Tech Radiance Android App Development Results

Tech Radiance Android App Development Results

Dear Parents,

Techradiance’19 in association with IIT, Bombay had conducted a workshop on Android Apps Development where students from Grades 7 to 12 had participated to learn the basic concepts of app development in our school on 29th and 30th September 2018. The session for students began with learning to install Android Studio and jdk on their respective laptops. They learnt to enable developer options on their Mobile phones and installing virtual devices as well to check the functionality of their apps on mobile devices.

After gaining some confidence, students developed their own app (sending SMS, calling contacts, playing audio and video, registration form etc.) and presented to the facilitators as a part of the competition. Students had come up with creative ideas of app making. Students found it very interesting and were actively involved in working with the Android Studio software. It was quite surprising and interesting to see students missing on their lunch to complete their tasks. Participants without much background knowledge of Java were able to make basic apps of good quality.

The winners qualified for next round of National Level Championship are as under:
– Piyush Maheshwari
– Nishil Kapadia
– Arushi Bhansali
– Ananya Jain
– Jaymit Jinjala
– Chavi Bansal
– Prasham Dhupia
– Krishna Madhogaria
– Khush Goyal
– Samyak Jain
– Utsav Kothari
– Vatsal Mehta
– Ekansh Jain
Congratulations to everyone. 
We will update you with the further communication for the championship which is tentatively scheduled in March’19.
Fountainhead School.

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