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Author: Krishna Vyas

PTC Term 2 2017-18

PTC Term 2 2017-18

Dear Parents,

Take a note of the following guidelines for the PTC that is scheduled for, 25th April 2018 (tomorrow):

1- Student must accompany the parent.

2- Kindly bring the old I-card as well as the bearer card. You will be given new I-cards and Parent pass for the upcoming session.

3- Go through the portfolio that has been sent with your child and feel free to discuss any query with me during the meeting. Make sure that the portfolio is brought along for the PTC, in case of any issue that needs to be discussed.

3- Review and discuss your child’s goals and come prepared for evaluating the goals. Bring the goal sheet with you, for the PTC. (You will be able to locate the goal sheet in the portfolio)

4- Refer to the following table for the details of the appointment slots booked by you. Each slot is of 15 minutes with a 5 minute transition time.

5- For those of you who missed out on booking the slots, the slots are booked as per availability. Kindly take a note of it.


Name Slots Start Time End Time
Palaash Dubey 1 7:30 7:45
Hasti Gangani 2 7:50 8:05
Zerlene Ruchandani 3 8:10 8:25
Break 8:25 8:40
Jishnu Mehra 4 8:45 9:00
Kavya Sethia 5 9:05 9:20
Laksh Uttamchandani 6 9:25 9:40
Hiya Shah 7 9:45 10:00
Krisha Patel 8 10:05 10:20
Brij Patel 9 10:25 10:40
Dhrishit Shahi 10 10:45 11:00
Aastha Kamra 11 11:05 11:20
Nirvan Uttamchandani 12 11:25 11:40
Alefiyah Galabhai 13 11:45 12:00
Lunch 12:05 12:35
Vrund Patel 14 12:35 12:50
Nihar Yadav 15 12:55 13:10
Aadi Lineswala 16 13:15 13:30
Harsh Dhedhi 17 13:35 13:50
Arth Bapna 18 13:55 14:10

HW for 19th April, 2018

HW for 19th April, 2018


1)Complete the following modules from Khan Academy:

Angle types, measuring angles, constructing angles, Parallel and perpendicular quiz, classifying triangles.

Here’s the link to the modules:

2)Read theory-4 passages

HW for the weekend

HW for the weekend

  • Complete your mixed bag HW in mixed bag notebook. It needs to be submitted on Monday.
  • Complete your display work and oral presentation during the weekend. We will be having mock presentation on tuesday and hence you need to practice accordingly.
  • Work on your action component as there are very few days left for the final presentation.

Have a great weekend!!! 🙂