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Important notes – April 23rd

Important notes – April 23rd

Dear Parents,
Sending across Grade portfolio, Summer reading program manual and summer homework today with your ward.
1-Kindly sign the complete summer homework before your child submits to his/ her GR 5- Home Room Teacher.
2- You are expected to carry portfolio/books containing the evidence during the PTC on 25th April if you would like to discuss the reports.
Sweta Mehta
G4 Valour Parent Teacher Conference – Appointment slots

G4 Valour Parent Teacher Conference – Appointment slots

Dear Parents,

Kindly refer to the table below for the slot booked by you for PTC on April 25th. Do make sure to be on time with the things to be discussed after going through the well-detailed reports sent by us. In case of any clarification required, please bring the portfolio/ FA books along with you.

Slots Start Time End Time Slot Duration Student Name
1 07:30 07:45 00:15 Aditya Kejriwal
2 07:50 08:05 00:15 Yatna Sheth
3 08:10 08:25 00:15 Saara Dalal
Break 08:25 08:40 00:15 Break
4 08:50 09:05 00:15 Arav Dang
5 09:10 09:25 00:15 Vansh Trivedi
6 09:30 09:45 00:15 Yomika Khurana
7 09:50 10:05 00:15 Jiana Shah
8 10:10 10:25 00:15 Hitanshu Lala
9 10:30 10:45 00:15 Yana Beladia
10 10:50 11:05 00:15 Hitarth Diwan
11 11:10 11:25 00:15 Manya Dhamelia
12 11:30 11:45 00:15 Ashvika Agrawal
13 11:50 12:05 00:15 Aashvi Dalmia
Lunch 12:05 12:30 00:25 Lunch
14 12:30 12:45 00:15 Aarush Khemka
15 12:50 13:05 00:15 Meet Trikambadasoth
16 13:10 13:25 00:15 Pratham Bansal
17 13:30 13:45 00:15 Harshal Chhaliyawala
18 13:50 14:05 00:15 Shubhi Grover
19 14:10 14:25 00:15 Vishrut Desai
20 14:30 14:45 00:15 Dhruvill Tulshiyani
Agenda for PTC:
(1) Discussing the reports with the parents. Please be informed that the parents are supposed to go through the reports and come for PTC
(2) Handing over the new I-cards and Parent Pass to the parents
(3) Collecting the old I-card and bearer card.
Looking forward to seeing you 🙂
Sweta Mehta
Highlights and homework – Day 6 – April 19th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – April 19th

Homework –

Language – Write the publishing piece for business fair based on revision/suggestions mentioned in the notebook. Ensure to add adjectives, adverbs and transition words, replace strong verbs and add appropriate punctuations to dialogues.

Note –

UOI – Revenue from the business fair has been given to the students. They have noted the denominations in their UOI notebook. Parents are requested to check the same and sign it.

Inter-house Literary event – Spell Bee – Finals

Inter-house Literary event – Spell Bee – Finals

The 2nd round and final round of the Literary Event – Spell Bee was observed today. Here are the winners :


Winner – Integrity –  Kavya Shah, Rumit Kachhadiya, Mitaksh Malpani, Vikrant Panwala

1st runner-up – Dignity – Prisha Mehta, Saachi Khanna, Jiana Shah, Hemanshi Dayaramani

2nd runner-up – Liberty – Suhan Bhatia, Arav Paladiya, Aagam Chhalani, Sanjana Shah


Congratulations on your outstanding performance.

Inter-house literary event – Spell bee – Round 1

Inter-house literary event – Spell bee – Round 1

The first round of the literary event was conducted today. From each house, eight students are finalised who held maximum scores of correct spelling from their group. Here’s the list of the students, who will attempt Round 2 on Day 6. Round 3 will be conducted with the finalist on the same day.

Dignity Unity Integrity Liberty
Sanchi Khanna
Aahan Tuteja
Jiana Shah
Hemanshi Dayaramani
Harsh Begani
Prisha Mehta
Chhavi Bajaj
Hussain Navsariwala
Ashvika Agrawal
Jiah Ranka
Kaya Bhatia
Hiya Madhwani
Aadya Jain
Preyasi Desai
Ekansh Jindal
Sharan Khurana
Vikrant Panwala
Saumya Patel
Mitaksh Malpani
Kavya Shah
Raghav Dalmia
Rumit Kachhadiya
Vansh Trivedi
Dharmik Jariwala
Arav Paladiya
Nishtha Sarda
Aagam Chhalani
Sanjana Shah
Suhaan Bhatia
Kanishka Verani
Khwaish Jain
Yashasvi saraf

Kudos to the participants selected in the first round of Spell Bee. Buck up for the next round and give your best.

Highlights and homework – Day 4 – April 17th

Highlights and homework – Day 4 – April 17th

UOI : Learners reflected on business fair through the questions stated as below:

1. Explain the relationship between demand and supply by giving an example of any of your goods or services.

2. What is the impact on the market ( or sales at your stall) if people sell similar products?

3. Explain the process of ‘Exchange’ by giving two examples.

4. Which good/service was most in demand? Why?

5. Which good/service was not much in demand? Why?

6. Which skills did you apply while conducting the Business Fair?

7. Two things that went really well and two areas of improvement.

8. What is your key learning from the Business Fair?

UOI : Complete the reflection (if pending)
Math : Write the tables from 2 to 20 one time in your Math notebook.
Inter-house Literary Event – Spell Bee – Grade 4

Inter-house Literary Event – Spell Bee – Grade 4

Dear Parents,

We are organizing the inter house literary event for the year 2017-18 i.e. ‘Spell Bee’. The objective of this literary event is to help students improve their spelling, enhance their vocabulary, learn to spell quickly and accurately. It encourages students to strive for excellence in spelling skills and other educational pursuits.


Round 1 – April 17th, 2018 (8 Students will be finalized from each house)

Round 2 – April 18th, 2018 (4 students will be finalized to represent their house as one group)

Round 3 – April 19th, 2018 (House-wise group of 4 students will compete)

Words will be taken from the dictation word list which students have attempted throughout the year and a few of words from the UOI and Math which are covered in this year.


Highlights and homework –

Highlights and homework –

UOI: Students concluded the survey and started preparing for the Business Fair.


Language: Student need to revise and edit the worksheet provided.

UOI: Work on the preparation for business fair. Also, pen down the information like the quantity and the expense (cost) that you are bearing for the item in the business fair in your UOI notebooks (If you don’t have the notebook, pen it on a paper). You need to mention the individual items you are contributing. Use the grid as stated below:

Group products:
Price (Cost which you have incurred in buying that item)


Highlights and homework – Day 5 – April 10th

Highlights and homework – Day 5 – April 10th

UOI: In order to study the demand in market (Grade 3 and 5), learners planned a survey. They discussed the population, sample, sample size and further drafted the questionnaire.

Population : Grade 3 and 5

Sample : Section – Inspire and Symbiosis

Sample size : 20 + 20 = 40 students.

PYP Portfolio: Learners worked on their PYP Portfolio.


  1. UOI: Complete the questionnaire (if pending).
  2. Select the PYP Portfolio pieces (if pending).
  3. Language – Given in the class is the sheet of the narrative story writing piece. You need to do the following in the sheet:
    1. Bracket the transition words
    2. Circle the simile
    3. Underline the metaphors (optional)