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Homework 22/6/17

Homework 22/6/17

Dear parents,

Homework: (To be solved in the Math homework notebook)

a) 8750 ÷ 67

b) 1090 ÷ 20

c) 2984 ÷ 92

d) 9829 ÷ 52

e) 8739 x 98

f) 3294 x 205

Language: Take 20 minutes of reading time and discuss the gist with your parents.

Stars of the day: Suhaan Bhatia (outstanding performance in the math class) and Jal Gajjar ( Leading in ClassDojo points)

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” By – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Have a splendid day ahead!


Fatema Topiwala

Homework 20/6/17

Homework 20/6/17

Dear parents,

I have made a online profile on CLASSDOJO to maintain a behavior record for students. ClassDojo is a behavior management tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile – complete with their own avatar – to which teachers can assign positive and negative points (or ‘dojos‘) throughout the lesson

Now parents can also keep a track on their child’s progress in class through creating a parent account and adding the specific code of their child.

Use the link to find your child’s code under their name:



Find the meaning of the following words and form sentences:

  1. Overwhelmed
  2. Breath-taking
  3. Sulk
  4.  Potential
  5. Immense

Star of the day : Hitansh Savani ( The forgiveness act)


Fatema Topiwala

Homework 19/6/17

Homework 19/6/17

Dear Parents,

Highlights of the day:

Students appeared for the language pre-assessment 2017-2018.




Solve the following sums:

a) 34876 x 72 =

b) 76294 x 45


c) 4368/ 56

d) 1386/22

e) 216/8

Stars of the day: Zoyaan Jariwala and Suhaan agarwal ( Kindness act in the first meal break)



Fatema Topiwala


Important note

Important note

Dear parents,

Please send indoor games with students tomorrow. (example board games)

As the grade 4 team has planned a slot for indoor games for our students.


Sorry for the late post as there has been some technical error in uploading the blog from our side.

Do not forget Monday is no screen day!


Fatema Topiwala

Homework 16/6/17 Responsibility

Homework 16/6/17 Responsibility

Dear Parents,

Day 6




Q-1. Write the number names in Indian and International system:

  1. 450005
  2. 808008

Q-2. Write in figures:

  1. Two lakh four thousand and five.
  2. Fifty six thousand and seventy five.

Q-3. Write the place value of the digit “FOUR”.

  1. 740,351
  2. 3,04,891

Q-4 Solve the following:

  1. 245678 + 89234
  2. 730070 – 290499
  3. 348 × 56
  4. 593 ÷ 9

Q-5. Spot the error:




+ 855


Q-6. Write appropriate unit to measure the following:

  1. The distance from school to your home. __________
  2. 1 glass of lemonade served in school pantry. _____________
  3. 1 plate of food served in Today’s special. _______________

Q-7. Solve the following: (All the answers will be written in number names following the comma)

  1. There  are 765,974 books in the library out of which  455,499 books were issued during 1 cycle. Find how many books are left in the library.
  2. There are 20 students in each class. If 4 shelves are provided for keeping the school bags. How many bags will fit in 1 shelf?

Language Writing:

Q-1. Make the blah sentence into a brilliant sentence using adjectives, adverbs, verbs and proper noun :

1. We like pizza.

2. The clown ate the fly.

3. I saw a ladybug.

4. The sock is stinking.

5. I am going to a party.

Q-2.Read the short passage and list down all the preposition given in the passage in the writing notebook:

My neighbor said she wanted to ask me for a small favor. Little did I know what was in store for me when I agreed to feed her cat. After my neighbor left on her trip, I walked across the street to her house. Once I got inside the house, I was overwhelmed by the stench of cat urine. I looked around the house and couldn’t believe what I saw. My eyes fell on two salad dressing containers sitting on a table beside the couch, which was completely covered with dirty laundry, except for this one worn area by the table. The volume on the TV was turned up all the way. In disbelief and despite my better judgment, I walked toward the restroom. Around the base of the tub I saw these red velvety mushrooms coming up between the tub and tile floor. This filth was beyond anything I’d ever seen in my life. Within two minutes the cat was fed and I was out of there. Since she returned from her trip, I have never been available to watch her cat again.
— Mechanically Inclined
Star of the day: Suhaan Agrawal (for showing Integrity regarding the school food policy)
1) “Never ask about something that is not your concern.”
2) “Never leave a path that you have taken!”
3) “Suppress your evening anger until morning.”
excerpts from “Three gold pieces” – A Greek folk tale retold by Aliki
Have an adventurous weekend!
Warm regards,
Fatema Topiwala
Homework 15/6/17

Homework 15/6/17

Dear parents,


Students engaged in a game to revise the PYP Attitudes. Along with their inputs discussion was taken up about these attitudes. Students were able to make connections with these “Attitude” and realized how can we inculcate them in our daily life.

Select any 5 of the following IB attitudes that are mentioned below and frame sentences.













Star of the day: Kavya Shah (The kindness act)


Warm regards,

Fatema Topiwala

Homework 13/6/17

Homework 13/6/17

Dear parents:



Math: Solve the following questions in your Math notebook:

i) Write the number names of the following:

a) 52,31,823

b) 5,45,023

ii) Find the missing number:

a) ___ + 15 = 50

b) 85 – ___ = 25

c) ___ + 5 = 113

d) ____ – 22 = 174

iii) Do as directed:

a) 4,32,403 + 2,63,084

b) 5,36,251 – 2,69,043

c) 880 ÷ 16

d) 321 x 63


Important note: Kindly label all the books and send them back tomorrow.


Stars of the day: Aksh, Suhaan Agrwal, Suhaan Bhatia and Kaniska. ( for being kinf enough to help me today)

Highlight and Homework 12/6/17

Highlight and Homework 12/6/17

Day 2, Monday

Students completed peer-checking of their Summer Homework and doubt clearing was taken up by the teacher.

Students worked in groups to present a chosen LP in a creative manner on a piece of paper.



Students have to solve the following on a piece of paper:

i) 612 / 4
ii) 981/30
iii) 586/ 13
iv) 342/ 12
v) 456 x 23
vi) 789 x 54
vii) There are 300 books in 15 boxes. If each box has the same number of books, how many books are there in each box?

Have a fabulous day! 🙂

Students of the day: Yajat Patel and Parishree Randeria ( They have done an exceptional job on their weekend homework)