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Highlight and Homework 0f 13-10-2017 ( Day-6)

Highlight and Homework 0f 13-10-2017 ( Day-6)

Stars of the day- Mitaksh  Malpani, Arham Shah Saksham Daga { For being active and engaged in class} 🙂

Maths-  Maths -UOI integration. Students learnt to form factual and exploratory questions.



Take an interview of any under privileged  children, ask both types of questions and complete the graphic organiser given to you.

Note- Diwali Homework explained and given today.

We have Potluck party tomorrow, Please send Indian traditional food.


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Highlights and Homework of 10-10-2017 ( Day- 3)

Highlights and Homework of 10-10-2017 ( Day- 3)

Star of the day-  Yashashvi Saraf , Mehak Agarwal, Devanshi Patel.

Language- Students appeared for their first round of Literary event.

Seesaw- Students selected their portfolio piece for Language and Maths.

Finalists of Literary Event-

Image result for congratulations images dancing

Sharan Khurana

Neev Shah

Yashashvi Saraf


Watch the video on the link given below

Make connection on the related concepts- Child Rights, Equality, Resilience.

Divide the A-4 sheet given to you in three parts and make connection on each related concept.

NOTE-  On a very high demand from  all students, here I am sharing the “Orphans” video with you all.


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Highlights and Homework of 6-10-2017 ( Day-2)

Highlights and Homework of 6-10-2017 ( Day-2)

Language- Students appeared for their LWE Formative Assessment .

UOI- Students reflected on Related concepts of the unit Risks and Challenges after classroom discussion.

ICT- Students learnt how to create a document in google.



Solve the worksheet.


Tony, the Human Wasp

Tony set off for home again without having eaten. As usual, one of the older boys had taken his packed lunch, threatening to give him a good hiding. On his way, Tony stopped at the park and sat on a bench, trying to control his anger. As he was a sensitive and intelligent boy, before long he had managed to forget it, and was busy enjoying the plants and the flowers. He suddenly saw a wasp flying about among the rosebushes, and it gave him a bit of a fright.

While getting away from the roses, a thought came into his head. How is it that something so much smaller than himself could frighten him like that?

That was just what he needed to do himself, against the older boys!

He spent awhile looking at the insects, and by the time he arrived home he had a good understanding of the wasp’s trick; it was fear. A wasp could never fight a person, but everyone was so afraid of its sting that they left the wasp in peace. So Tony spent that night wondering what his ‘sting’ could be. He tried to think of what frightened those bigger boys.

The next day, Tony seemed like a new boy. No longer did he walk with his gaze on the ground, nor did he look away when people spoke to him. He was confident, ready to face up to anyone, with his mind on his new role of frightening people, and on his back he carried a backpack full of ‘stings’.

The boy who stole his packed lunch that day ate an extremely hot sausage sandwich. The sausage was so spicy that he ended up crying and coughing. Never again did he want to eat anything belonging to Tony. Another older boy wanted to hit Tony, but this time Tony didn’t run away. From memory, he told him the phone numbers of his parents, his teacher, and the boy’s own mother,

“If you hit me they’ll all find out, and you’ll be severely punished,”

Tony told him, looking at the boy so determinedly and bravely that the boy left him alone. Another bully wanted to take one of Tony’s toys. Instead of giving him it in fear, Tony gave the boy a small card written by a policeman he knew. It read

-“If you rob this boy I’ll come after you and I’ll even lock you up.”

The tactic worked.

Just like Tony had been afraid of their beatings, those big kids too were afraid of many things. On one occasion, a bully hit him a couple of times, and Tony had to be brave and carry out his warning. The bully got such a fright that from that day he preferred to protect Tony.

So, in the end, Tony became like the wasp he’d seen. Without even having to sting anyone, he frightened them, and ensured that no one would mess with him.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.3.685…0i67k1.0.v2VuVaNrQ8M#imgrc=wvlpLVS5jsdwqM:


  1. Who inspired Tony to become brave and face his bullies?
  2. Which Learner Profile attribute did Tony demonstrate?
  3. Which attitude did Tony accomplish by the end of the story?
  4. What is the main idea of the story?
  5. Infer the meaning of following phrase, “threatening to give him a good hiding”.

LOI-2 “How children respond to these challenges, risks and opportunities”.- Perspective


  • Keeping the second LOI in mind answer the following questions:


  1. What happened to the boy who stole Tony’s lunch?
  2. How did Tony deal with the bully who threatened to beat him up?
  1. Have you ever been bullied? Share your experience in 5-8 lines.
  2. Create an alliteration sentence using the word “bully”.
  3. Illustration and write dialogues imagining how you would confront a bully.

Note- Students can either complete their language homework in Language writing NB or they can complete it in Google document and share with me. ( give commenting rights.

Important event- Literary Event is on 13-10-2017. Kindly prepare your child for the same.  Students are supposed to learn any poem.which should not exceed 2 minutes .Teacher will take up the first round on 10-10-2017 ( In the class)   out of that , the best 3 will be selected for the final event.


Dimple Deshpande

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Highlights and Homework of 5-10-2017 ( Day-6)

Highlights and Homework of 5-10-2017 ( Day-6)

Student of the  day –  Mehak Agarwal 🙂


Students appeared for their Formative Assessment.

[Unit Of Inquiry] Students were introduced to the terms Personal safety.



Find out physically challenged people and their outstanding results in their field. Write in EE note book.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Find out various organizations (NGO) worldwide which works for under privileged children and write on a given paper.  Mention what kind of opportunities they provide to children.

With Regards,

Dimple Deshpande 🙂

Highlights and Homework of 3-10-2017 ( Day – 4)

Highlights and Homework of 3-10-2017 ( Day – 4)

Star of the day- Tanish Shah

Maths– Students practised sums based on measurements.

UOI– Classroom discussion on the terms risks, challenges and Opportunities.

Language – Poem “Flint”




Listen to the audio and list down the comparison between two objects in their EE notebook.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Bring pictures and articles showing Mentally, physically and emotionally challenged children. ( Compulsory)

With Regards,

Dimple Deshpande

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Highlights and Homework of 29-9-2017 ( Day- 3)

Highlights and Homework of 29-9-2017 ( Day- 3)

Star of the Day- Nishit Pansari. 🙂

Group of 28-9-2017 (Day-2)  Mosam Patel, Dhruvi Parekh,  Aaria Patel and Nishit Pansari .( For being proactive and  responsible,  missing the privilege of  play time and arranging the class.)


UOI: Students reflected on the “Hunger banquet” engagement . .

FA taken up on the first LOI – Challenges, risks and opportunities that children encounter (local and global) (Form)



Students will read the following poem and answer the following questions:-Homework! Oh, Homework! – by Jack Prelutsky

Homework! Oh, Homework!

I hate you! You stink!

I wish I could wash you away in the sink,

if only a bomb

would explode you to bits.

Homework! Oh, homework!

You’re giving me fits.


I’d rather take baths

with a man-eating shark,

or wrestle a lion

alone in the dark,

eat spinach and liver,

pet ten porcupines,

than tackle the homework,

my teacher assigns.


Homework! Oh, homework!

you’re last on my list,

I simple can’t see

why you even exist,

if you just disappeared

it would tickle me pink.

Homework! Oh, homework!

I hate you! You stink!


Answer the following questions in writing book:

Q-1 Can you make connection with the poem? Do you have similar feelings as the poet or something different?

Q-2 What would you do if you were a teacher?

Q-3 Pick out the rhyming words and alliteration  from the poem.

Q-4 What is the main idea of the poem?


Task- 2

Students have to create a poem using alliteration ,Onomatopoeia or simile on the topic “Children” and write in Language EE notebook. ( Minimum 8 lines) (Can write on the current unit topic)

Task -3

Students will learn a poem either from Empowering English Reference book or any other poem of their choice. Send the poem to school on Tuesday.

Task 4-

Students will complete the LWE Weekend task of Week 9 in LWE reference book.


Students have to read the questions, solve  and select the correct answer from the given options. They have to verbalize (explain) their thinking process (steps they thought of) under the correct answer in the math notebook:

i) Write the number name of 82,145,987

  1. eighty-two, one hundred forty-five, nine eight seven
  2. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five, nine hundred eighty seven
  3. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five thousand, nine hundred eight-seven
  4. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five thousand, nine hundred eighty-seven

ii) If you switch the positions of the digits 3 and 5 in the number 3256, which statement is correct?

  1. the number does not change
  2. the number increases
  3. the number decreases
  4. the number has more digits

iii) 3 hrs 40 mins equals ____.

  1. 120 mins
  2. 180 mins
  3. 220 mins
  4. 240 mins

iv) 900 is equal to  _____

  1. 90 ones
  2. 90 tens
  3. 900 ones
  4. Both b and c

v) Dimple has 11 pens. The pens are either blue or black, and there are 7 more blue pens than black pens. How many black pens does Dimple have?

  1. 9 blue and 2 black
  2. 9 black and 2 blue
  3. 8 blue and 3 black
  4. 8 black and 3 blue

vi) 3748  =____l ____ml

  1. 3 l 748 ml
  2. 3 l 487 ml
  3. 3 l 847 ml
  4. 3l 708 ml

UOI: Students can watch the movie Hawa Hawaii and make connections with the central idea.


Dimple Deshpande

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Highlights and Homework of 28-9-2017 ( Day- 2)

Highlights and Homework of 28-9-2017 ( Day- 2)

Star of the day-  Kairav Sakkai 😉

Language- Students appeared for their Book Review 🙂

UOI-  Students made connection with the unit “Risks and Challenges” through a video.



Complete these similes below describing your friend.

1- My friend is smart like a ________.

2- My friend is fast like a ________.

3- My friend is as busy as a ________.

4- My friend is as brave as a ________.

5- My friend is as happy as a ________.

6- My friend is as funny as a ________.

7-My friend is as sweet as a________.

Use a simile to describe your character as introduction and write in your EE notebook.


Online practice :

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Reflect upon today’s Hunger Banquet and answer the following questions in UOI notebook

_____________ Hunger Banquet (Fill it up with an adjective)

Q.1 On the scale of 1 to 10 rate how fair was the hunger banquet and state the reason for the same. (1 – highly unfair, 5 – average, 10 – completely fair)
Q.2 If you could change or modify the ‘Hunger Banquet’, what will you change and why?
Q.3 Were there any challenges or risks involved? Have you seen this somewhere in your real life? If yes, who do you hold responsible for it?
Q.4 Which learner profile attribute/ attitude did you demonstrate? How?
Note– Please feed your child with proper breakfast as they will have  Home meal break after 9.30 am.
With Regards,
Dimple Deshpande 🙂


Highlights and Homework of 26-9-2017 ( Day-6)

Highlights and Homework of 26-9-2017 ( Day-6)

Group of the day- Aaria Patel,  Dhruvi Parekh, Tishtha Agarwal and Saksham Daga 🙂

Language- Examples of poem based on Onomatopoeia were shared with students.

Maths- Students performed  hands on activity using Rangomatry cubes to find out the relation between area and perimeter.



Solve the following :
1) A notebook is 20 cm wide and 18 cm tall. What is its area?
2) Each side of a square painting is 3 meters long. What is the painting’s area?
3) Each side of a square kitchen tile is 24 centimetre long. What is the tile’s area?
4) A rectangular garage is 7 meters wide and 11 meters long. What is its area?
5) Each side of a square piece of tissue paper is 13 centimeters long. What is the tissue paper’s area?

Challenge: The perimeter of a square piece of wood is 12 centimeters. How long is each side?

Note- Portfolio file is given with evidence of Exploration unit. Kindly send it back tomorrow.


Dimple Deshpande 🙂

Highlights and Homework of 19-9-17 ( Day- 1)

Highlights and Homework of 19-9-17 ( Day- 1)

Star of the day- Tanish Shah 🙂

Maths- Students were introduced to “Area of square and rectangle”

Language- Discussion of question answers of the poem  ” Godfrey Gordan Gustavus Gaur”



Write 3-4 lines using alliteration in your language Empowering English note book.

Answer the questions 7 to 10 from page no  19 of their Empowering English text book. (Godfrey Gordan Gustavus Gaur”)


Online practice :
Students have to solve the following in their Math notebook:
a) Find the perimeter of the square whose length is 4 cm.
b) Find the perimeter of the rectangle whose length is 4 m and breadth is 2 m
c) Find the perimeter of the square whose length is 5 m.
d) Draw a rectangle whose length is 4 cm and breadth is 6 cm. Also, find its perimeter
e) Cup A has the capacity of holding 800 ml water and cup B has capacity to hold 4 l 450 ml water. How much more water can cup B hold as comapred to cup A?

Important Note-  Tomorrow is Day -2, We have assembly slot. I will be taking book review of first book. Kindly send the books to school.


Dimple Deshpande 🙂

Highlights and Homework of 15-9-2017 ( Day- 5)

Highlights and Homework of 15-9-2017 ( Day- 5)

Stars of the day – Aaria Patel  and Saksham Daga 🙂

Maths- Students practised sums based on Perimeter.

UOI- Students selected their portfolio piece for see-saw.



Solve the following.

  1. Write the number names of the following numbers in  Indian and International number system and put the periods accordingly :
  1. 46207816
  2. 9200057
  1. Solve the following:
  2. Write the place value of the underlined digit in Indian number system:
    52, 60,124
    2. Write the standard form of the given number name:
    1. Two crore sixty five lakh seven hundred and two


  1. Solve the following :
  1. Find the product of 3489 and 258
  2. On multiplying two numbers if the product is 21,625 and the multiplicand is 865 , then what will be the multiplier?
  3. Solve the following:
  4.   Subtract: 7 kg 310 g from 9 kg 810 g
  5.   36 litres 310 ml = ____ ml
  6.   Subtract: 77 m 25 cm 5 mm from 253 m 32 cm 4 mm
  7.    Add: 51kg 24 g and 32 kg 50 g
  8. Solve the following :
  9. Aarav takes 1 hr 10 min to take one round of the Football ground. He gets a task of taking 5 rounds of the Football ground. How much time will he take to complete the task?  (hint: answer in minutes)
  10. Devanshi’s mother took 54 minutes to drive to Fountainhead to drop her. Her friend’s mother took 18 minutes less to drive to Fountainhead. How long did it take Devanshi’s friend to drive to school?
  11. Hiya read 2 books. She read the first one in one week with 25 pages everyday. She read the second book in 12 days with 23 pages everyday. What is the total number of pages that Hiya read?
  12. Hitansh’s father runs 6 kilometers everyday from Monday to Friday. He also runs 12 kilometers a day on Saturday and Sunday. How many kilometers does his father run in a wee


  1. Language

  2. TASK 1:Use a prefix and suffix to make words. You may have to change some spellings.
    Illegal legal legally

    TASK 2:

    Read all the sentences. Mention any alliteration you find within the sentence.

    1. Parul decided to write about rats.
    2. Tejas is typically timid in new situations.
    3. Kirti is quite creative and crafty.
    4. Sara sat in the center of the circle.
    5. The feisty fox was cunning character.

    TASK 3:




    Danny and Susie were walking to school, when Susie noticed something under the bushes.

    “What is that?” Susie asked, as she pointed to the bush.

    “Hmmm, I’m not sure.” Danny reached down to grab it. It was a book, and it looked old. The title was Buried

    Treasure. He started looking through the book. It was full of different maps that were supposed to lead to buried treasure. “Wow, this book looks great!”

    Susie said, “I want to look too, but we’d better get to school before we’re late.” Danny and Susie anxiously awaited recess, when they would have time to get a better look at the book.

    Their friend Fred joined them on the benches at recess time. Susie sat in the middle, holding the book, and turning the pages. Each treasure map had an explanation for where it was found, and what the treasure was supposed to be. The stories were exciting, and Susie, Danny, and Fred let their minds run wild. They wished there was a treasure map in their town for them to explore. What a fun adventure that would be!

    They were getting toward the end of the book when a slip of paper fell out.

    “Wow, this book must be really old, it’s falling apart!” Fred said.

    Danny opened the paper. It had the name of their town on top, and it was a map of their town! There was a marking on the map. The friends looked closer. It looked like the markings on the other maps in the book, and that meant one thing: treasure! The end of the school day couldn’t come fast enough – they wanted to go on their own adventure!

    After school, the friends met at Danny’s house. They had talked to their parents and looked at the treasure map with them, and Danny’s parents had agreed to drive them around to try to find the treasure. The friends piled in the car.

    “Where to?” Danny’s dad asked. Susie looked at the map. The trail started at the pool in the middle of town, so Susie told that to Danny’s dad. Susie gave the map to Fred to take a turn giving directions. He directed them to turn left by the pool, and head towards the library, then handed the map to Danny. Danny looked at the map, and saw that they were almost there! They turned right by the grocery store, and stopped at the park.

    “What do you think the treasure is?” asked Fred.

    “I don’t know, but I hope it’s good!” said Danny.

    When Danny’s dad parked, the friends got out of the car. Now was the hard part, where in the park was the treasure? They started looking around for clues. Finally, Susie yelled out to Danny and Fred, and they came running over.

    “I found it! At first I didn’t think it was the treasure, because it’s not

    something we can pick up and take with us, but, when you read it, you’ll

    see!” Susie said. She pointed to the tree they were wall standing by. On the

    trunk, someone had carved a message. It said, “The best treasure is a

    good adventure with good friends!” There were other names carved into the


    “Wow, that’s true. It was so fun going on a treasure hunt with you both. Let’s sign our names!” The friends carved their names, and Danny’s dad took a picture of them all with the tree. Even though they didn’t get to keep anything, they agreed that it was a great day.

    Answer each question:

    1. Describe Susie’s character. What evidence from the text helps you describe her?
    2.  What does “anxiously awaited” mean in the 4th paragraph? How do you know?
    3.  Write your own ending to the story, changing what the treasure was.
    4. Create a noun phrase for any 2 of the following:
    • Treasure hunt
    • Picture
    • Car
    • Road
    • Tree
[Unit Of Inquiry]

Cut the the a4 sheet into three different slips and answer individual questions in one slip each.
Q1) How were you feeling when you were doing the cleaning tasks.. Answer in one word.
Q2) Your right was to go and play. What happened?
Q3)Think of similar situations ( at least 3 ) where children don’t get their rights and list them 


Dimple Deshpande

Happy Weekend 🙂