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Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week(25th-29th June)

Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week(25th-29th June)

Circle Time-


Revision of the following rhymes:


1)Morning has come, night is away,

Rise with the sun and welcome the day

Good morning.


Subah hui, Raat dhali,

Uth jao sab, Din ka swagat kare.


2) Good morning dear Earth,

Good morning dear Sun.

Good morning to the stones,

And flowers every one.

Good morning dear animals,

And the birds in the tree.

Good morning to you,

And good morning to me…


3) Each like a petal of one great flower,

that closes at night and unfolds with the light.

Down is the earth,

Up is the sky,

Here are my friends and here am I.


4) Softly softly very softly,

It’s drizzling all around.

Loudly Loudly, very Loudly,

It’s pouring all around.


5 ) Aav re Varsad,

Ghebariyo Parsad.

Uni Uni rotli, ne karela nu shak.

Khavu hoy to kha,

Nai to mama na gher ja…


6) Dekho Dekho baarish aayi,

Saath andhera kaisa layi.

Baadal bola dhar dhar dhar,

Mendhak bola tar tar tar.

Pani barsa cham cham cham,

Chhata lekar nikle hum.

Pair fisal gaya gir gaye hum,

Niche chhata upar hum.





Phonological Awareness :

  • Rhyming words activity
  • Alliteration picnic basket


Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.


Cooking- Potato peeling and chopping


Handwork- Wood scraping


Art- Drawing vertical lines with oil pastels


  • Revision of tens and ones concept through ganit maala.
  • Writing numbers backwards from 20-1 in the notebook.
  • Pre Assessments were conducted.



  • Revision – letter sounds, letter formation, association of sounds with pictures and blending (CVC words)
j z w v x y qu
  • Writing a-z.
  • Pre Assessments were conducted.




Math: Writing numbers backwards from 20-1 in the notebook. (Kindly follow the same format which is done in the class)



Have a fantastic weekend !



Sr. KG Team

Sr. KG: Important Note Regarding Rain Dance!

Sr. KG: Important Note Regarding Rain Dance!

Dear parents,

With the arrival of monsoon, one question that our students continuously ask is, “When will we have the rain dance?”

Yes, raindance is one of the many events that we all at Fountainhead eagerly await.

Therefore, kindly send the following things  with your child  in order to enjoy rain dance with their friends :

1 An extra pair of uniform/clothes(only if extra pair of uniform is unavailable)

2 Towel

3 Footwear/Crocs

Request you to properly label everything. All the sent items will be kept in the class till the rain dance is over.

Those who don’t have extra pair of uniform/clothes will not be allowed to participate in rain dance.

Kindly ensure that you send everything mentioned above by tomorrow.


Sr. KG Team

Let’s “Ignite” The Imagination, Creativity And Wonder!!

Let’s “Ignite” The Imagination, Creativity And Wonder!!

Dear parents,

A hearty welcome to all of you! I, Suchi Dakoria am eager to start the new academic session 2018-19. I have been with Fountainhead School since 2013. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be your child’s homeroom teacher. I assure you that our children will have a safe, secure and stimulating environment. As your child’s teacher, I am only a part of your child’s academic future. Parental encouragement and involvement along with student cooperation and participation are vital components of educational growth. I encourage you and your child to join me in this academic endeavour.

I would like to share with you the first day of Senior Kg. Ignite. The students were welcomed to their new class with a small token of love(star) from our end. They settled into the class after performing their routines and procedures. They had fun playing the ice-breaking activity, which helped them to know their teacher, didi and friends better. The students along with me discussed the routines and procedures for the class. They enjoyed their school meal and also had a gala time while painting.

As it’s truly said, time flies away when you’re having fun, and it passed by too quickly. We enjoyed the whole day and I look forward to getting to know and learn from your child!

Sharing a few glimpses of the first day with you…



Sr. KG Glimmer: Final PTC Slots

Sr. KG Glimmer: Final PTC Slots

Dear Parents,

Kindly refer to the table below indicating the slots for tommorow’s PTC. Your participation and support are crucial. Thus, please ensure your presence for the PTC.

You are requested to go through the detailed reports shared with you before coming for the PTC.


  1. Consider the following as the final slots. No further changes can be made.
  2. Each slot will be for 20 minutes (15 minutes discussion and 5 minutes transition time). You are requested to adhere to the time allotted to you.
  3. Kindly bring the old I-card as well as the bearer card. You will be the given new I-cards and Parent pass for the upcoming session.
Sr.No Slots Timings Student Name
1 07:30- 07:50 Kayaan Choksi
2 07:50- 08:10 Tanishq Goel
3 08:10- 08:30 Tiana Thakkar
4 08:45- 09:05 Aria Patel
5 09:05- 09:25 Ridhansh Parmar
6 09:25- 09:45 Mahika Rathod
7 09:45- 10:05 Nandish Kapadia
8 10:05- 10:25 Jiana Mehta
9 10:25- 10:45 Yuvraj Thumar
10 10:45- 11:05 Arnav Bhansali
11 11:05- 11:25 Dhyaan Kakadia
12 11:25- 11:45 Daksh Mangukiya
13 11:45- 12:05 Tanishka Patel
14 12:35- 12:55 Aarav Sharma
15 12:55- 13:15 Veer Bhatia
16 13:15- 13:35 Saisha Gambhir
17 13:35- 13:55 Arth Koshiya
18 13:55- 14:15 Urja Shah
19 14:15- 14:35 Pahal Jalan
20 14:35-14:55 Dhiyaana Rathod



A Splash-tastic Pool Time!!-Sr. KG Glimmer

A Splash-tastic Pool Time!!-Sr. KG Glimmer

Dear parents,

The scorching summer is here! After a long wait, our young enthusiasts took some time off in the cool splash pool for the first time. They were all excited to wear their swimming costumes and play in the pool.

I really want to appreciate all the parents for sending their ward’s swimming costume. We have our pool time on Day 4. Request you to send a fresh set of costume, undergarments and towel or they will miss out on the pool time. Kindly label all their belongings, as it becomes difficult for us to identify their things without the labels. Sharing a few glimpses of the fun time in the pool…