 11. Make note of ‘making the prediction, wondering about the text, asking questions and self to text connection.’ Note at least one of each in your language EE notebook.
  2. Revise, reframe and rewrite the answers of Mixbag based on the feedback.
  3. Revise, reframe and rewrite the answers of Week 7 Day 3 based on the feedback.

Assembly: Practice and memorize your part.

Dresscode for assembly : Blue jeans pants and white or black top/t-shirt/shirt.



Dear parents,




Task 1

Online practice:

Task 2

1. Area of a square is 81 sq. cm. Find the perimeter of the square.

2. Create a square or a rectangle such that the perimeter is 48 cm and it is painted, the cost incurred shall be minimum. The cost of painting 1 sq. cm is Rs 10.

3. Rhea wants to fence her rectangular garden. The length of the garden is 25 meters and breadth is 20 meters. Find how much fencing material will she require?

4. The perimeter of a square is 36 cm. What will be the area of the square?


Task 3

Fill in the blanks:

1) 8 kg and 250 g = ___________________________ g.

2) 51 l and 65 ml = ____________________________ml.

3) 85 m and 11 cm = ___________________________mm.


Important note: Students can dress up from home for their assembly tomorrow but they have to carry the uniform with them. Bring the required resources if any.


Stars of the day:

Priyanshi Bhavsar (for being a caring peer to sheer her resources)

Quote of the day:

Image result for performer quotes



Fatema Topiwala


Homework for October 9, 2018

Homework for October 9, 2018

Dear Inquirers,

Today we started the HRM session with the discussion about LOI -3 (Influence of Role Models on our Choices and Actions). Then, you all guessed and uncovered the Central Idea for the unit (Choices of Role Models reflect the beliefs and values of individuals and societies). Finally, you attended the Graded 8 Business Fair. 😀 🙂


  • Complete the task assigned on Google Classroom.

See you all tomorrow!

-Aishwarya Jariwala

Grade 6 Deliberate – 9th October’18

Grade 6 Deliberate – 9th October’18


A)  Reader – Holes by Louis Sachar

Read from chapter 39 to 44. Use the annotation strategy while reading.

B)  Complete the persuasive writing shared with you through Google Drive. This task will be done in the Language C.W+H.W notebook.

C)  Go through the links shared with you through mail. Start updating your work in a Google Spreadsheet for further use.

Note : Remember to get the Formative Assessment notebook signed by the parents.

Highlights of the Day – 09/10/18

Highlights of the Day – 09/10/18

Day 1,


A learning engagement related to settlement was taken up in the class.


The 12th chapter – The Land of Do-As-You-Please was read from the Reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’



  • Collect a primary data of 20 children and make a list to find out What are the things children wish they could do forever?
  • Frame sentences using the following adverbs.
  1. blindly
  2. courageously
  3. conveniently
  4. unfortunately
  5. easily
Highlights of the day – 9/10/2018

Highlights of the day – 9/10/2018


Students enhanced their understanding of measuring weight and capacity through hands-on activities and solved real-life problems.


Word Problems:

1. A Camlin company is hosting a drawing competition. So far 3,68,797 children have filled the form from India and 5,20,346 children have filled the form from other countries. What is the total number of children who have filled the form?
2. Krishiv’s car broke and he used Rs 1,50,000 from his savings to have it repaired. After that, he had Rs 6,29,800 left in his savings. Calculate the amount he had in his savings before his car broke?
3. Before November, the total sales of a garment shop have been Rs. 2,74,132. Because of the festive season in November, the sales of the same garment shop increased to Rs. 4,67,342. Find the increase in the sales due to the festive season.
4. A crayon company recently changed its labels. It currently has 7,00,311 crayons with the old label and 2,24,705 crayons with the new label. About how many crayons does the company have in stock?
5. There are 6,01,480 picture books in the library. On Monday 1,23,033 are taken out and on Tuesday 3,73,212 are taken out. How many picture books are left?

Megha Chhatiawala