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Term 1 PTC slots – Grade 4 Fortitude

Term 1 PTC slots – Grade 4 Fortitude

Dear Parents,

Kindly refer to the table below for the final PTC slot on 3rd Nov. You are requested to go through the detailed reports and assessment sheets shared with you earlier. Please ensure to be on time with the points to be discussed after going through the detailed reports sent by us. Also, discuss and make the new goals with your child for Term 2 prior to the meeting. Students have to accompany their parents for this meeting. HRT’S feedback sheet has to be given to the teacher during your meeting.
In case of any query or doubt in the report, kindly carry the term end assessment paper along.

Slots Start Time End Time Student name
1 7:30 7:45 Aahna Shah
2 7:50 8:05 Twara Choksi
Breakfast 8:10 8:30 Break
3 8:35 8:50 Kaanav Singal
4 8:55 9:10 Trisha Desai
5 9:15 9:30 Garv Jhawar
6 9:35 9:50 Anant Mundra
7 9:55 10:10 Adeesh Daftari
8 10:15 10:30 Yanshi Shah
9 10:35 10:50 Aditya Rastogi
10 10:55 11:10 Saumya Gupta
11 11:15 11:30 Aarav Dhamelia
Lunch 11:35 12:05 Break
12 12:05 12:20 Namish Anand
13 12:25 12:40 Dhruvi Patel
14 12:45 13:00 Arshveer Agarwal
15 13:05 13:20 Naisha Dalal
16 13:25 13:40 Pranshu Bhingradia
17 13:45 14:00 Anya Gajera
18 14:05 14:20 Aaryan Singh
19 14:25 14:40 Heer Davariya
20 14:45 15:00 Vivaana Bhakta

Note: Students are given the teacher feedback form today. Request you to please fill up the same and ensure to bring it tomorrow with you. Your feedback will help the teacher to serve better.


Sweta Mehta

Grade 4 – Science fair feedback form

Grade 4 – Science fair feedback form

Dear parents,
We thank you for your presence in the science fair. Students were highly enthusiastic about showcasing their learning and your presence added to their joy.
At Fountainhead School, we believe in growing through feedback. Request you to provide feedback about the Science Fair in this form – Science Fair Feedback Form
Sweta Mehta
Highlights and homework – Day 1 – October 26th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – October 26th

Language – Learners were introduced to Celebration of Reader task. Later, they chose the format they would like to use to showcase their learning about Reader.

Homework –

1. Brainstorm about your task of celebration of Reader.

2. Practice the peotry chosen by you for literary event.

3. Complete the book you have chosen for book review and prepare for the book review. (You will be presenting during the Day 2 Assembly slot)

Note –

For students – On Day 3 in the 1st slot (Tuesday), you have music class, so remember to bring the recorder.

For parents – Feedback form will be sent to you soon about the science fair. Request you to give your valuable feedback.

Highlights and homework – Day 2 – October 18th

Highlights and homework – Day 2 – October 18th

UOI – Learners formed the hypothesis for their experiment and worked towards writing the steps of the experiment.


UOI – Research for your experiment. Refer back to the lines of inquiry and central idea. While researching, you may question yourself – Which energies will I use/convert? What resources will I need to convert the energies? What other materials/variables can I use?

Math –

Task 1 – Complete the answers for the worksheet started in the class.

Task 2 – Solve the below in your Math HW notebook

  1. Write the number in International and Indian number system (Ensure to place appropriate periods) – 897236051
  2. 4kg 900g is equal to _______ g.
  3. Add 144 m  24 cm to 11 m 99 cm
  4. Subtract 235 l 415 ml from 350 l 120 ml
  5. Shaavi travelled 450 km 123m by car and 1340 km by air. What is the total distance travelled by Shaavi in all?
  6. If a square piece of plastic has perimeter 28 meters, find its area.
  7. A rectangular vegetable patch is 19m long and 12m wide. What is the area covered by it?
  8. A square sandpit has perimeter 12cm and a square play zone has perimeter 20cm. What is the total area covered by both?

Language – Revise and rewrite the answers for Mixbag dated 13-10-2018