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Grade 2 – Results of Literary Event – JAM

Grade 2 – Results of Literary Event – JAM

Dear all,

The 3 best performers for the literary event (JAM) are:

Explore – Priyansh, Jahan, Stasha

Think – Neishca, Nishika, Aarav

Invent – Shiv, Juzer, Shaunak

Dream –  Disha,  Neha, Dravya

Ponder –  Arjun, Eshaan, Vishwa

Wonder –  Sarvesh, Dev, Janhvi

Discover – Meet, Khush, Prisha

Create – Siona , Sanvi, Abhiraj

Congratulations to all the winners and a round of applause for all the participants.

Grade 2 Team

2nd Literary Event – Grade 2

2nd Literary Event – Grade 2

Dear parents,

We are organising the Second Inter house Literary event ‘Just a minute’ for the year 2017-18. The objective of this literary event is to help students learn to speak spontaneously i.e think on the spot and express their thoughts and ideas in English. It channelizes the thought process and strengthens students speaking skills. It also encourages students to strive for excellence in communication skills and other educational pursuits.

The students will be marked on the following criteria:
Word choice, fluency, pronunciation, confidence, language accuracy (grammatically correct sentences)

There will be 1 round for the event.  Topics will be given to the students on the spot. The 3 best  performers for each section will be selected,

i.e from each section i.e. 3X8= 24 students

Event date: 2nd February 2018


Grade 2 team



Dear Parents,

On Saturday, 14th October being the last working day of the school before Diwali vacation, we have a Pot Luck Party. Students need to bring Indian traditional food items. Please follow Friday food policy of our school while sending the food. Also ensure the quantity is sufficient for 5-6 students.

Kindly note that the students need to come in school uniform.

Wishing you and your family a joyous Diwali !!


Grade 2

Diwali Celebrations – Grade 2

Diwali Celebrations – Grade 2

This Diwali, we would like parents to join us and celebrate this glorious festival. Let’s make this festival a memorable one. We invite parents to come and participate in sweet making celebration on 13th October’17. The timings would be informed later depending on the responses.

SWEET MAKING Celebration

Parents can make any homemade sweets/mithai for which the cooking part i.e. the pre-preparation can be done at home and the final preparation will be done in the class in front of the students. The volunteer parents can bring induction cook top and use the same if needed. The child of the volunteering parent can help while preparing the sweet. Both of them need to wear an apron. We can provide any utensils like thali, thaal, big bowl if required. Any member of the family (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt) can participate in sweet making celebration.

Interested parents need to fill the form given below by 11th October, Wednesday.




Dear All,

The competition is getting tougher and tougher. Yes, today was the semi-final round of the Poetry Recitation and the judges had a tough time deciding the finalists.

The  list of the finalists is as follows:

S.No Name of the student House
1 Naisha Mittal Unity
2 Dravya Jain Unity
3 Manya Kelawala Dignity
4 Kush Thummar Liberty
5 Ria Thakker Dignity
6 Jiah Bhojan Liberty
7 Eeshaan Sonthalia Unity
8 Stasha John Unity
9 Mahika Shah Integrity
10 Riana Thummar Liberty

Note: The finalists need to get the hard copy of the poem they will recite in the final round which will be conducted on 19th September,2017. The poetry has to be different from the one they recited in the semi-finals.

Please prepare your child on the basis of the criterias already posted on the blog.

All the best !

Literary Event – Finalists of the first round

Literary Event – Finalists of the first round

Dear all, 

We would really like to appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication of both the parents as well as the students for the poetry recitation. We had a tough time deciding the semi-finalists from all the 8 sections. The results for the first round of Poetry Recitation are as follows:

Discover Think Wonder Dream Create Ponder Explore Invent
Manya Kelawala Ria Thakker Dev Sheth Ranav V Agarwal Sanvi Yadav Eeshaan Sonthalia Stasha John Mahika Shah
Kush Thummar Jaivee Kagalwala Navya Parekh Dravya Jain Jiah Bhojani Keaan Patel Priyansh Agarwal Ridhima Vahora
Reanna Ranka Nishika Baid Naisha Mittal Daksh C Rathi Akshat Bansal Arham Jain Siyona Gujarati Riana Thummar

The selected students have to recite the same poem tomorrow for the semi final round. (Out of 24 we will select 10 students for the final round)

Congratulations and all the best for tomorrow !!!

Few glimpses of the same




1st Literary Event of the year

1st Literary Event of the year


Dear Parents,

We are organizing the first literary event Poem Recitation of the year 2017-18. The objective of the literary event is to expand students experience and exposure to poetry. It embellishes and develops their linguistic skills. It aims at providing a platform to the students where they can unleash their creativity. It also enhances their listening and oral skills.

The students will be judged on the following criteria:

1.Voice modulation

2 Expression

3.Clarity of speech,



There will be 2 rounds for this event. The audition round will have all the grade 2 students participate. The finalist will be the top 3 students from each class. The winners will have to recite a different poem in the final round.

Please send the poem with your child for the competition.

The first round of the event will be held on 11th September 2017 and the final round on 18th September 2017.

Note: Poems excluding Empowering English reference book and should be age relevant.