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Today’s Homework : 19/9/2017

Today’s Homework : 19/9/2017

Dear Parents,

Students have to solve the given word problems:
1. Sia scored 1,119 points in a video game. Her brother Vian scored 1,083 points. What is the sum of the points scored by them?
2. A theatre has capacity of 1,600 people. 1,456 people have already booked the tickets. How many more can still book the tickets?
Solve and check your answer using inverse relation:
Grade 2 Team
Highlights for the week

Highlights for the week


Empowering English- Read aloud of the chapter – 5  ” The crow and the snake” .

Learners reflected on their understanding using the comprehension strategy – Personal response and Gist.

Discussion of  question answers has been done orally.

Language with Ease- Week  7 has been completed.


Revision of following concepts has been done-

  1. Number operations
  2. Addition and subtraction
  3. Formative Assessment of 3D shapes has been conducted


Grade 2


Weekend homework – 15/9/17

Weekend homework – 15/9/17

Dear Parents,

Math: Mixed bag worksheet for Math be completed.


1. Listen to the story “The Monkey And The Bell” and write the answers of the following questions:

Q1. What did the robber loot from the temple?

Q2. Who heard the jingle of the sound while the robber was going back home?

Q3. Who found the bell and started playing with it?

Q4. What did the courageous man see in the forest?

Q5. Who decided to go and chase the evil spirit from the mountain desert?

Q6. What did the old woman take with her to the mountain forest? What did she bring back with her?

Note: Focus of the activity is listening skills so the students will only listen to the audio. Parents make sure that they are not watching the video. They can listen to the audio twice and answer the questions given above. Once they are done with all the answers, if they wish to watch a video they can watch. 

LWE: Week 7 – Weekend home task.

Binal Shah

Highlights of the week!!

Highlights of the week!!


Session 1: The teacher questioned and discussed ways of transport used by people. She made a timeline to show vehicles used by people in the olden times. Later, she read the lesson “From Wheels To Rocket” and explained it.

Session 2: A discussion on inventions was conducted. The teacher explained mind mapping skills. She categorized transport under land, sea, and air on a chart paper.

Math :

Session 1: Revision of shape and space was done. Students solve addition sums using the splitting method, simple addition, number line and inverse relationship in their notebooks.

Session 2: Students learned to round off numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds.

Session 3: FA on shape and space was conducted.

Session 4: Revision of commutative property and number strand was done.


Binal Shah

Today’s homework

Today’s homework

Dear Parents,

Solve the following number operations in math notebook.

A. Write the missing numbers: a) ________, 3567, _________, __________, ____________, 3571

                                                         b) 5999, _________, 6001, _________, ____________, __________

B. Write the number names and identify whether the number is odd or even.

a) 4560  b) 7593

C. Write the expanded form. 1234 8761

D. Compare the numbers and put >, <, = sign: 1) 5678 ________ 6785 2) 3785 ________ 2395

E. Skip counting by 10’s: 3674,____________, 3724 Skip counting by 7’s: 5060, ___________, 5090

Binal Shah
Homework for today.

Homework for today.

Dear Parents,

Math Homework: To be done in math hw book.

Do as directed:
Task 1:  Identify whether the numbers are odd/even.
2026, 634, 4199, 3997, 5690
Task 2:   Write the number name and expanded form of the following numbers (Both the                       ways)  2505, 6090,7909
Task 3:  Write the place value and face value of the 5 in the number. – 5648.
Task 4:  Arrange the following numbers in ascending order.
4502, 7560, 23, 3564, 2356
Task 5:  Arrange the following numbers in descending order.
9610, 1230, 6542, 212, 7582
Task 6:  Skip count by 7 – 5470 till 5505
Task 7:  Write the number in standard form (in figures)- Six thousand five hundred and                       ten.
Task 8:  Write the predecessor and successor of 6990 ath Homework.

Language Homework:

LWE – Complete till week – 3, weekend task.

– Complete the given worksheet.

Important Note : Gr-2 students are performing the dance on Independence day. Therefore, students have to wear white colour clothes.

Boys  – White plain t-shirt or shirt and blue jeans, Girls – White Kurti and blue jeans.


Binal Shah