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Class of the month – August!!!

Class of the month – August!!!

Dear Students,
For the month of August, Ruminate has been ranked as the “Class of the month”!!!
My heartiest congratulations to all the learners of Ruminate!!!
Not only the students of Ruminate, but, it is a delight to see all of you working hard towards being rated as the class of the month. Your determination and grit are worth appreciation. Continue working towards your goals.
Always remember, success comes to those who try and keep trying. I am sure you all will keep trying until you succeed. Looking forward to seeing all of you putting your best foot forward.
All the best!!!
Rachana Patel
Homework of 11th September

Homework of 11th September

  • Complete the Math homework from the following link, as discussed in class, in your Math notebook:

  • Prepare your points on the topic – “Our face time with the screen is Skillful”
    You need to follow note taking for all research work you do related to this topic of debate. Ensure to use claim evidence reasoning. You need to prepare for your topic by researching for both ‘For’ and ‘Against’ points.
  • Prepare for the book review of August and carry the required resources(book, reading booklet) to class, as discussed.

Note: The academic buddies, portfolio comments and portfolio checklist sheets need to be updated. Also, upload images of your portfolio pieces in the folder shared with you.

Important Note – Fixed Seating: 1:45 PM (D Route)

Important Note – Fixed Seating: 1:45 PM (D Route)

Dear Parent,

You must be aware by now of the fixed seating arrangement during the 1:45 pm route. We would like to inform you that, as a pilot project, fixed seating was implemented in three buses. We received feedback from both students and the transport staff, that the fixed seating arrangement helped in maintaining the decorum of the bus, thus ensuring that students follow bus routines and procedures. Hence, we have implemented the same in all the buses for 1:45 pm route. Students continue to have free seating in the morning route where they can interact with friends

Fountainhead School promotes freedom to students in many ways. Thus, having their choice of seat in the bus was one of the freedom that was given to students. Freedom comes with responsibility, but despite repeated warnings, counselling sessions and consequences given to students across years, it has been observed that bus discipline in the D route has been a matter of concern for the students, teachers and parents at large. There have been multiple instances of students bullying, teasing and hitting other students. Many times, groups of older students pick on younger students. Students do not listen to the didi and conductor and their authority is taken lightly. At the slightest instance of the bus staff becoming assertive with students, the students (and even parents in some cases) are quick to complain about the staff. The lack of teachers or an authority that students take seriously in this route was the primary reason that the solution of fixing students seats was thought of.  

We agree that all students may not be party to misbehavior and are upset by this new rule. Some students are concerned that they can’t sit with their friends. Some students may find the new rule unfair if they have been well behaved or not involved in misbehavior. We are happy that students feel empowered to voice their concern and we as a school are using this opportunity to talk to them about actions and consequences, making new friends, learning to spend time on their own etc. Parallel to this, the senior students in PYP are also going to work on a project by working on values like respect, cooperation etc to solve behavior issues in the D route.

Your cooperation in supporting this change will help us in implementing discipline along with responsibility amongst students.


Fountainhead School

Highlights for cycle 10

Highlights for cycle 10

Dear Parent,

Here we come to an end to yet another Unit.

This cycle ended with great vigor where the students demonstrated their understanding of the Conflict unit as a part of their summative assessment by choosing from diverse topics like India-China border disputes- Doklam issue, World War I to Nelson Mandela: “a symbol of the struggle against racism”. The students were seen demonstrating their Social Skills by collaborating and accepting various group roles for their analysis of the chosen topic. During your presence, the students presented the assimilation of their findings by using various media. They were seen making connections with the Central Idea.

Well, the students didn’t only hone their skills of presentation but also dived further into the working of how story elements play a vital role in the creation of any story. They familiarized themselves by identifying and describing the story elements like setting, plot, character, and theme for the character of Elya Yelnats from the reader.

Indeed, it was a cycle full of exploring and expanding the horizon of our little wonders!!

Homework of 6th September

Homework of 6th September

  • Complete the mixed – bag homework in your mixed bag notebooks.
  • Read Chapter 11, 12, 13 and 14 of Holes through the following links of the audiobook. Keep your book open and read along as per the audio. Note taking(by underlining in the book) and annotating has to be done, using a pencil. If you don’t have the book, take notes on a journal sheet. It will be required for a class discussion on Monday.

Chapter 11:

Chap 12- 13:

Chap 14:

Have a great weekend!

Summative assessment – It’s show time!!

Summative assessment – It’s show time!!

Dear Parents,

It’s time to collaborate!

You as parents and we as teachers have effectively collaborated to bring out the best in our learners. As we are approaching the end of our ongoing unit, learners will showcase their understanding of the current unit, Conflict, as a part of their summative assessment. They have analyzed various conflicts through the course of the unit and now, with great vigor, they are ready to present their research findings.

We cordially invite you to come and witness the young learners demonstrate their analysis of the various conflicts that they have researched on, as a part of the unit ‘Sharing the planet’, on 6th September 2018.

Parents know their children the best and there is no one better than a parent to observe and report what they are doing. With this thought in mind, we have planned a parent assessment wherein you will be expected to assess your child during the presentation.

Click on the link below to go through the detailed criteria of the Summative assessment –

Please take note of the details of the event:

Time slot: 8:00 am – 9:30 am

Venue: Gym room (Block 6, Third floor)

Sections: Grade 6 Ruminate, Contemplate and Enlighten

Venue: Yoga hall (Block 6, Third floor)

Section: Grade 6 Deliberate


Time slot: 10:15 am – 11:45 am

Venue: Hippodrome (Block 6, Ground floor)

Sections: Grade 6 Conjecture and Progress

Venue: Pulse (Block 1, First floor)

Section: Grade 6 Evolve and Excogitate

With great benefits in mind as well as a thought of being a role model for the future generations, carpooling is highly encouraged.

Looking forward to your active participation.

– Grade 6 Team.

Grade – 6 Gujarati Homework (Ab – initio level) (Cycle – 10 2nd HW) (Date : 5/09/2018)

Grade – 6 Gujarati Homework (Ab – initio level) (Cycle – 10 2nd HW) (Date : 5/09/2018)

ગૃહકાર્ય ( गृहकार्य ) :

નીચે આપેલી link પરથી ‘ગુજરાતી શબ્દ ની જોડી બનાવો (word match)’ અને તેનો screenshot લઈને આપેલ email id પર મોકલો. mail માં તમારા section નું નામ લખવું અનિવાર્ય છે.

नीचे दी गई link से ‘ગુજરાતી શબ્દ की जोड़ी बनाए ‘ और उसका screenshot लेकर दिए गई email id पर भेजे | Mail में section का नाम लिखना अनिवार्य हें |

Link :

E-mail id :

Grade 6 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (Cycle – 10, 2nd H.W) Date – 5/09/2018

Grade 6 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (Cycle – 10, 2nd H.W) Date – 5/09/2018


નીચે આપેલી link પરથી વાર્તા વાંચો અને તેમાં આપેલા પ્રશ્નોના સાચા જવાબને ટીક કરી ફોર્મ submit કરો.

ફોર્મ Link

Grade 6 Hindi Homework Cycle-10 (5-9-2018)

Grade 6 Hindi Homework Cycle-10 (5-9-2018)


गृहकार्य :


  • हिंदी की दुनिया ‘पाठ्य पुस्तक’ में पेज नंबर 34 पर दी गई कविता “बाँसुरीवाला” पढ़ें और पेज नंबर 41 और 42 पर दिए गए अभ्यास कार्य 1 (पर्यायवाची शब्द ), 2 (विलोम शब्द ) और 3 (रिक्त स्थान भरें ) को पूरा करें |

1. लिखते समय सही वर्तनी (Spellings ) का विशेष ध्यान रखें |

2. अपने लेखन कार्य की दुबारा जाँच करें | (Recheck your work )

3. गृहकार्य पूरा करके अपनी पाठ्य  पुस्तक गुरुवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ |

कोई भी एक हिंदी कहानी का वाचन अवश्य करें |