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Science Fair Details

Science Fair Details

Dear students,

Below is the Event flow of Science Fair on 28th Feb 2018. You are required to follow the schedule accordingly.

You are required to be in complete school uniform with trousers, lab coat, safety equipment as required for your model/experiment.

You need to submit all your models/experimental setup and samples between 20th Feb-23rd Feb during COSP slots. After the COSP cycle, no further request of modifications or arrangements will be allowed.

Remember, Science fair contains 20% weightage of your final term marks. So any student absent on that day or not ready with the model will not be awarded any marks. Please follow the rubric shared by the teachers during the preparation.

9:20 am to 10:00 am
Arrangement of models and breakfast time
10:00 am to 10:30 am
Assessment by respective Judges
10:30 am  to 12:30 pm
Visitors will be visiting
12:45 pm to 1:06 pm
Winding up and cleaning up the area and Lunch break
1:24  pm onwards
Resume your regular slots
Science Team
Science Fair trials

Science Fair trials

Dear students, upcoming COSP is Physics subject, you are required to take trials for the topic you selected for Science fair. Upcoming COSP from monday Day 1 will be the last COSP allotted to you for science fair. It is mandatory to take trials. Also you need to keep your presentation updated according to the rubrics given to you.

It will be your responsibilities to arrange required materials for the project and/or as you asked for the same from School Lab and perform the experiment and complete trials.

Since maximum students have Opted for Physics topic, teachers will be available in lab throughout and guide you for the same. Bio and Chem students need to Gtalk to their concerned teachers and take trials with them.

We expect you to finish trials to avoid further haste. Please utilize your time for science fair given by school effectively .


Thank you

G11_Physics Term 1 Exam details

G11_Physics Term 1 Exam details

Dear students,

Below are the details of Physics term 1 Exam for both HL/SL:

Syllabus(according to Physics guide):

  1. Measurements and uncertainties
    • Measurements in Physics
    • Uncertainties and errors
    • Vectors and Scalars
  2. Mechanics
    • Motion
    • Forces
    • Work, Energy, and Power
    • Momentum and impulse
  3. Circular Motion and Gravitation
    • Circular Motion
    • Newton’s law of gravitation

Paper pattern:

Paper 1 MCQ :               30 marks – 45 mins
Paper 2 Subjective :     50 marks – 1hr and 15 mins
Paper 3 Data-based :   20 marks – 45 mins
  1. GDC is required only for Paper 2 & 3
  2. Data booklet will be provided.
  3. Carry all required stationery for your exam.



Physics team

G9_Physics Instructions

G9_Physics Instructions

Dear students,

Below instructions are applicable throughout the year including Term examinations and Unit tests:-

1) You have to have Normal electronic calculator (Neither scientific nor GDC) only.
2) You have to bring your own Calculator.
3) Calculators will not be provided from the school.
4) You will not be allowed to use other’s calculator during the examination(for both unit test and term exam).

Thank you
Physics team