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One Day At School (ODAS)

One Day At School (ODAS)

Dear parent,

We would like to invite you to spend One Day At School (ODAS). The ODAS program at Fountainhead, gives parents a first hand experience of their child’s learning at school. The ODAS program will start from 3rd September, 2018 and continue till 30th March 2019. On any particular day, a maximum of 4 parents (different grades) will be allowed for ODAS. Please note that only one parent i.e. either the father or mother is allowed for the visit. Timings for ODAS are 10:15 am – 1:30 pm.

Please call Ms. Dixita Gamit at the front desk or mail us at to register for ODAS slot. Registration will be confirmed as per availability of slots. Please do not email HRTs, write on Nucleus or on blog to register.

Points to be kept in mind during the ODAS visit:

  • A schedule will be provided at the front desk regarding allotment of classes and respective timings.
  • Kindly submit your mobiles at the front desk before commencing the visit.
  • Parents are requested to quietly observe the class, without any discussion with the teacher.
  • No personal discussion about the child will be entertained.
  • Parents are requested to fill a feedback form (available at the front desk) at the end of their visit. Any relevant comments must be entered in the feedback form rather than discussing with the teacher.

For more information please contact Ms. Dixita Gamit on or call on

8000 130 031.


Fountainhead School

Digital Portfolio – Nucleus Fountainhead App on iOS.

Digital Portfolio – Nucleus Fountainhead App on iOS.

Dear parent,

As committed earlier, the student portfolio app- Nucleus Fountainhead is now available on iOS . You can download this app on I-phone/I-pad  through this link. Please log in with your parent email Id only. As of now only Compendium feature is functional in this app where you’ll be able to see your child’s portfolio.  As a parent you can like, comment and even share the piece through any social networking site.

In case of further queries/concerns you can send a DD message to your child’s HRT or write to me i.e. OR




Checking RFID card in bus

Checking RFID card in bus

Dear Parent,

Kindly be informed that, the RFID Parent Pass has been registered with the school Transport app and hence it acts as a bearer card as well. It is mandatory to flash the bearer card at the time of pick up from the bus stop. Monday (30th July) onwards, the bus conductor will be using a RFID card reader in the bus which will be used to check the card when a parent/guardian/attendant receives the child at the bus stop.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, in case of duplication the conductor will confiscate the card and Rs. 500/- will be deducted from student imprest deposit.

Also note that, it is not possible to check RFID card of each and every student considering the time required. Hence, checking will be done at random or in a case where the bus conductor feels that the person receiving the student is unfamiliar.

P.S. We request parents, to send RFID cards to school, on Monday, in case updation is pending.

Email queries, if any, to:


Infrastructure Updates: 2017-18

Infrastructure Updates: 2017-18

Ushering in the new academic year with a few changes on campus. We have carried out some modification and restoration work at school during the summer break this year. Here is a detailed summary of the same:

Replacement of Roof in Rendezvous

The metal structure of the roof in Rendezvous was corroded and needed replacement. The new structure is of durable quality and is guaranteed to last at least 25 years. The new roof has given a refreshed look to the area.

Jr. KG & Sr. KG Classroom Renovation – (Air Circulation / Daylight)

Both the wings required aeration and lighting, hence the adjacent wall (the wall next to Drome) has been knocked down to provide more daylight and increase circulation of air in the area.


Internet Bandwidth (RF to Fiber) – 110 Mbps to 310 Mbps

As a tech savvy school, we are highly dependent on the internet and hence require high data speed at all times. To overcome the shortcomings related to data we have shifted to City Broadband which will  provide us with a high speed of 310 Mbps. Also, City Broadband works on fiber cable and therefore there are lesser chances of disruption due to bad weather conditions. We will also be the first school/organization in Surat to provide such high speed data.

New Buses

We constantly strive to reduce transport time for students. With this in mind and also to ease transport congestion we have purchased 2 new buses this year. This will help us to accommodate new routes as well as new students and teachers.

Drinking Water (Ground)

The water fountain on school grounds has been given a makeover.


RCC Road

We have recently constructed a RCC road which was earlier made up of paver blocks as we used to face issues like pavers coming out and becoming uneven thus making it uncomfortable for students and others to walk. This area is mostly used as a roundabout turning point for school buses.


Lab Renovation (Air circulation / Daylight)

We have installed sliding windows to increase air circulation and provide better natural light in the Chemistry, Biology and Physics Labs. Safety shower, eye washer, sink and a wash-up area have been added in Biology lab.

Lunch in the classroom

The most recent change brought about in FS is the shifting of meal time venues. Now the classroom will be used as a dining room during meal times. The idea behind this change is to reduce transition time for students and also help them inculcate etiquette of eating without spillage, since they will be responsible for cleaning their tables and classroom after meals. Another advantage of this change is a reduction in the amount of food wastage which has always been our primary concern.