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Dear parents,

Book review is coming up on Day 2 Tuesday 19th December 2017. Parents are requested to enroll themselves. Students ensure you have complete your assigned chapter book for the month of December.



  • Read aloud page no. 29 to 32 in front any of your family members. (Practice for the reading assessment)
  • Read the pages using the strategy “Reading for the Gist”.
  • Create the 3 quadrants
Notes…. Questions….? Drawing


You need to have minimum 4 notes in your row.

  • Write a Gist on next page of chapter 3.

Key points to consider while writing the gist:

– Include important details only.

-Keep it brief.

-Write it in your own words!




Solve the worksheets in your notebook.

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Important: Students are expected to carry a chit in their bag which has their bus route and bus no. (This is to ensure there is no chaos at the last moment)

In case you have missed the blog here are the bus routes:

Students are expected to carry their routine medications(if any), warm clothes and board games for tomorrow.


Quote of the day:

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Get ready  for party!!!



Fatema Topiwala




Dear parents and awesome athletes,



Congratulations to all of you for outperforming yourself and keeping the sportsman spirit alive!

It is equally to exercise our minds along with our body to keep the balance alive.



Task 1: Use to the link to practice divisibility rules through a fun game:

Task 2: To be done in your notebook

a) Write any 10 multiples of 6 and 8
b)Write factors of 50 and 78

c) Solve the following divisibility rule questions:

1. Which of the following numbers are divisible by 2, 5 and 10?

(i) 149

(ii) 19400

(iii) 720345

(iv) 125370

(v) 3000000

2. Check whether the numbers are divisibility by 4:

(i) 23408

(ii) 100246

(iii) 34972



Quote of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala

Homework for 12th December 2017.

Homework for 12th December 2017.


Students will create a handy display of the divisibility rules

Reference link:



  1. Go through the entire sensory word list. Search meaning for any unknown words that you come across. (classroom discussion tomorrow)
  2. Dictation of sensory word list Pg no. 3 and 4 (
  3. Find 3 synonyms and frame sentence for the same : a) smile   b) cry
[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students have to bring any 1 product for tomorrow’s activity.


Happy reading 🙂


Manjeetkaur Khalsa

Highlight and Homework

Highlight and Homework


Dear parents,



  • Math: Students revised the average concept. Later, introduction of the divisibility rules was taken up with explanation and examples.
  • UOI: Students appeared for their F.A of the first LOI (The elements of media that influence behavior of specific audience).
  • Language: Students discussed sensory words with examples and impact on the writing process.


  • Learn the divisibility rules by heart and create a attractive a4 poster for the same.   
    • Example:



  1. Go through the entire sensory word list. Search meaning for any unknown words that you come across. (classroom discussion tomorrow)
  2. Dictation of sensory word list Pg no. 3 and 4 (


Star of the day:

Hitansh Savani ( For working on patience and class participation), Kavya Shah ( UOI class participation) and  Twishi Ruchandani ( Brilliant efforts in language homework).


Quote of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala

Dictation words

Dictation words

Dear parents,

In order to build their vocabulary and help them learn the spelling of sensory words. I am adapting a new Technic where students are given worksheets of these sensory words. I will be taking dictation of these words only in the following week.

Word list given to student: (Sensory words)

Learn the words from Page no. 1 and 2 for the upcoming dictation on Monday.


In case your child has lost his copy, print the word list using the following link:


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Fatema Topiwala


Long Weekend Homework ☺

Long Weekend Homework ☺

Dear parents,



Task 1: look at your previous graphs in your graph books and calculate the average using the frequency table data.

Task 2: Solve Line Graph math worksheet.

(Plot the graph, write the conclusion and find the average)

Task 3: Solve Math mix bag in your Math homework notebook.


Solve the following in Maths Notebook

Task 1: Last Sunday grade 4 teachers visited ‘Mcdonald’ for a get together. There were in all 11 members. Everyone placed different orders and at the end of the party they shared the expenses. Read the questions given below and write answers with proper steps.


  • Mc Float (Coke / Fanta) Rs. 25/-
  • Veg Pizza McPuff. Rs. 25/-
  • Mc Aloo Tikki  Rs.30/-
  • Mc Veggie Rs. 67/-
  • Mc Spicy Paneer Rs. 116/-
  • Mc Veg Maharaja Rs. 101/-
  • Mc Aloo Wrap Rs. 25/-
  • French Fries (R) Rs. 50 /-
  • French Fries (M) Rs. 80 /-
  • French Fries (L) Rs. 110/-
  • Waffle Cone Rs. 25/-
  • McFlurry Oreo Rs. 45/-


  1. Sweta ma`am bought a Mc Float (Coke), French Fries (M), 2 Mc Aloo Tikki, how much money did she pay?
  2. Ritu ma`am bought McFlurry Oreo and Mc Spicy Paneer, how much change would she have received, if she paid Rs. 500?
  3. Suparna ma`am bought 2 Mc. Aloo Wrap, 1 French Fries (R) and 3 Mc Float (Fanta) how much did it cost?
  4. If McFloat was of 230 ml. What is the total quantity of McFloat bought by Suparna ma`am and Sweta ma`am?
  5. After eating everyone felt thirsty, hence they purchased 7 bottles of water, 550 ml each. What would be the total quantity of water? Answer in l.
  6. If the length of Mcdonald’s waiting room is 15m and breadth is 10m. What will be the area of the waiting room.
  7. If each teacher was carrying Rs. 8,000/- for the party. What was the total amount they all were carrying?
  8. How much did each teacher contribute if the bill was of Rs. 5,280/-





Goals catered by the homework:

Use reference books, dictionaries, thesaurus and computer and web based applications with increasing independence and responsibility.

Discuss personality and behavior of storybook characters, commenting on reasons why they might react in particular ways.

3-Know how to skim and scan texts

Answer the following questions in your Language EE notebook.

Note- The questions are based on the reader “ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

A- Understanding the texts.

1- What are the main characters in the story?

2- How  was the setting of the Garage?

B- Looking at language.( Chapter -3)

Find the synonyms of the following words using thesaurus and also form brilliant  sentences of the same.

1- emerged

2- gleamed


4- threatening

5- clutched

C- Exploring the characters.

1- What was the name given to MR. Caractacus by his neighbours?

2- Describe the character of Mr, Pott in your own words.( Refer Chapter 1 from Empowering English )

3- How did commander Pott earn money to buy a car?

D- Taking it further.

1- If you were asked to buy a car, what kind of car you will buy, What extraordinary feature you wish your car should have?



Important: Monday is Day 2, Prepare for you December 1st book review.

Star of the day: Sumit Hirawat, Yajat Patel (LWE participation and enthusiasm) Harshika baid (Wrote a splendid conclusion for her line graph) and Parishree Randeria ( for showing remarkable performance in calculating the average of given data )


Quote of the Day:…151906.161506.0.161737.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..…0.DYmUoV2srbU#imgrc=nsVAzKpKiAz9TM:

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Fatema Topiwala




Dear parents,





  • Students will plot a line graph for the following data:


Average daily maximum temperature in Delhi  during the year:

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp c 19 23 25 36 40 36 35 30 24 20 12 4
  1. B) Interpret this line graph and answer the following:


Star of the day: Kavya Shah and Suhaan Agrawal ( for class participation and enthusiasm)


Students of the month: Twishi Ruchandani, Kaniska Virani and Suhani Agrawal!

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Quote of the day:

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Pack your bags for some adventure! *wink*


Fatema Topiwala




Dear parents,


Create a graph using the data from the given frequency table:

Title: Purpose for using gadgets.

Sample size: 60


Gender Entertainment Work Education Other













  • Find three visual advertisements from magazine or newspaper.
  • Cut them out.and stick them in your UOI notebook.
  • State which elements are used in the add. (Ethos, Pathos or Logos)


Language: (can be done on a piece of paper)

  1. Find the synonym for the word “see”.
  2. Create a sentence using the synonym

Star of the day: Kavya Shah ( for using splendid adjectives and words in writing), Kaniska Virani ( creating brilliant extended simile) and Yajat Patel (Showing commitment for his academic progress)


Quotes of day:

CMT has really slowed me down, but...I still keep it moving!


Fatema Topiwala




Dear parents,


Language: (to be done in language writing notebook)

Image result for children bedroom…37202.43220.0.43405.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..8.10.1373.0..0j0i67k1j0i10k1.174.c7Oy0VoZuUc#imgrc=JS5ne2PUTvdudM:

Task 1: Students need to describe the room in the picture using minimum 5-6 lines.(using proper sentence structure and impressive adjectives)

Task 2: Find the synonym/strong verb of the word “eat”.

A) Write the meaning of the new word.

B) Form a sentence using the synonym. 


Star of the day: Sumit Hirawat ( For showing outstanding class participation and enthusiasm)


Quotes of the day:….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..6.15.1978…0i67k1j0i24k1.0.6VLxSOUvDiw#imgrc=FKWrBG1e1kkFtM:

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Fatema Topiwala



Dear parents,


Important: Kindly, send a thesaurus and a dictation labelled with their name along with your child on Monday. This will be kept in class and used for the upcoming language writing unit.


Language : (to be done in E.E notebook)

Task 1: Find a synonym/strong verb for the verb “go” or “went” : Find out the meaning of that word and form a new sentence. 

Task 2: Read the poem and answer the following questions.

Language Weekend Homework ( Cycle 17)

Running Late

                Ken Nesbitt

I overslept. I’m running late.

My mom is making such a fuss.

If I so much as hesitate

I probably will miss the bus.

I grab my socks and pant

and quickly pull on all my clothes.

I haven’t time to comb my hair

or brush my teeth or blow my nose.

I wolf my breakfast, kiss my mom,

and barrel madly out the door.

I’m feeling anything but calm.

I’ve never been this late before.

I run like crazy down the street.

I check my watch. It’s almost eight.

I wish I’d had some more to eat,

but, man, I simply can’t be late.

I barely make it there in time.

To miss the bus would not be cool.

I wouldn’t mind except that I’m

the guy who drives the kids to school.


Goal Catered-

Wonders about texts and ask questions to try and understand what the poet is saying.

Read the poem  and answer the following

1- Why is the poet’s mother making a fuss?

2- What will happen if he misses his bus?

3- Do you think the Title of the poem is appropriate? Does it talk about the main idea. Justify your answer.


Looking at Language

1- Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

Exploring the poem

1- How does the poem make you feel?

Taking it further

1- Have you ever faced any similar situation?

2- Which learner profile attribute does the poet demonstrate? How?


Star of the day: Suhaan Agrawal and Raihan Patel (for active class participation)


Quotes of the day:…39027.39675.0.39834.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..6.0.0….0.wiHb9OjfGZg#imgrc=Ufcg9yerU-EESM:

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