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Dear Parents,

The response to the onscreen term Papers of your ward can now be reviewed by you, following the instructions given below:

1. Visit the Url:

2. Login using the student email id of the school (login using Google)

3. Open the assessment displayed on the dashboard

4. Review the responses

With Regards,
MYP Team

Important Details for the Academic Year 2018-19

Important Details for the Academic Year 2018-19

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the academic year 2018-19. Here are some important details  which you need to be aware of before school commences.

  1. Uniform &  Bags– Uniforms & bags will be available at School Zone, Citylight and Fountainhead School, Kunkni. Please refer to the details given below:
Grade Uniform details Available at

Early years-

Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr.KG

School T-shirt School Zone- City light
Wega shorts Fountainhead School – stores
Track Pants Fountainhead School – stores

Primary years:

G 1 to 2

School T-shirt (as per house)

House T-shirt (as per house)

School Zone- City light

Fountainhead School – stores


Option 1- Polyester/cotton shorts (with button)


Option 2- Sport Shorts (wega shorts)

School Zone- City lightFountainhead School – stores

Primary Years:

G 3 – 6

School T-shirt (as per house)

House T-shirt (as per house)

School Zone- City light

Fountainhead School – stores

Long pants School Zone- City light
Wega shorts Fountainhead School – stores

Senior School:

G 7-12

School T-shirt (as per house) School Zone- City light
Long pants
Wega shorts Fountainhead School – stores

Uniforms (school t-shirts, shorts (Polyester/cotton) & pants) will be available from 25th April, 2018 onwards at School Zone


℅ Saraswati Book House,

Bungalow No -9, Shyam Kunj, Krishna Vatika Society, Nr. Meghna Park, Opp. Rani Sati Motors, (diagonally opp. Suzuki Showroom) Citylight Road. Surat.

Phone – 0261-3022244

Wega shorts (sports shorts) will be available in School stores – You can buy it from school stores when you visit the school (Amount of Rs 400 for shorts will be deducted from your child’s Imprest deposit)

Please buy the uniforms as per the house of your child. Only Primary (Grades 1 – 6) and Senior School students (Grade 7  – 12) have house allocations. There will be no houses for the Early Years (Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG) students.

Students should be in complete uniform from the first day of school. In case of any problem in getting uniforms, please inform us immediately through email:

​Please note that it is mandatory for Senior School students to get full pants to school everyday. It is mandatory for students to wear during field trips, maker’s class and Science labs. In case they do not wear full pants they are not allowed to go for the makers class, field trips or labs. So please make sure that all students have full pants

Price of school uniform:



(School Zone)

Shorts with button

(Gr 1 & 2)

(School Zone)


(G 3 – 12)

(School Zone)

Track pants- Early years

(Fountainhead school stores)

House T-shirt

(Fountainhead School- stores)

Size Rate INR Size (Length) Rate INR Size (length) Rate INR Size Rate INR Size Rate INR
20, 22,  24 & 26 350 13 280 22, 24, 26 & 28 360 24 200 24, 26, 28 & 30 450
28 & 30 380 14 & 15 300 30, 32 & 34 430 26 32, 34, 36 500
32 & 34 400 16 & 17 330 36 & 38 480 28 S,M. L, XL, XXL 550
36 & 38 430 40, 42 & 44 530 30
40 & 42 450 32
44 480

Bags There is a change in the  policy about school bags.  

Students from Nursery to Junior KG need to buy the prescribed school bag only. This bag will be available at School Zone. Details are as follows:

Grade Size Rate INR
Nur to Sr. Kg. Small 580/-

From Grade 1 onwards, students can buy bags as per their requirement/ choice. They can also choose to buy the bag available at School Zone (medium sized one)   if they wish to..

Please follow the guidelines below in case you are choosing a bag of your choice:

  • It should be big enough to carry a folder
  • Separate compartments for tiffin box, water bottle etc is preferable
  • Bag can be of any color. We  strongly recommend to avoid stereotypical colors (pink/ purple  for girls, blue / gray for boys) while choosing a bag
  • Trolley bags are not allowed.
  • Bag with characters like chota bheem, mickey mouse, Dora, Elsa, Spiderman, Barbie, Peppa pig, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Motu Patlu, Minions or any other character are strictly not allowed. The reason for doing so is to minimize media influence on the child.

Despite these constraints, we assure you that you will get plenty of smart bag options in the market and we encourage you to pick up the same.

Shoes – Students can wear shoes of any brand, provided they are completely or predominantly black. Socks should also be predominantly black. Shoes and socks can be purchased from any vendor of your choice.

  1. I-Card / Parent Card:

Each parent will be issued one I-card and two Parent cards for next academic session. No bearer card will be issued.


It is compulsory for all students to wear the I-card till June 30th after which the I-card must be kept in the bag at all times. Any student not wearing the I-card will not be allowed to board the bus. The  I-Card is also required for issuing books from the library.

Parent card:

We will be issuing 2 parent RFID cards (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification) to each parent for the next academic session. The Parent RFID Card will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Picking up the student from the bus stop during the drop off route.
  2. Picking up the student, while he/she is returning from nature camp, field trips, etc.
  3. Picking up the student directly from school (any person coming to pick the student has to bring the Parent RFID Card
  4. Present it as identification whenever visiting the school for any purpose.

This card will be registered in the school records in your child’s name and will be non-transferable. In case the parent card is not shown, even if you are a parent, the student will not be handed over to you. The same applies when you come to pick the child from the school. In case of any error or changes required in the I-card / Parent-card, please report to the Front Desk for rectification. This could take up to 5 working days.

  1. Transportation:

You can log on to the given link to view stop and timings after 10th May 2018.  During the first few days of school, transport schedule and routes can be a little off track as students are still adjusting to the new schedules. Further, because of rains from June to August there may be a delay in timings. Therefore, we hope for full cooperation from you during this period, till the schedule is settled.

  1. Chromebook: Every student of Grade 5 and above is expected to purchase a Google Chromebook from the next academic session. For more details please refer to the given link

Details regarding the purchase of chromebook as been shared with you through blog post. A meeting was also held regarding the same

  1. Important academic dates for the  year 2018-19:
Dates Event Comments
7th June, 2018 Thursday School begins – Grades 1- 10 & Grade 12 Please note that attendance on the first and the last day of school is highly recommended. The first few days of school are when a child gets adjusted to her new classroom, classmates and teacher. Missing the first day creates a disconnect in the child. If your child is unable to attend the initial days due any reason, then you need to email us about the same at
11th June, 2018 Monday School begins- Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG
2nd July, 2018 Monday School begins for Grade 11

16th June, 2018

Timings: 07:30 am – 09:30 am

First PTM for Grade  1 & 3 It is MANDATORY for both the parents’ to attend the PTM. In this meeting, curriculum will be discussed. Children are not allowed to accompany the parents for this meeting.

16th June, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 am

First PTM for Grade 2 & 4

23rd  June, 2018

Timings: 07:30 am – 09:30 am

First PTM for Grade 5 & 6

23rd June, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 am

First PTM for Early years (Nu, JK & Sk)

30th June, 2018

Timings: 7:30 am – 9:30 am

First PTM for Grade 7 & 8

30th June, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 am

First PTM for Grade 9, 10 & 12

We would like to emphasize on punctuality for all meetings at school. The school gates will close 5 minutes prior to the meeting timings. If you are late you will be requested to leave. No arguments/requests will be entertained. So kindly abide by the rules and be on time.

  1. Things to carry on the first day of school:
Early Years (Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG) School bag, water bottle, 2 lap sized napkins, snack box, extra pair of clothes
Primary (Grade 1 – 6), Middle Years (Grade 7 – 10) & Senior Years (Grade 11 & 12) Bag, water bottle, snack box

Stationery and books will be handed over to the student on the first day of  school.

It is mandatory to label your child’s bag, shoes, uniform, clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles etc. If they are misplaced/ lost (and students do lose a lot of their belongings), it becomes difficult to trace the items if they are not labeled. Loss of uniform (shorts, t-shirts and shoes) will not be accepted as a reason for not wearing the complete uniform.



Fountainhead School


PTC Slot Booking Details- 28th April 2018

PTC Slot Booking Details- 28th April 2018

Dear Parent,

The PTC for the Senior School students is scheduled on 28th April 2018. During the PTC, respective subject teachers, as well as the mentor teachers, will meet the parents to discuss students’ academic progress and examination performance.

This year we have scheduled PTC only for 1 day hence only 5 minutes slot will be opened by each subject teacher. Meeting time will be 5 mins only. Please note that you should not be spending more than 5 minutes with the subject teachers. Kindly do not exceed the timing allotted to you. Also, note that it is compulsory for all students to attend the meeting. Please go through the reports before you come for the meeting. The exam papers will be given on the same day.

In case your child has siblings in Middle Years or Diploma Program, make sure you refer to both grade & section link (calendar) so that you can book back to back slots.

You are requested to book the slot of 5 minutes for each subject teacher you wish to meet during the PTC.


If you want a slot of your preference then please book it at the earliest.

Please plan the slot booking that you spend minimum waiting time in school.

Section Subject Teacher Name Link Venue (where the teacher is going to be available on the PTC dates)
Language Vidhi Shah On Leave
(Papers to be collected from Pinky C)
Math Honey Jalan Room No: 216
Sciences- Biology Vidhi Tailor Pulse
Sciences- Physics Kesha Bookseller Room No: 211
Sciences- Chemistry Radha Pampana Room No: 212
Integrated Humanities Anita Sibi Room No: 214
Hindi Rita Hasani Room No: 218
Design Nazim Pirani Room No: 217
Arts Juhi Pathak Room No: 212
PHE Akhil Gujarati Room No: 217

If you need assistance while booking a slot,  refer to the tutorial on the link:

Note: Parents who will not be attending the PTC due to unavoidable circumstances can collect the papers and id card from front desk any day after 2nd May from 9:00 am to 02:00 pm. You need to carry your old id card & bearer card when you come to collect the papers.


Fountainhead School.


Design A Game Competition! – by Quizalize

Design A Game Competition! – by Quizalize

Hello Dear Learners,

Here’s an exciting opportunity if you love to design a game to make learning a fun! If you are good at Imagination, Art & Design, Gaming – then, you should go for it.

Quizalize is an online fun assessment tool used in schools. Students appear for a quiz and as students answer the questions, they score points in fun team games on the screen. This friendly competition encourages students to answer questions correctly.

Competition in brief:-

  1. You need to design and draw a game.
  2. Explain your designed game. Explanation is equally important
  3. Deadline – 30th April 2018.

Registration and more details

Thanks & Regards

Design & ICT Team



Dear Parents,

A Gentle reminder to fill the AS/PS preferences form for Academic Year 2018-19, if you still haven’t submitted the form. The last to submit form has been extended to 18th April’ 18, kindly fill the form at earliest.

As you are aware, Fountainhead School pays a lot of emphasis on arts and sports. To this end, the school offers a variety of art segments and sport segments for students to choose in what is called their AS and PS slots.  The school envisions that every child will choose one art and one sport specialty and pursue this stream consistently over a few years to achieve a certain level of competency in it. AS is available as an option from Grade 3 onwards and PS is available from Grade 2 onwards. We are sending the form to confirm your child’s selection for the academic year 2018-19. The form will pop up  on your home screen when you login into Nucleus from your parent id.

Please read the choices available for your child’s grade and then fill the form in consultation with your child. In many cases, we see that the child has filled the form from the parent id on her own without consulting the parent and vice versa. We sometimes see multiple entries from the same parent id in this case. This time, you will be allowed to submit the form only once so please ensure that you fill the form judiciously as there wouldn’t be much chance to change the selection later. If you still need to change later, you will need to send an email to However, such requests  will be put at lower priority than the filled forms.


New AS offerings for academic year 2018-19

Makers: Students would be involved in hands-on activities, tinkering, exploring to solve design problems and develop creativity and innovation From grade 5 onwards Rs. 9000 per year
Media and Filmmaking: will explore aspects of filmmaking and sound, photography as well as appreciation of award-winning movies, short films and documentaries. Students will work to create multiple products of their own as part of this offering. From grade 7 onwards This is a free offering but students need to bring their own camera for this offering.
Dance (Indian and international Folk dance/hip-hop/Bollywood): We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and somemodern dance forms like hip-hop, Bollywood etc From Grade 3 onwards This is a free offering


New PS offerings for academic year 2018-19 (All PS offerings have no extra charges)

Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure An exciting new offering which will include a combination of athletics, sports climbing, adventure training, trekking, cross country running, first aid, pitching a tent, outdoor cooking, map reading, compass etc. This course will have an optional trip to a place nearby for applying the skills learnt. This course will help to meet requirements of  CAS and the The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award From grade 8 onwards
Handball Handball is a team game which is a combination of football and basketball. This game is a team game played by 7 players in each team. Students will enhance their eye hand and leg hand co-ordination through this game. This will also provide an opportunity to enhance their body fitness like endurance, agility and speed. This game also involves in the development of various skills like catching, throwing, dribbling, passing and shooting. From grade 4 onwards
Fitness training Students would train in various components of fitness  through strength training, interval training, cardio workouts etc From grade 8 onwards


Please read the instructions below carefully before filling the form:

  • You need to fill up both the AS & PS selection form.
  • Your current choice (unless the student is doing AS / PS for the first time) will already be marked in each of the form in the first preference selection.
  • Continuing with the same AS & PS is recommended in most cases so that the student gets time to build skills. However, if after discussion with the respective faculty and student, if you wish to change the AS / PS, please change your first preference itself.
  • Everyone will still need to mark two preferences in case the first preference is oversubscribed.
  • We will try to expand the offerings wherever the demand is high but there will be some limitations. On the other hand, in case of offerings where there are few takers, we may have to remove some offerings.
  • In segments where there are limited seats, students who have done the AS / PS already will be given first preference. For the remaining seats, if the demand exceeds the supply, then we will do a draw of lots for the remaining seats (students will themselves do the draw of lots in this case).
  • Where there are new offerings for a grade, a brief description has been added. In case you wish to know more, please write to us at
  • The last date for filling up the form is 18th April, 2018 (Extended Date) after which, if the form remains unfilled, the current AS/PS selection will be allocated where possible, otherwise the school will assign any of the options based on availability.


Fountainhead School

Grade 7_Integrated Science_Mock Paper Answer Key

Grade 7_Integrated Science_Mock Paper Answer Key

Dear Students,

After appearing for the mock papers of all the criteria of Sciences, I hope you have a clearer idea of how will the final term assessment look like. Sharing with you all the Mark schemes of both the paper components, to review your answers and understand the expected answers.

All the best for your final examination!


PS: You can also access the links to the midterm paper and Mock paper with their mark schemes on the Curricle in the Subject resource sheet given below the presentations.


MYP Science Team.

Grade 7 – Summer Vacation Homework 2017-18

Grade 7 – Summer Vacation Homework 2017-18

Dear Parent,

Research shows that all students experience learning loss when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. On an average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in the mathematical computation. There is also around 2 months loss of reading achievements. Teachers need to spend 6-7 weeks once school starts re-teaching material that student have forgotten over the summer. So, to minimize summer learning loss, we have prepared some homework material. Kindly support and ensure that your child completes the summer vacation homework to enable him/her to retain the concepts and maintain the continuity in learning. This will help the students have a smoother transition to the next grade.

Grade 7- Summer Homework 2017-18

This summer vacation homework needs to be submitted to the subject teacher on the first day of school itself. We expect parents to support the child by providing him/her with the time, space and reminders to complete the summer vacation homework.



Fountainhead School.