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Screening of NatGeo Movies

Screening of NatGeo Movies

Dear Parents,
A field trip has been organised for all Grade 7 students on July 26, 2018. The details of the same are as below:
Screening of NatGeo Scientific Movies:
Venue: Inox DR World
Movies:  1. The Mysteries of the unseen World
2.  The Wildest Weather
Leave from School (in School transport): 09:00 am
Return to School (in School transport):    01:00 pm (Expected Arrival to school from the Movie Multiplex)
For the same amount of Rs. 500 per student will be charged and deducted from their imprest account.
The students will be provided with
  • Refreshment (popcorn and mango juice),
  • worksheets related to the screened movies,
  • visit to the projector room (if permitted),
  • a certificate from NatGeo
The movies selected are well connected with the units of Integrated Sciences and will allow them to relate the scientific concepts learned with the real world.
You may also like to watch the trailers of the above movies attached herewith.
Fountainhead School.
Hindi Event @FS: महात्मा गांधी राष्ट्रभाषा हिंदी प्रचार संस्था

Hindi Event @FS: महात्मा गांधी राष्ट्रभाषा हिंदी प्रचार संस्था

Dear Parents,

We feel elated and proud to inform you that an organization named “महात्मा गांधी राष्ट्रभाषा हिंदी प्रचार संस्था” is conducting an event to promote the Hindi Language throughout the country. Fountainhead school students from grade 7 to 9 will be therefore attempting a written task which will comprise of general questions identifying students’ basic knowledge of Hindi language. The instructions and the type of questions regarding the event will be communicated to students by their respective Hindi teachers in the class.

To participate in this event a nominal fee of Rs. 42 will be deducted from student imprest amount. This will be a good opportunity for the students to gauge their own understanding and inclination towards the language of the masses in our country.

All the students will get a participation certificate.

This event will be conducted in school during cycle 5 as per the below dates.

Grade 9-

18th July 2018 (Day 2- Slot-3).

Grade 7-

19th July 2018 (Day 3- Slot-3).

Grade 8-

20th July 2018 (Day 4- Slot-2).

Note -This event is not related to the curriculum. This is only an appreciation and promotion of Hindi language.



Fountainhead School.

Kala Mahakumbh

Kala Mahakumbh

Dear Parent,

“Kala Mahakumbh” is organized by Government of Gujarat to identify talented artist from all around the state and promote these talents for better future. It provides platform to various arts and artists to present their skills.

This is to inform you that the registration for Kala Mahakumbh 2018-19 has commenced and the last date for registration is 15-07-2018.

Online registration link

Offline registration Address: Sports department, District office, Old civil court building, First floor, Nanpura Surat.

Competition time-table :

Zone level : 16/07/2018 to 22/07/2018

District level : 17/07/2018 to 05/08/2018

Regional level : 08/08/2018 to 19/08/2018

State level : 04/09/2018 to 10/09/2018

Details of the competition
No. Arts Details
1. Vocal
  • Sugam Sangeet
  • Geet
  • Shastriya Kanthya Sangeet
  • Samuh Geet
2. Dance
  • Garba
  • Raas
  • Bharatnatyam
  • Kathak
  • Loknurtya (Samuh Nurtya)
  • Kuchipudi
3. Instrument
  • Flute
  • Tabla
  • Harmonium
  • Organ
  • Pakhavaj
  • Sitar
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • School band (March)
  • Mrudangam
  • Sarod
  • Sarangi
4. Drama
  • Monologue


For rules and regulations of this competition click here.   



  • Vocal (Samuh Geet, Sugam sangeet)
  • Guitar
  • Monologue


We are preparing our students to participate in the above mentioned categories. Students selection will be done by teachers according to their professional judgement. If any other student/s want to participate, then they can participate on their own (Including registration and all other process). However, students can approach the respective arts teacher for guidance (If needed).



Fountainhead School.

Lab process for Senior School Students

Lab process for Senior School Students

Dear All,

Kindly refer to the below process for lab.

  1. Students shall not be allowed to attend the practicals or IA or EE without a lab coat, school pants and black shoes. They shall be sent to the PO and will be completing the assigned task.

  2. Students who are performing their IA or EE have to take care of their safety i.e. they have to wear gloves, safety goggles, face mask apart from lab coats, school pants and black shoes.

  3. Students are required to bear the cost of IA/EE requirements if it exceeds beyond ₨.1,000/-

  4. New lab coat will be provided from the school store and needs to be collected before the practical slot. The cost will be deducted from student imprest amount.

  5. If any laboratory property is damaged by students and replacement costs exceed Rs 100/-, then the amount will be deducted from the student’s imprest deposit.

  6. Students are required to keep their lab coats and pants in their school locker. Surprise checking can be done by the school for the same. They may launder it on weekends but they need to bring it back on Monday and place it in the locker.

  7. In case, a student has to arrange for a lab coat, it should be done before coming to the lab for practicals.



Fountainhead School.

Rain Dance for Senior School..!!

Rain Dance for Senior School..!!

Dear Parents,

Welcoming the rains, we at  FS are ready for the most awaited event –  The  “Rain Dance”. We are ready with all the  arrangements so that  students enjoy the rain dance and welcome the Monsoon season.


Guidelines for the Rain Dance -:

1. Students have to carry an extra pair of clothes for the rain dance. They can keep the extra pair of clothes in the locker.

2. Students should wear that extra pair of clothes when they go for rain dance.

3. 30 mins are allotted for the rain dance.

4, 15 mins for the changing to school uniform.

5. Students will not be allowed to attend the regular classes after the Rain Dance if they fail to be in complete school uniform.

The respective programme coordinators will take a call for this event and inform the students accordingly.



Fountainhead School.

MYP service session- 2018-19

MYP service session- 2018-19

Dear Parent,

In line with our philosophy and vision to develop caring young, internationally minded society for a better tomorrow, we shall once again continue with the community service programme for our students.


This is also a required component of the IB for MY & DP  which help them to improve their skills and enable them to make effective contributions to society.

Why is Service important?  

  • Provides students with opportunities for helping the school, local, and international communities.
  • Helps students apply academic, personal and social skills to improve the community.
  • Develops an awareness to make a positive difference in the life of others
  • Encourages responsible citizenship by increasing students understanding of the world.
  • Allows the student to discover new skills, talents, and interests
  • Helps students develop as leaders who take initiative.

Details of the programme:

This year also students will be involved in community service programme as last year. It will not be mandatory for all, students who are interested in volunteering for the programme will have to submit the given form by 17th June 2018.

Community service:

Community service sessions FS students will facilitate NGO students to learn different activities like Art & craft, dance, football, basketball, frisbee, cooking  & ICT

  • Community service sessions will be conducted on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) Timings:

Sat- 3:00 – 4:30 pm (tentative)

Sun – 9:00 to 10:30 am

  • Depending on the number of students we will decide the duration & session of the programme.
  • Student to choose preference/ choice from the list of activities mentioned in the form

Expectations from the students:

  1. Student must come to the service session in FS school uniform.(t-shirt, pants/shorts)
  2. NO GADGETS (mobile phones, mp3/4 players, Ipods, Ipads, laptops, cameras, smart watches) will be allowed during these sessions.
  3. Completion of each student’s service program will be examined on the basis of their attendance to the sessions plus a basic level of involvement which will be certified by the adult supervisors.
  4. Students are expected to submit a reflection after each activity. Details of this will be shared later with the students by their respective mentor teachers.

Orientation sessions will be held prior to the initiation of the program, for students who have volunteered for the program.

Program details with transport routes will be shared later once the students have submitted their preferences.

In case of any query related to the program, kindly mail on at:



Fountainhead School.