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Highlights of the week – 18th to 22nd December

Highlights of the week – 18th to 22nd December

Circle Time:

Revision of all the rhymes was done.

Words of the week:

Revolution, revolve, orbit.

Phonological Awareness :

Various phonological awareness activities were done.

Read aloud:

Read alouds from Sr. KG monthly read aloud list.



  • Introduction of numbers from 91-99. (forward and backward)
  • Writing of Number names 81-90 (1 time) in Math notebook.
  • Introduction of the 3D shape CONE.
  • VA activity of Christmas tree was conducted.
  • Revision of all mathematical concepts done till date through centers.(Quantification, Before/After numbers, middle numbers, ascending order, skip counting by 2 and 5, patterns (4 attributes)



  • Introduction of the tricky words after, every, mother, father was done and writing the same 3 times in notebook.
  • Introduction of the digraph “ch” and “sh” was done.
  • Revision of digraph “ie”, “ee”, “or”, “ng” and “oo” through language centers.
  • Reading time from Cambridge Readers.



(Rotation and Revolution)

TDT : How the world works

Central Idea : The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living things.

  • Introduction of revolution and seasons.
  • Impact of revolution.
  • Formative assessment of ‘rotation’ was conducted.
  • Revision of the following vocabulary: Equator, axis, Northern hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, poles, rotation.




Write the following ‘ch’ words (2 times) in the notebook:

chain, chin, chat, children, chess, chest, chips, check, chimp, chop, rich, much, such, bench, drench, pinch, bunch, lunch, munch, speech, torch


Math: Write the number names from 71-90 once in the notebook.

(Kindly follow the CW format)


Important points :

  • Please note that the reading magic books will be issued on Tuesday.
  • Kindly ensure revision of taught concepts in Math.
  • Kindly ensure daily revision of tricky words (reading and writing).
  • Kindly conduct read aloud everyday.
  • Give writing practice for the taught number names (One to Ninety only).


Have a fantabulous weekend !

Merry Christmas and a Happy Christmastide !


Sr. KG  Team.



Dear parents,
The following are the final slots for the 1st PTC scheduled tomorrow.
Kindly reach 5 minutes prior and please adhere to your slot timings.
Name Start Time End Time
Meera Pathak 07:25 07:45
Hitanshi Khemka 07:45 08:05
Soham Mistry 08:05 08:25
Panav Jariwala 08:40 09:00
Vihaan Patel 09:00 09:20
Ananya Banthia 09:20 09:40
Aadik Jain 09:40 10:00
Harvy Detroja 10:00 10:20
Vihana Goyal 10:20 10:40
Jiveek Jain 10:40 11:00
Priyansh Periwal 11:00 11:20
Saanwe Arora  11:20  11:40
Kavya P. 11:40 12:00
Antra Parmar 12:50 13:10
Mohammed M 13:10 13:30
Arushi M 13:30 13:50
Kriyansh Shah 13:50 14:10
Anay Shah 14:10 14:30

Warm regards,

Rashida Golwala

Important note for Potluck party

Important note for Potluck party

Dear Parents,

On Saturday, 14th October being the last day of the school before the Diwali Vacation, we are planning to have a Potluck Party on that day. Kindly send food enough to share with 10 kids. SrKG Glitter students have to bring Mathiya and Chorafali. Please follow Friday Food Policy of our school while sending the food.

Kindly note that the students will come in the School Uniform for the Pot Luck Party.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali! 🙂


Thanks & regards

Early years Team