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Homework for 15/12

Homework for 15/12

UOI – Read carefully and answer in detail the questions in the worksheet given to you.

Write your comments on the google doc ‘Post It’ shared with you.

Read the articles on coping strategies for peer pressure.

Complete Mixed Bag HW in your Mixed Bag notebook.

Revise the word list mentioned below for Dictation.








Pituitary Gland



Homework for the day

Homework for the day


Write a short reflection [minimum 150 words] on some of the physical and emotional changes experienced by girls and boys during puberty. You need to mention the common as well as specific changes.

Important Note:

Fill up the online safety form that was shared with you in the classroom. In case of any doubt, approach your parents for help.

Have a nice day!

Highlights of Cycle 18

Highlights of Cycle 18

This cycle was phenomenal. Learners had an adventurous night out at school, explored more about the puberty unit while learning to comprehend poems and, developing a firm grip on solving integers.

Night out – After arriving on Saturday afternoon, students were teamed up for ‘Scavenger Hunt’ activity, which was followed by a short snack break. Later, the students participated in various races. After a relaxing break, students went on to enjoy the DJ time and had dinner. By nightfall, they prepared to go to bed and spent the night out in the open, bonding with their peers. At daybreak, students got ready and went out for a morning walk, accompanied by staff members.

Language – In language, we focused on two new poems – New Boy and The Bullied. The purpose of introducing these poems was to enhance learners’ comprehension skills. They were expected to identify the tone of the poem; underlying meaning and purpose; and, comprehend the figurative language used by the poet. Hyperbole (figure of speech) was introduced through worksheets and rigorous practice was given for the same.

Mathematics – This cycle, we continued with reviewing and practicing integer operations. Additionally, students were trained to construct meaning and work on solving integer word problems step by step with written statements, calculations and answer with units.

UOI – Advancing further into exploring the unit of puberty, students participated in the class discussion about physical changes they undergo during adolescence. To facilitate their understanding, HRTs showed age appropriate videos in class and assigned designated page numbers to be read from the books ‘Just for Girls’ and ‘Just for Boys’. As a follow up exercise, learners shared their queries with their teacher.


-Aishwarya Jariwala

Homework for 7/12

Homework for 7/12

Math: Integers

Solve the revision worksheet shared with you in Math CW notebook. Revise all the concepts done under Integers.

Language: Poetry

Read the poem ‘Bullied’ again and write the answers in Language writing notebook.

Complete Language and Math mixed bag HW in mixed bag notebook.


Please Note:

  • Hindi and Gujarati HW needs to be completed.
  • FA notebook needs to be acknowledged by the parents and brought to school on Monday.
  • Ensure that your Chromebook is 100% charged.
  • Schedule for Monday will be as per Day 2.
  • Non-school jacket will not be allowed from Monday (11th December 2017) onward. If the student is wearing any jacket other than the school jacket, the jacket will be confiscated. Kindly adhere to the uniform policy in order to avoid consequences.

See you all on Monday… 🙂

Homework for 28/11

Homework for 28/11


  • Read Pg 119, Frogs, from Empowering English
  • Answer the following questions in your Language Writing notebook post reading the poem:
    • Pick out Simile, Metaphor, Personification and Alliteration in this poem
    • What is the purpose of the poet behind writing this poem?
    • What is the poet comparing the frog with and why?


Solve the worksheets shared with you in your math notebook.


Complete the worksheet ‘Things Change’. Mail me the presentation of your photo album. Ignore if done.

Note: Please ensure that your CB is charged and earphones are brought to school daily.

Homework for 24/11

Homework for 24/11


Complete the pending worksheets in your Math notebook.

Complete the mixed bag HW.


A moment to reminisce…

It’s always joyful to recall the past memories and experiences through photographs. Go through your childhood pictures and have a hearty discussion with your parents about all of what you can encounter in these pictures about yourself. You can use any ICT tool like Google Doc, Google Slides, Powtoon etc. to create a year-on-year life journey and mention the changes that you were able to observe in yourselves. If available, you may choose to go through your parents’ childhood photographs as well. I hope you have a wonderful family time through this engagement.

You have to ask 2 relevant questions to know more about yourself and your body based on the key concepts Change and Responsibility. You need to write the questions in your UOI notebook.

Kindly ensure that you get the undertaking (2 Sheets) signed by your parents and it is neatly pasted in your UOI notebooks.