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Recap of the day – 10th August, 2018

Recap of the day – 10th August, 2018

Day 1, Friday

UOI: Students unpacked the central idea for the unit ‘Risk and Challenges’.

Math: Students practiced the conversion of metric units.

Language: Students described the physical appearance of a character using adjectival phrases.


Math: Open the link given below and solve the sums in Math Homework Notebook.

Math mixed bag

Language: Open the link and complete the tasks in Language Notebook.

Language mixed bag

Recap of the day – 9th August, 2018

Recap of the day – 9th August, 2018

Day 6, Thursday

Math: Student practiced conversion of metric units through real-life scenarios.

Language: Students were introduced to descriptive vocabulary through homework discussion followed by teacher role modeling.


LD: Complete the exercise of Week 4 – Day 2 and 4.


Task 1: Solve the following in Math notebook:
a) 10 kg = ______ g
b) If a water tank can store 22 l of water, how much ml of water can it store?
c) 52 cm = ___ mm

Task 2: Write the number names of the following numbers according to both Indian and International place value system:

a) 535478251             b) 6854234           c) 7964322

Recap of the day – 7th August, 2018

Recap of the day – 7th August, 2018

Day 4, Tuesday

Math: Students revised the standard units of measurement.



Task 1: Answer the following question in Math notebook:

Where do you use/see the measurement in real life scenarios?

Task 2: Find the product and write the answer in number name as per Indian and International place value:

a) 6528 x 185          b) 4235 x 62       c) 751 x 535


In each sentence, an object or idea is personified. Identify the object or idea that is being personified and explain which human trait or action is applied to the object or idea.

1) The wind whispered through the dark and gloomy forest.

2) The gardener lovingly added the manure to his crops believing he was making happy flowers.

3) When Monica walked through the shoe store, each shiny pair of high heels called out to her.

4)  As we walked through the scorching desert, the sun beat down on us.

Recap of the day – 2nd August, 2018

Recap of the day – 2nd August, 2018

Day 1, Thursday

Math: Students revised the concept of division.

Language: The students were asked to scan personification phrases given by the teacher. They were able to personify and explain the human qualities given to the inanimate objects.

ICT: Students played the coding games on Code Studio.


Math: Solve the following:
a) Ms. Singh has 483 tickets for the upcoming carnival. She wants to distribute tickets equally among 32 students. How many tickets will each student get and how many tickets will be left with her?

b) Every month Umang gets Rs. 65 as his pocket money out of which he keeps Rs. 17 in his piggy bank. One day he found that there were Rs. 612 in his piggy bank. Since how many months was he saving Rs. 17 in his piggy bank?

c) How many days are there in 1,256 weeks?

d) Write the number name of the following number according to Indian and International place value system.

e) A jug contains 2,640 ml of apple juice. How much will each child get if it is shared by 12 childern equally?

Language: Read chapter 3 ‘The Most Beautiful Car in the World’ from the reader and circle the personification.

Recap of the day – 31st July, 2018

Recap of the day – 31st July, 2018

Day 5, Tuesday

Math: Students revised the concept of division.
UOI: Summative Assessment was conducted.
Math: Solve the following:
a. 5555 ÷ 11
b. 8642 ÷ 14
c. 1100 ÷ 10
d. 8541 ÷ 35
e. Reema has 3690 bottle caps. If she shares them with 23 friends, how many bottle caps does each friend get?
f. If 360 toffees are to be divided equally amongst 10 students, how many toffees will each student get?
g. The school is planning a field trip. There are 1472 students and 32 seats on each school bus. How many buses are needed to take the trip?
Note: Bring your I-cards for the library slot.
Recap of the day – 26th July, 2018

Recap of the day – 26th July, 2018

Day 2, Thursday

Math: Students revised the concept of multiplication and division.

Language: Teacher introduced the reading skill:  “Skim and Scan”. Students learned to find out the general idea of the text through ‘Skimming’ and looking for some specific words or information through ‘Scanning’.


Math: Solve the following sums:
a) 2249 x 321       b) 3458 x 328     c) 2786 x 890       d) 8650 x 565      e) 5438 x 100    f) 845 / 14       g) 756 / 9

Click on the below given link and play the game.


Recap of the day – 24th July, 2018

Recap of the day – 24th July, 2018

Day 6, Tuesday

Math: Students practiced multiplication sums. Later, formative assessment was conducted.

Language: Students read and comprehended Chapter 3 from their reader ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ using the strategy ‘Asking Questions’.



Task 1: Find the product and write the answer in number name as per Indian and international place value

a) 2574 x 85          b) 3520 x 77       c) 8751 x 352

Task 2: Solve the following word problems:

a) Cost of one study table is Rs. 3265. Virendra sir bought 39 study tables for his class. How much did he pay?

b) How many minutes are there in 45 hours?

LWE: Complete the exercise of Week 3 – Day 4 and 5.

Recap of the day – 20th July, 2018

Recap of the day – 20th July, 2018

Day 4, Friday

UOI: Learners were introduced to mapping skills and methods of navigation.


Math: Click on the link and solve the sums in Math homework notebook:

Cycle 5


  1. Read and comprehend the story “The Sage’s daughter” given on page number 9 of your “Empowering English” reference book.
  2. Go through the glossary.
  3. Use a dictionary if needed
  4. Write the answers to the questions given on Page 12 in your EE notebook.
  5. Mention the date and question number clearly.
  6. Write neatly in complete sentences.
Recap of the day – 19th July, 2018

Recap of the day – 19th July, 2018

Day 3, Thursday

UOI:  Learners revised and revisited the central idea, lines of inquiry, key concepts, skills and all the activities including summative task requirements for the ongoing unit.

Math: Learners practiced multiplication sums.

Dictation was conducted.


Math: Solve the following sums:

a) 2541 x 865          b) 3139 x 27       c) 5243 x 562      d) 548 x 712

Language: Find meanings of the below mentioned words using a dictionary:

ruins, bumping, crashing, old paragon, mysterious, gloom, frenzy, triumph, dejection

ICT: Create a timeline on any explorer of your choice using the link shared with you in the ICT slot.