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Highlights for the week

Highlights for the week

Dear Parents,


Transdisciplinary theme: How we express ourselves:

Central idea: People use different art forms to express their culture.

The current unit is about how people use different art forms to express their culture. As a part of tuning in Grade 2 HRT’s  along with Arts team dressed up in traditional clothes and talked about the art forms like art, music, dance, drama etc. The teachers shared some information related to the culture they were representing and also showed some artefacts of the same culture to the students. Later unpacking of central idea was done.

Since all sections are taking different culture (Dream and Create) are doing Bengali culture. Teacher oriented students (I DO model) to Bengali culture where they explored different art forms for the same.


The students read aloud the chapter ‘11- Fighting Over Things’ from Empowering English reference book.

Formative assessment and dictation was conducted.


Students revised the concept of bar graph and formative assessment of interpretation of Bar graph was taken.


Binal Shah

Grade – 2 Dream


Homework for today – 16th Nov, 2017

Homework for today – 16th Nov, 2017

Dear Parents,

Language homework to be done in language homework notebook.

Q1 – Using the above sentences identify and color proper noun – green, common noun – red and adjective – blue.
1. All day long the ant worked hard, collecting little grains of wheat.
2. Many male grasshoppers make a noise by rubbing their back legs together.
3. Peepul also spoke up in his deep rumbling voice.
4. Donkeys are mammals and feed their young ones with milk.
5. Shama is earing a dark pink dress.
Q2 – Do as directed.
1. Tirth took ten __________________________. (Use alliteration)
2. Dolls are __________ the rack. (Add preposition)
3. Shalin was wearing a  ______  jacket. (Add adjective)
4. My mother went to the cake shop ______ the shop was closed. (Use conjunction)
5. ___________ went to Kerala for his vacation. (Use Proper noun)
Grade 2 Team