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Highlights of the week and Homework

Highlights of the week and Homework

[Circle Time]

Structured drill (discussion and phonics) was conducted.

Recitation of poetry was done.  


Introduction of sound  ‘are’, ‘ear ‘ and ‘air’ and framing sentences using sight words was done.


Introduction of odd and even numbers was done.

Redo of FA for place value and face value was taken.

Revision of 3D shapes and properties was done.

Dictation words:

















Complete  the given mixed bag worksheet.    

Highlights of the week & Homework

Highlights of the week & Homework

[Circle Time]

Structured drill (discussion and phonics) was conducted.

Recitation of poetry was done.  


Introduction of soft ‘c’ sound and sentence elaboration was done.


Introduction of predecessor, successor and between numbers, skip counting by numbers 3, 5 and 7 was done using manipulative.      

Formative assessment was conducted.

Unit Of Inquiry:    

Read aloud of various books was done to get more understanding about the role of an author and illustrator.




Complete the following tasks in your Empowering English book:

  • Choose and write (page no. 2)
  • Look, say and write (Look at the grid and make words) (page no. 3)
  • Writing – My Pet Cat (page no. 5)

Dictation words words
















Dictation will be taken on 17th August.


1) Write expanded form for the numbers given below:             

a) 205 b) 250.

2) Write the place value and face value of the underlined digits.   

a) 194  b) 209

3) Write the predecessor number: a)__________ 137  b) ___________ 110

4)Write the successor number:  a) 144 _________ b) 166 _______

5) Write numbers from 240 to 260 using H T O format.

6) Write backward counting  from 220 to 210


Grade 1 team.


Rescheduling PTI – Amity

Rescheduling PTI – Amity

Dear parents,

This is to inform you that we will be rescheduling the PTI meeting for G 1 Amity on 20th and 21st July (Friday and Saturday) due to the sad demise of Ms. Zeel Choksi’s grandmother.  

Please book your preferred slot using the link given in mail.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Note: This change is only for G 1 Amity. PTI for all the other sections of G 1 will be conducted on 13th and 14th July, as scheduled. 

Grade 1- Single Subject Teachers

Grade 1- Single Subject Teachers

Unnati Bhagat – PYP ILT Asst. Team Leader

She has done M.A. (English) from Gujarat University, B.Ed. (English, Sanskrit) from VNSGU with a distinction, T.T.N.C. (Teachers Training in Needle Craft) with a distinction, and SCOPE. She has been working with Fountainhead since 2012. She has been teaching Gujarati in various grades across the school. She has a good command over Gujarati and Hindi language. She likes to read and listen to Gujarati ghazals, cook, and travel. She also writes poems in Gujarati and Hindi.

She is the PYP ILT Asst.TL.

Sneha Gadre – Hindi Teacher

Grade 1 – Hope , Concord , Truth and Peace

She is in the teaching profession since 2010. She has done her Master of Arts and Bachelors in Education in Hindi from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. She has been working with Fountainhead School since May 2011. Teaching is her passion and she shares good bonding with her students. Her life mantra is ‘Nothing is impossible’. Her hobbies are travelling, listening to music and cooking.

Sangita Vegad- Hindi Teacher

Grade 1 – Trust , Joy , Amity and Harmony .

Sangita Vegad joined Fountainhead school in 2017. She has done B.Ed with English. She is in teaching profession since 17 years. She is a life long learner and is always ready to take new challenges in life. She loves reading books and listening to music.

Priyanka Chahwala – PYP PE Team Leader

Priyanka Chahwala (PYP Team Leader) has been working with Fountainhead School since 2010. She has completed her Food Technology from Government Polytechnic, Goa. She enjoys dancing and reading nonfiction books. She is passionate about teaching.

Harish Chauhan – PYP PE Teacher

Grade 1 – Hope PE Coach

Harish Chauhan joined Fountainhead School as a PE & Sports Teacher in Aug 2015. He even teaches Gymnastics. He has done B.PED and Masters in PE in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Prior to FS, he was associated with Essar International School as Gymnastic coach for 3 years.

Pinkle Abraham- PYP PE Teacher

Grade 1  – Trust and Peace PE Coach.

Pinkle is a PYP PE Teacher and Football Coach and has been working with Fountainhead School since may 2017. He is a  University as well as National level football player and has participated in various District, State Zone, Junior and Senior National level tournaments. He has also participated in Athletics & Handball at District and State level. He holds the record of being the fastest short distance runner (100,200 & 400 metres distance) at Khel Mahakumb from the year 2010 to 2013.

Ankit Reshamwala – PYP PE Teacher

Grade 1 – Truth and Harmony PE Coach

Ankit’s educational qualification comprises of, B. P. Ed. & Aita level-3. He is a university, state and national level player. He is even a professional lawn tennis coach. As a referee he is convener of south Gujarat tennis association and Khel Mahakumbh. He is even a selector of School Games Federation Of India (SGFI). Ankit joined FS in 2014.

Mohamed Saleh Bham – PYP PE Teacher

Grade 1 – Joy PE Coach

Mohamed Saleh joined Fountainhead school in mid march as a PYP PE and Handball teacher. He represented his college – VNSGU in handball and has 16 months of experience in school and 2 years at Sports Academy.

Asif Patel – PYP PE Teacher and Skating Coach

Grade 1 – Concord and Amity PE Coach

Asif Patel (PYP PE Teacher & Speed Skating Coach) joined FS in 2013. He has participated in 2 National Speed Skating Competitions, one national skate marathon and has officiated many skating events. He has been a skating coach for different schools since 2009. He likes to play badminton and sports climbing. He enjoys travelling, adventure sports and biking.

Shalini Nandkumar – PYP Arts Team Leader

She has been in the teaching profession since 2008 and is working with Fountainhead School since 2012. She is PYP Arts Team Leader,Art and Design Coordinator and Whole school art events coordinator. She has done her “Diploma in Commercial Arts” from Government Polytechnic for Girls. She has attended IB workshops of CAT 1, 2 and 3. She has facilitated SAIBSA job alike session in Feb 2017.

Ravindra Agarwal – PYP Arts Asst. Team Leader

Ravindra Agrawal pursued his Bachelors in Music from SCOPA College of Performing Arts, South Gujarat University, Surat. He has plunged into teaching since 2008. He was born in Surat and has grown up with the thought that “Music is his life”.

He is the PYP arts Asst.TL and Music teacher for grade 6.

Priti Patel – 2 – PYP Arts Teacher

Priti Patel joined FS in April-2016. She has pursued B.P.A. and Diploma in dance. She is the Drama teacher for grade 1 and 2 and As Dance teacher for Grade 3 to 6.

Pooja Bhatt – PYP Arts Teacher

Pooja Bhatt has been working with Fountainhead School since 2015 as a Dance teacher. She has done her schooling from R S M Poonawala Experimental School, she obtained a degree in Commerce from K. P. Commerce College. She has done Masters in Bharatnatyam. She is the Visual Art teacher for grade 1 and 2 and grade 2 Dance teacher.

Vipul Ariwala – Arts & Dance Teacher

Vipul has done “Dance education programme” from Jay Nayak dance institute. He is a professional choreographer and organises events and is a part of Jay Nayak Dance institute. He is the Dance teacher for Nursery, Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg and will teach dance to Gr.3, 4 5 and 6 in Art and Design Special.

Palak Joshi- Arts & Music Teacher

Palak Joshi:She has done her Visharad in Classical music (vocal). She can play keyboard, harmonium and tanpura. Palak has completed her B.Com with Advance accounts and auditing and completed CA IPCC. She has also done her Visharad in classical Dance (Bharatnatyam). She has passed out with A+ in Elementary and Intermediate exams. She is the Music teacher for grade 1,3 and 4.


Grade 1 Team.