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Homework for the day – 19th June 2018

Homework for the day – 19th June 2018

You might have observed two different dustbins kept outside your classroom so as to discard the garbage. Why do you think we need these? Why did the school management take this step? Why do we need to discard wet waste and dry waste separately? What happens to these waste products once discarded by us?

Research about it and collect data from different sources. Ensure that you are recording this data in a Google doc. Name it as ‘Your name_waste management’ and share it with your homeroom teacher.
Math resources for revision

Math resources for revision

Dear students,
Following is the list of resources you need to go through so as to revise the learned concepts under Math:-

Highlights and homework for 12th June

Highlights and homework for 12th June


The first cycle of the new academic year 2018-19 kickstarted with the discussion of summer vacation homework. Students revised the concepts learned in previous grades through this task.


Watch the following video on Phrasal verbs for a better understanding of the same:

Once you watch the video, think and write down 5 more phrasal verbs and form sentences using each one of them, in your Language notebook.

Appointment slots for Term 2 PTC 2017-18

Appointment slots for Term 2 PTC 2017-18

Dear Parents,

Take a note of the following guidelines for the PTC that is scheduled for, 25th April 2018 (tomorrow):

1- Student must accompany the parent.

2- Kindly bring the old I-card as well as the bearer card. You will be given new I-cards and Parent pass for the upcoming session.

3- Go through the portfolio that has been sent with your child and feel free to discuss any query with me during the meeting. Make sure that the portfolio is brought along for the PTC, in case of any issue that needs to be discussed.

3- Review and discuss your child’s goals and come prepared for evaluating the goals. Bring the goal sheet with you, for the PTC. (You will be able to locate the goal sheet in the portfolio)

4- Refer to the following table for the details of the appointment slots booked by you. Each slot is of 15 minutes with a 5 minute transition time.

5- For those of you who missed out on booking the slots, the slots are booked as per availability. Kindly take a note of it.

Name Slots Start Time End Time
Farshaz Master 1 7:30 7:45
Dishita Sutaria 2 7:50 8:05
Arham Daga 3 8:10 8:25
Break 8:25 8:40
Hiyaa Rathod 4 8:45 9:00
Tanish Kapadia 5 9:05 9:20
Avadhi Talera 6 9:25 9:40
Tanya Mittal 7 9:45 10:00
Khwaish Surana 8 10:05 10:20
Chitrakshi Maheshwari 9 10:25 10:40
Mihaan Shah 10 10:45 11:00
Jihan Sakariya 11 11:05 11:20
Naman Gupta 12 11:25 11:40
Saiyam Bajaj 13 11:45 12:00
Lunch 12:05 12:35
Mahin Bhavsar 14 12:35 12:50
Ved Jasoliya 15 12:55 13:10
Inayat Nandwani 16 13:15 13:30
17 13:35 13:50
18 13:55 14:10
Neeti Poddar 19 14:15 14:30

Points to remember

Points to remember

Dear students,

The D-Day is here. The stage is set. It’s time for us to pull up our socks and be ready to shine bright. So, here’s a reminder for you to take care of certain things for next two days:-

  1. You will be gathering in rooms (Early years assembly) allotted to you as per your arts component.
  2. You need to wear your arts component costume from home and bring your uniform in school bag.
  3. You have to follow all of the routines and procedures to maintain the decorum of the event on both of the days.
  4. Arts performances will be presented on both the days of exhibition, whereas the subjective presentation of Conjecture, Deliberate, Enlighten and Excogitate will take place tomorrow (first day). The other four sections, i.e. Contemplate, Evolve, Progress and Ruminate will present their research findings on second day of exhibition.