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Dear parents,


The Diwali homework has been handed over to the students. The homework was thoroughly discussed with them in class. They are expected to be doing it independently. Good luck for your ‘Khari Kamai’ task.



Students to are given an interview worksheet. They are expected to fill the worksheet and conduct interview of two underprivileged children.

Stars of the day: Twishi Ruchandani, Devina Jindal and Kavya Shah( for representing class Responsibility in the literary event today. You all performed outstandingly well. Proud of you!)

Congratulations to Kavya Shah for winning the 3rd position in the Poetry Literary event 2017.,jsp/builderimages/Ribbon/RIRWB.png,,&width=378&height=378&trim=true


Quote of the day: The term is about to come to an end. Make sure your progress is undeniable!

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Regards, Fatema Topiwala




Dear parents,



Math: to be done in math homework notebook.

Solve the following:

  1. Arjun brought a keyboard. The length of the keyboard is 32 cm and the width is 14 cm. Find the area of the keyboard.
  2. Priya has a square-shaped basket of apples. The length of each side of the basket is 16 cm. Find the area and perimeter of the basket.
  3. The area of Tina’s square bedroom is 256 square cm. What is the length of any side wall in his bedroom?
  4. Disha has a wood piece. The wood piece’s length is 22 cm and its width is 25 cm. Find the area and perimeter of the wood piece.

Star of the day: Sumit Hirawat(showing focus and dedication towards seesaw ICT task)


Fatema Topiwala


Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear parents and little superheroes,



UOI: Students took up a case study of Malala Yousafzai through video watching and filling up reflection sheets.

Math: Different Types of graphs were discussed with the students.

Language: Read aloud and poem sharing.


Math: Mix bag worksheet have been handed to students. Solve and stick it in your notebook.


Task 1:  Reflection sheet that was handed to be filled and stapled in your uoi notebooks.

Task 2: Students need to complete their risk, challenges and opportunities reflection about themselves.

Language: Read the following story and answer the questions in google doc using your gmail account. After answering the questions you can share the file with me at the email ID ( Put your ICT skills to good use! 

If you prefer you can also answer these questions in your Language notebook.

Tony, the Human Wasp

Tony set off for home again without having eaten. As usual, one of the older boys had taken his packed lunch, threatening to give him a good hiding. On his way, Tony stopped at the park and sat on a bench, trying to control his anger. As he was a sensitive and intelligent boy, before long he had managed to forget it, and was busy enjoying the plants and the flowers. He suddenly saw a wasp flying about among the rosebushes, and it gave him a bit of a fright.

While getting away from the roses, a thought came into his head. How is it that something so much smaller than himself could frighten him like that?

That was just what he needed to do himself, against the older boys!

He spent awhile looking at the insects, and by the time he arrived home he had a good understanding of the wasp’s trick; it was fear. A wasp could never fight a person, but everyone was so afraid of its sting that they left the wasp in peace. So Tony spent that night wondering what his ‘sting’ could be. He tried to think of what frightened those bigger boys.

The next day, Tony seemed like a new boy. No longer did he walk with his gaze on the ground, nor did he look away when people spoke to him. He was confident, ready to face up to anyone, with his mind on his new role of frightening people, and on his back he carried a backpack full of ‘stings’.

The boy who stole his packed lunch that day ate an extremely hot sausage sandwich. The sausage was so spicy that he ended up crying and coughing. Never again did he want to eat anything belonging to Tony. Another older boy wanted to hit Tony, but this time Tony didn’t run away. From memory, he told him the phone numbers of his parents, his teacher, and the boy’s own mother,

“If you hit me they’ll all find out, and you’ll be severely punished,”

Tony told him, looking at the boy so determinedly and bravely that the boy left him alone. Another bully wanted to take one of Tony’s toys. Instead of giving him it in fear, Tony gave the boy a small card written by a policeman he knew. It read

-“If you rob this boy I’ll come after you and I’ll even lock you up.”

The tactic worked.

Just like Tony had been afraid of their beatings, those big kids too were afraid of many things. On one occasion, a bully hit him a couple of times, and Tony had to be brave and carry out his warning. The bully got such a fright that from that day he preferred to protect Tony.

So, in the end, Tony became like the wasp he’d seen. Without even having to sting anyone, he frightened them, and ensured that no one would mess with him.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.3.685…0i67k1.0.v2VuVaNrQ8M#imgrc=wvlpLVS5jsdwqM:



  1. Who inspired Tony to become brave and face his bullies?
  2. Which Learner Profile attribute did Tony demonstrate?
  3. Which attitude did Tony accomplish by the end of the story?
  4. What is the main idea of the story?
  5. Infer the meaning of following phrase, “threatening to give him a good hiding”.

LOI-2 “How children respond to these challenges, risks and opportunities”.- Perspective

6.Keeping the second LOI in mind answer the following questions:



              A)What happened to the boy who stole Tony’s lunch?

              B)How did Tony deal with the bully who threatened to beat him up?

7.Have you ever been bullied? Share your experience in 5-8 lines.

8.Create an alliteration sentence using the word “bully”.

9.Illustration and write dialogues imagining how you would confront a bully.

Important note: Bring your Math number system summative assessments to school on Monday.

In addition, prepare well for your literary event selection for Monday 1st round.


Student of the day: Hitansh Savani ( for reflecting brilliantly on the Malala risk,challenges and opportunity videos)


Quote of the day:


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Keep reading!



Fatema Topiwala



Dear parents,



Task 1- online practice:

Task 2- solve the questions 1 to 4 only following word problems:                                                                                                                     link: result for measurement word problem worksheets

Clue: question 4) 0.5 km is the same as half a kilometer.

Language: Read for 35 minutes!

Student of the month of September: Harshika Baid( The due appreciation for Harshika Baid, she has achieved tremendous progress in the last month)

Stars of the day: Twishi Ruchandani and Prisha Mehta ( They have written mind-blowing poems in the ICT integrated language slot)

The little creature :

I was all alone in my room.

When suddenly I felt something wrong,

I heard a ding as sound as a bell,

I heard a ring as loud as a crowd.


I went down to the hall.

The scary noise was coming from the kitchen!

I went towards the creepy noise.

When suddenly,I saw a shadow very tall!


With lots of courage I went inside.

Everything was messed up as a fish market.

I picked up a bowl on the floor and saw,

It was just a small little mouse.

By -Twishi Ruchandani


Title- The silly poem


The ghosts,

Are as scary as bears.

The hosts,

Are as small as hares.

The stones,

Are as hard as bones.

The crime,

Is as bad as slime.

This cook,

Is as intelligent as a book.

This is the silly poem.

By-  Prisha Mehta 





Quote of the day:




Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear parents,



Language: Formative assessment for similes was taken up with the students.

UOI: Students were paired up and made to perform a quick and easy five minutes task. The only catch here was they had to do the task blindfolded! A class reflection was taken up post the learning engagement where they identified different kinds of disabilities faced by children around the world.

Math: Students solved word problems about measurement, area and perimeter.


Classwork word problem if not completed do it as homework:

Homework word problems: To be done in math h.w notebook.

1) Lisa’s nail is 6 centimeters long. Nancy’s nail is 2 centimeters shorter than Lisa’s. How many centimeters long is Nancy’s nail?
2) Julie’s bedroom is 12 meters long. Alia’s bedroom is 4 meters longer than Julie’s. How many meters long is Alia’s bedroom?
3) A square has an area of 49 square cm. What is the perimeter of the square?
4) How many boxes of 32 chocolates will be required to serve 160 students of grade 4? Remember: Each student gets only 1 chocolate.


Stars of the day: Hitansh Savani, Aksh Chopra, Harshika Baid and Suhaan Bhatia (for being blind brave buddies).

Students of the month: Twishi Ruchandani, Kavya Shah and Yajat patel (For showing phenomenal progress in the month of September)


Quotes of the day: Infer what the quote means.

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Fatema Topiwala










Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear Parents,


Simile poems were recited by few students in class. Later, “The Flint” a poem by Christina Rossetti from the E.E reference book was taken up with comprehension questions.



Students will read the following poem and answer the following questions:-Homework! Oh, Homework! – by Jack Prelutsky

Homework! Oh, Homework!

I hate you! You stink!

I wish I could wash you away in the sink,

if only a bomb

would explode you to bits.

Homework! Oh, homework!

You’re giving me fits.


I’d rather take baths

with a man-eating shark,

or wrestle a lion

alone in the dark,

eat spinach and liver,

pet ten porcupines,

than tackle the homework,

my teacher assigns.


Homework! Oh, homework!

you’re last on my list,

I simple can’t see

why you even exist,

if you just disappeared

it would tickle me pink.

Homework! Oh, homework!

I hate you! You stink!


Answer the following questions in writing notebook:

Q-1 Can you make connection with the poem? Do you have similar feelings as the poet or something different?

Q-2 What would you do if you were a teacher?

Q-3 Pick out the rhyming words and alliteration from the poem.

Q-4 What is the main idea of the poem?


Task- 2

Students have to create a poem using alliteration, Onomatopoeia or simile on the topic “Children” and write in Language writing notebook. ( Minimum 5-8 lines) (Can write on the current unit’s topics)

Task -3

Students will learn a poem either from Empowering English Reference book or any other poem of their choice. Send the poem to school on Tuesday.

Task -4 

LWE: Week 9 Weekend task page no. 56 to be completed.



Students have to read the questions, solve and select the correct answer from the given options. They have to verbalize (explain) their thinking process (steps they thought of) under the correct answer in the math notebook:

i) Write the number name of 82,145,987

  1. eighty-two, one hundred forty-five, nine eight seven
  2. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five, nine hundred eighty seven
  3. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five thousand, nine hundred eight-seven
  4. eighty-two million, one hundred forty-five thousand, nine hundred eighty-seven

ii) If you switch the positions of the digits 3 and 5 in the number 3256, which statement is correct?

  1. the number does not change
  2. the number increases
  3. the number decreases
  4. the number has more digits

iii) 3 hrs 40 mins equals ____.

  1. 120 mins
  2. 180 mins
  3. 220 mins
  4. 240 mins

iv) 900 is equal to  _____

  1. 90 ones
  2. 90 tens
  3. 900 ones
  4. Both b and c

v) Dimple has 11 pens. The pens are either blue or black, and there are 7 more blue pens than black pens. How many black pens does Dimple have?

  1. 9 blue and 2 black
  2. 9 black and 2 blue
  3. 8 blue and 3 black
  4. 8 black and 3 blue

vi) 3748  =____l ____ml

  1. 3 l 748 ml
  2. 3 l 487 ml
  3. 3 l 847 ml
  4. 3l 708 ml


Movie time! Watch the movie Hawa Hawaii and make connections with the central idea.

Stars of the day: Twishi Ruchandani ( Using her critical thinking to comprehend and answer in language slot)


All things are sweet and bright. May you have a lovely birthday Night. Have a very Happy birthday Pari! ( Parishree Randeria) 


Quote of the day: Put your new bookmarks to a good use! Read and read lil leader.


Fatema Topiwala

Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear parents and little soldiers,




Students appeared for their math formative assessment of area and perimeter.



Students had lunch divided into three groups. (Group A lavish food, Group B normal food as per the menu of today, Group C tinda and roti on leaf plates). The students had undergone the simulated learning engagement in lunch to experience the related concept “Inequality” and “Resilience”. Reflection on the engagement was taken post lunch.

As a teacher after the last experience of having dal chawal in lunchtime on leaves, I was quite apprehensive about today’s “Hunger Banquet”. I was almost certain that there will be rivers of tears flowing from all the corners of my classroom. Much to my surprise, my students have really showcased the LP ” courageous” and gave astonishing reflections. They have already developed resilience. Extremely proud of them all!

Students of the day: Yajat Patel, Hitansh Jain and Twishi Ruchandani ( These three have the empathy and courage to change their group and go eat their meal with group C)


Homework: to be done in math notebook!

Problem #2 1. Perimeter or Area?Larry was covering asquare bulletin...

To be done in math notebook.


Online practice :

Quote of the day: Resilience!

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Fatema Topiwala


Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear parents,



Students used rang-o-metri to understand the relationship between area and perimeter.

They constructed different shapes using only 28 cubes and calculated the area and perimeter of each shape.

Important note:

  • Please sign the F.A notebooks sent across with your child and send them back tomorrow.
  • The students have been given their UOI summative assessment evidences for the unit “Exploration” Please keep it safe in their PYP folder.


UOI: (to be done in UOI notebook)

Choose any one of the stories and read using the link :

or Read the story given below: (Challenge: Be courageous enough to read both of the stories and reflect on it)

‘I had no future. My education was on the sewing machine’
Mohamed Hajy, from Syria

When 15-year-old Mohamed Hajy tried to reach Greece by boat earlier this month, he nearly drowned. The inflatable boat he shared with 39 other desperate Syrians began to deflate, still a mile from Greek shores, and he was saved from death only at the last minute by a charity-run rescue boat. Had the rescuers arrived a few moments later, they might all have ended up in the icy water. Most of them couldn’t swim – and were wearing fake lifejackets that wouldn’t have saved them.

This was, nevertheless, scarcely worse a fate than the one he’s fleeing from, Hajy says later. In Syria, he was caught between being conscripted into the Syrian army and the advances of Islamic State. In Turkey, where he fled to first, he was forced into child labour in order to survive.

All of this was in contravention of the UN’s convention on the rights of the child, giving Hajy ample legal reason to seek a better life elsewhere. Denied his rights in Turkey and Syria, travelling to Europe was therefore an easy choice – even though it meant risking death off the Greek coast, and doing so with no adult to look after him.

“In Turkey, I had no future,” Hajy says. “Life was awful. My education was on the sewing machine. And I did not want to be doing that for the rest of my life.”

Hajy is not unique. In Turkey, he was one of 400,000 school-age Syrian refugees in Turkey who had no access to school – a dynamic that rights workers say will drive still more of them to take their chances at sea.

“Failing to provide Syrian children with education puts an entire generation at risk,” Human Rights Watch said in a report on the subject last November. “With no real hope for a better future, desperate Syrian refugees may end up putting their lives on the line to return to Syria or take dangerous journeys to Europe.” Mohamed Hajy is living proof of that. Patrick Kingsley


  • Solve the following questions: 
  1. What is a child refugee?
  2. Write down any 3 problems/challenges the child might face being a refugee.
  3. What are the risks involved in being a child refugee? (state at least 2)
  4. How would you overcome the situation of a refugee. (Use your thinking skills and think of at least 1 solution)


Stars of the day: Aksh Chopra, Harshika Baid and Harsh Begani (Performed exceedingly well in math madness challenge using their social skills perfectly)


Quote of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala




Dear parents,



  1. Create a PPT or presentation chart by selecting any 10 words from the entire sheet of paper (descriptive vocabulary grid that was handed to you) and paste appropriate picture to help visualize the vocabulary.                                                                    
  2. Do this Fun with Alliteration worksheet in your writing notebook. (copy the entire sentence):


3. Solve the word problem in your language writing notebook. 

(word problems are all about comprehension skills)

Image result for area word problem



Stars of the day: Aksh Chopra ( He demonstrated the LP Knowledgeable)


Fatema Topiwala

Highlights and homework

Highlights and homework

Dear parents and little champions,



UOI : Students selected their portfolio piece for “Energy” and “Exploration” unit.

Math : Students practiced their learning about perimeter by solving worksheet questions.



Task 1: Online practice :
Task 2: Students have to solve the following in their Math homework notebook:
a) Find the perimeter of the square whose length is 4 cm.
b) Find the perimeter of the rectangle whose length is 4 m and breadth is 2 m
c) Find the perimeter of the square whose length is 5 m.
d) Draw a rectangle whose length is 4 cm and breadth is 6 cm. Also, find its perimeter.



Task 1: Cut the picture poster handed to you, color it and paste it in your UOI notebook.

Task 2: Find a article from a newspaper or internet that involves children facing risks and challenges.


Stars of the day: Hitansh Jain ( Remarkable progress in LWE grammer), Yajat Patel and Parishree Randeria ( undeniable progress in math especially perimeter unit).

Quote of the day:  Image result for the expert in anything was once a beginner



Fatema Topiwala