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Highlights and Homework of 27-6-17 ( Day -6 )

Highlights and Homework of 27-6-17 ( Day -6 )

Star of the day–  Mitaksh Malpani 🙂

Teacher reinforced the terms renewable and non renewable energy sources by the class discussion which was followed by an activity where they bifurcated the energy sources in these 2 categories.


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Draw an image illustrating Potential or Kinetic energy on a piece of paper.

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Dimple Deshpande

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Highlights and Homework of 22-6-17. ( Day-4)

Highlights and Homework of 22-6-17. ( Day-4)

Students discussed Skills through an Activity.



Language Writing: Students will search the meaning of the following words in the dictionary and pen down it’s meaning and thereafter frame sentence on it in their Writing notebook.
1. perplexed
3. stupendous


  • Dimple Deshpande
Highlights and Homework of 15/6/2017

Highlights and Homework of 15/6/2017

Dear parents,

Students revised the PYP attitudes through classroom discussion.



Note- Students have to do  the homework in a piece of paper.

Q-1. Write the number names for the following numbers:

a) 5,15,269
b) 2,01,365

Q-2  Solve the following:

a) 267 × 58
b) 648 ÷ 12
c) 926 ÷ 13
d) 431 × 39
e) There are 20 students in the class. If 4 shelves are allocated for keeping the school bags, how many bags will fit in 1 shelf?


Dimple Deshpande.

Highlights and Homework of 13th June 2017

Highlights and Homework of 13th June 2017

Star of the Day – Mosam Patel 🙂

Students revised the learner profile attributes through classroom discussion.

The PYP learner profile attributes:

  1. Inquirer
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Thinker
  4. Communicator
  5. Principled
  6. Open-minded
  7. Courageous
  8. Balanced
  9. Reflective
  10. Caring
  11. Responsible


Students have to make sentences using any 5 learner profile attributes mentioned above in their Language E.E notebook.

Reminder – Please label the notebooks and kindly send it tomorrow.


Dimple Deshpande

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Highlights and Homework for 9th June 2017.

Highlights and Homework for 9th June 2017.

Dear Parents,

Students brainstormed and finalised essential agreements, routines and procedures.



Discussion on Language summer Homework and resolving doubts simultaneously.


Discussion on Math summer homework and resolving doubts simultaneously.



Write a short paragraph on “My first day at school” (5 – 6 lines minimum).

Checklist for writing:

  • Minimum 5 adjectives.
  • Use of connecting words and phrases.
  • At least add two dialogues to the piece.
  • Use adverbs.
  • Use appropriate beginning, middle and end.


Students have to solve the following  questions in a piece of A4 sheet:

i) Write the number names of the following:

a) 52,31,823

b) 5,45,023

ii) Find the missing number:

a) ___ + 15 = 50

b) 85 – ___ = 25

c) ___ + 5 = 113

d) ____ – 22 = 174

iii) Do as directed:

a) 4,32,403 + 2,63,084

b) 5,36,251 – 2,69,043

c) 880 ÷ 16

d) 321 x 63

iv) Solve the following:

There are 240 students in the poetry club. Last year, each student wrote 12 poems. How many poems did the students in the club write in all?

Note: Kindly bring dictionary/thesaurus on Monday.


Thanks & Regards,

Dimple Deshpande

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