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Homework for the weekend – 18th October 2018

Homework for the weekend – 18th October 2018

Dear Students,

I know it is a long weekend and that too bringing in the celebrations of Dusherra. But the fact remains that you all are going to attempt summative assessments of scientific investigation, integers and persuasive writing soon. Hope you will utilize the weekend for the same.

  • Work on your innovations and experiments and the documentation of the same.
  • A task is going to be posted by Nisreen Ma’am which you need to do in A4 Sheets.
  • You will be practicing Maths skill and Language skill of your choice from below-mentioned sites. The assignments in each of these sites have been assigned to you.

Happy Dusherra to you and your family! May this festival burn our bad qualities and bring out the good in us.

Thanks and regards

Nirja Thakkar

  • Remember to get the FA Notebook signed by your parents.
  • Complete reading holes till the last chapter. (Submission date: 18th October 2018)
  • Continue the background research of your Summative Assessment. Make sure that you have moved the document into the folder shared by me today.
Homework for the day – 9th October 2018

Homework for the day – 9th October 2018

  • Read Holes till Chapter 38.
  • Bring signed copies of the Summative Assessment of Conflict, if not done yet.
  • Bring signed copies of Formative Assessment of Math.
  • Complete Persuasive writing of the topic ‘Convincing the government to rethink on their decision of giving Navratri Holidays ‘.
    • Keep in mind the following points:
      •  Make sure you chose 2 or 3 main reasons and elaborate them in the letter.
      •  Use persuasive vocabulary(Research about it).
      •  Use evidence and facts to persuade your points.
      •  Try to touch the emotion of the concerned person(if possible) to convince your point.
      •  You can go through the letter sent to you as a reference(Avoid bursting crackers in Diwali) to write this letter.
Highlights of Cycle 13

Highlights of Cycle 13

Going Further!!

Our junior scientists had come up with startling ideas in the last cycle. They were prepared to change the world with it. In this cycle, they continued their research to convert the ideas into reality. They understood the importance of following the Scientific Method and experimented using it. Enthusiasm and commitment were observed at every stage during the cycle. Many of them came up with breathtaking presentations of their ideas in the form of models and blueprints. Creativity and inquiry were showcased at its best.
The students completed their Summative Assessment of Debate in this Cycle. They were seen verbalizing their thinking and modifying ideas as per need. They were observed defending their points with logical arguments and respecting the speaker when doing it.
The students were then tuned into Persuasive Writing and it’s importance in our life. They were able to make personal connections about convincing others and were observed all geared up to increase their persuasive power.
The learners continued with their research on the topic ‘Students do not realize the importance of reading ‘ by following the Data Handling Cycle. They revised the steps to be followed for constructing a pie chart and realized it’s significance to represent data.  After that, they learned about mean and mode and its importance in real life. The learners presented their research work and realized how following the Data Handling Cycle made their research more structured and easy. This marked the end of the Data Handling Cycle.
The learners were then tuned into Integers. They were awestruck by the fact that they were surrounded by it and gave astonishing examples of where they have seen it in real life. Then they learned about Coordinate Geometry and were completely amazed by its real-life applications. The learners were curious all throughout the cycle and the zeal to learn could be observed.
The next cycle has more mind-boggling things in store for the learners!!
To know more,
Stay Tuned!!
Homework for the day – 4th October

Homework for the day – 4th October

1) Define the following terms in your Maths Notebook- integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, positive integers, and negative integers.

You can watch this video for reference –

2)For each of the following situation draw a number line and depict the situation:

a. A spider is placed on +2. It moves up 3 places and then slips down 4 places. Which integer would it be on now?

b. A spider is placed on -5. It moves up 8 places and then slips down 2 places. Which integer would it be on now?

c. A spider is placed on +2. It moves up 2 places and then slips down 4 places. Which integer would it be on now?

d. A spider is placed on -2. It slipped down 4 places and then moved up 5 places. Which integer would it be on now?

e. A spider is placed on +3. It slipped down 4 places and again slipped down 2 places.

Which integer would it be on now?

Watch the following video:

3) Research on the topic for Persuasive writing – ‘Avoid bursting crackers that make loud noises’ and note down points in a document. The document needs to be made in your own folder shared by me. 

4) Read Holes book till Chapter 32(if not done yet).

1)Complete the construction of the pie chart, of one of the survey question, if not completed in class.

Go through the link below for your reference:

2)Click on the link given below and complete the task in the Math homework notebook.

3)You have to make a flowchart of the scientific method. One flow chart per group is to be made on an A3 sheet; it will be used as display later on.

4)Work on the background research of your investigation process and update your documents. Taking to your parents and adults can help you drive your investigation in an organized manner. While investigating do not forget to go back to the scientific method and the process of conducting an experiment.

Happy learning!!!!