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Homework for 23rd June 2017

Homework for 23rd June 2017


  1. Make the smallest and the greatest number using the given digit:
  • 7,6,8,0,0,5
  • 5,8,0,1,0,3
  • 7,0,0,9,4,6,8       

    2.Solve the following:

  • 946÷ 9
  • 798 × 36
  • 838 ÷ 8
  • 9972 × 64     

    3. Solve the following word problems:

  1. There are 172 mangoes. If each box can contain 1 dozen mangoes, how many boxes will be required? How many mangoes will remain unpacked?
  2. Fountainhead school purchased 12 tents for their students. If each tent costs approximately 6542 rupees, what would be the amount spent in the tent by the school?
  3. There are 216 boxes. Out of which 150 boxes contain 12 oranges each, and the remaining boxes contain 8 apples each. What is the total number of oranges and apples altogether?


  1. Use the given Graphic Organiser to fill in the details on the topic ” Friends”.
  2. Read the below given passage and answer the questions:

    Strongest of all

    By Pleasant DeSpain

    One day long ago, clever Rabbit was walking along the seashore. Hearing voices, he stopped to listen. Elephant and Whale were having a conversation. He wanted to hear every word.

    “Sister Whale,” said Elephant, “you are the largest, strongest, and most beautiful animal of the sea. Naturally, I’m the largest, strongest, and most beautiful animal on the land. We two should rule over all the animals, birds, and fish on the earth.”
    “Yes, it’s true, Brother Elephant,” said Whale. “We are the greatest. You should rule the land. I’ll be happy to rule the sea.” Rabbit decided to play a trick on these two behemoths. “I’m twice as smart as both of them,” he said. “All I need is a long, strong rope and my jungle drum.” Later that afternoon Rabbit found Elephant in the woods and said, “Hello, Powerful Ruler of All the Animals that Walk and All the Birds that Fly. I’m in need of a small favor.”
    Elephant liked Rabbit’s compliment and was willing to listen. “What can I do for you, my little friend?” he trumpeted. “My milk-cow is stuck in the sand on the beach. I’m not big enough to pull her out. Let me tie one end of this rope around you and the other end around my cow. When you hear me beat my drum, you’ll know it’s time to pull hard, really hard.”  What happens when an elephant and a whale both think that they are the strongest animals on the earth? ” “It’s a good plan,” said Elephant. “You are wise to come to me as I’m the strongest friend you have.” “Thank you, Elephant. Wait for the drum!”
    So saying, Rabbit ran to the beach and found Whale sunning herself near the shore. “Hello, Friend Whale. My, but you look sleek and powerful today,” said Rabbit.
    Whale smiled and replied, “Yes, Rabbit, I’m strong today and every day. I rule all the creatures of the sea.” “Of course,” responded Rabbit. “That’s why I’ve come to you with my small problem.” “What can I do to help?” asked Whale. “It’s my milk-cow. She’s mired deep in the bayou mud way up in the woods. I can’t get her out. I’d like to tie one end of this rope around your tail and the other end around my cow. I’ll beat my drum so you’ll know when to pull.” “Of course I’ll help,” said Whale.
    She swam closer to shore so that he could tie the long rope to her massive tail. “Pull hard when you hear my signal,” said Rabbit as he ran back into the woods.
    He found his drum and pounded hard and loud. Boom! Boom! Boom! The sounds carried to both Elephant in the forest and Whale in the sea. They both began to pull, each against the other, and were shocked at the resistance. Elephant tugged so hard that Whale hit the sand in the shallow water. Whale pulled back so hard that Elephant was being dragged out of the woods. “That cow must be stuck in the sand up to her neck,” bellowed Elephant. “That cow must be buried in the mud up to her nose,” cried Whale.
    Next thing they knew the rope snapped! One end flew back and stung Elephant on the ear. “Ouch!” he cried. The other end smacked Whale on the tail. “Ouch!” she cried. Rabbit began to laugh. His laughter carried deep into the woods and far out to sea. Elephant and Whale realized that they had been tricked. They also discovered that when it came to cleverness, Rabbit was the strongest of all.

A)  Which of the following best describes the setting of the folktale?

    1. by the ocean many years ago
    2. at the zoo many years from now
    3. in the mountains many years ago
    4. near the desert many years from now

B) Based on the folktale, what is the real reason Rabbit asks Elephant and Whale for help?

    1. to teach them a lesson
    2. to pull an animal to safety
    3. to make his situation easier
    4. to bring the animals closer together

C) What does the passage show about Elephant and Whale?

    1. They do not want to help each other.
    2. They each think they are the smartest.
    3. They need to stop pulling on the rope.
    4. They do not realize they have been fooled.

D) Which of the following best shows that “Strongest of All” is a folktale?

    1. It tells a story using talking animals.
    2. It includes a problem and a solution.
    3. It tells a story using rhythm and rhyme.
    4. It includes facts about different animals.

E) Based on the passage, the use of the word resistance shows the animals are

    1. playing a game.
    2. afraid of being hurt.
    3. having a difficult time.
    4. worried about getting wet.

Have a great long weekend! 🙂

Highlights and Homework for 20th June 2017

Highlights and Homework for 20th June 2017

[Highlight Of The Day]

Math: Students appeared for the Math pre- assessment.


Students have to make five sentences using any 5 PYP attitudes in their Language notebook.
The list of PYP attitudes:
1. Empathy
2. Respect
3. Enthusiasm
4. Creativity
5. Curiosity
6. Tolerance
7. Appreciation
8. Confidence
9. Cooperation
10. Independence
11. Commitment
12. Integrity
Have a great day 🙂

[Highlight Of The Day]

Language: Students appeared for the Language pre-assessment.

Math: Discussion and doubt solving session on the weekend mixed bag homework.


Solve the following in your Math notebook.

1) 457 / 54

2) 853 / 46

3) 468 / 12

4) 974 x 57

5) 690 x 46


Happy reading

Highlights and Homework for 16th June 2017

Highlights and Homework for 16th June 2017

Star of the day : Dharma Patel  (Utilizing time effectively by reading books)

[Highlight Of The Day]

Students revised the Learner profile attributes and  PYP attitudes through classroom discussion and a quiz.



Q-1. Make the blah sentence into a brilliant sentence using adjectives, adverbs, verbs and proper noun :

1. We like pizza.

2. The clown ate the fly.

3. I saw a ladybug.

4. The sock is stinking.

5. I am going to a party.
Q-2.Read the short passage and list down all the preposition given in the passage in the writing notebook:

My neighbor said she wanted to ask me for a small favor. Little did I know what was in store for me when I agreed to feed her cat. After my neighbor left on her trip, I walked across the street to her house. Once I got inside the house, I was overwhelmed by the stench of cat urine. I looked around the house and couldn’t believe what I saw. My eyes fell on two salad dressing containers sitting on a table beside the couch, which was completely covered with dirty laundry, except for this one worn area by the table. The volume on the TV was turned up all the way. In disbelief and despite my better judgment, I walked toward the restroom. Around the base of the tub I saw these red velvety mushrooms coming up between the tub and tile floor. This filth was beyond anything I’d ever seen in my life. Within two minutes the cat was fed and I was out of there. Since she returned from her trip, I have never been available to watch her cat again.
— Mechanically Inclined


Q-1. Write the number names in Indian and International system:
  1. 450005
  2. 808008

Q-2. Write in figures:

  1. Two lakh four thousand and five.
  2. Fifty six thousand and seventy five.

Q-3. Write the place value of the digit “FOUR”.

  1. 740,351
  2. 3,04,891

Q-4 Solve the following:

  1. 245678 + 89234
  2. 730070 – 290499
  3. 348 × 56
  4. 593 ÷ 9

Q-5. Write appropriate unit to measure the following:

  1. The distance from school to your home. __________
  2. 1 glass of lemonade served in school pantry. _____________
  3. 1 plate of food served in Today’s special. _______________

Q-6. Solve the following: (All the answers will be written in number names following the comma)

  1. There  are 765,974 books in the library out of which  455,499 books were issued during 1 cycle. Find how many books are left in the library.
  2. There are 20 students in each class. If 4 shelves are provided for keeping the school bags. How many bags will fit in 1 shelf?


Happy weekend 🙂


Highlights and Homework for 9th June 2017

Highlights and Homework for 9th June 2017

[Highlight Of The Day]

Language summer homework was discussed and doubts were solved simultaneously.



Write a short paragraph on “My first day at school” (5 – 6 lines minimum).

Checklist for writing:

  • Minimum 5 adjectives.
  • Use connecting words and phrases.
  • Add at least two dialogues to the piece.
  • Use at least two adverbs.
  • Use appropriate beginning, middle and end.


Note: Kindly bring dictionary/thesaurus on Monday. 



Ritu Saini

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Homework for 8th June 2017

Homework for 8th June 2017

Create a personal bulletin on a A-4 sheet of paper, using one or more photos of you and your family or any special memory. Write a short note or few words explaining why that picture/pictures are important to you.

Make sure the bulletin looks creative and colorful.

Let your imagination flow.

Enjoy the enchanting climate !!!!!



Ritu Saini