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Homework for March 19

Homework for March 19

Dear students

Homework for today :

  1. Solve the following worksheet in your mixed bag notebook

Link for the worksheet


  1. Sparsh – He displayed the attitude commitment and took the leadership task and was seen working for it whole-heartedly. He was consistent in following the routines and procedures.

     2  Aashi – She displayed the LP respect and tolerance and a remarkable change has been showed in the behaviour. She was also seen trying to take the leadership for the class and tried to help the class.

HW for the weekend

HW for the weekend

  1. Language Mixed bag homework to be done in Mixed bag notebook.
  2. The following link will help you understand the Big 6 tool in detail.Kindly read the document for better understanding. Take notes for the same in PYPEx NB.
3) Practice Integer problems from the following links:
Ensure that your Chromebooks are fully charged every day.
Have a great weekend!!
Buying of House T-shirt for academic year 2018-19

Buying of House T-shirt for academic year 2018-19

Dear Students & Parents,

Students who wish to buy house t-shirt for the next academic year 2018-19, kindly fill this form  
House t-shirts are mandatory to wear during any inter house competition.

Last date to order house t-shirt is 31st March, 2018. If you fill the form after deadline, school will not be responsible to deliver your t-shirts on time.

These new house t-shirts would be available in June.

The cost of each t-shirt will range from Rs. 450/- to Rs. 550/- depending upon the size chosen by you. To know your size, kindly refer to the table given below.


Please note:  Amount will be deducted from the Imprest account.


Fountainhead School,



HW for 15th March, 2018

HW for 15th March, 2018


Complete the Language mixed bag homework in mixed bag notebook.

PYP exhibition:-

Create a word splash/mind map in your exhibition journal having the keywords from the LOIs created by your group. Include the keywords related to this unit we discussed in the classroom (for eg.:- Culture, past, present, future, preservation, history, influence, cultural aspects etc.). Using all of these, construct at least one big idea on an individual basis and write it in your journal. Do not forget to include your main topic (for eg.:- arts, architecture, tradition etc.). Ensure that it seems to be in alignment with our unit’s central idea. You may go through the following resources in case of any doubt:-

  • Complete the tasks given by your mentor.
  • Also, list down your inquiry questions in it.

Have a great day!!

Mixed bag homework for the day- 15th March 2018

Mixed bag homework for the day- 15th March 2018


Complete the following Grammar module on Khan Academy :
Read the comprehension passage given in the following link and answer the questions in your mixed bag notebook:-
Submission day- 19th March 2018 (Monday)
HW for 14th March, 2018

HW for 14th March, 2018

PYP Exhibition:

  1. Research about the big idea, make notes in PYP journal and form individual big idea in your group sheet. Also, list down your inquiry questions in it.
  2. Cyclic Reflection and checklist for the cycle along with the Blob tree to be done in PYP journal.

Important Note:

  1. Students need to settle in class in the 1st slot for single subject feedback and thereafter will be moving for the PS slot.
  2. Students need to bring their Chromebook completely charged from home.
HW for 13th March, 2018

HW for 13th March, 2018

1)Mixed bag homework has been shared by me.It needs to be completed in your Math notebook.

2)Research more about the sub-topics you have chosen. Think about what exactly you would want to research on for your chosen aspect/topic and the action plan for for the same.

Have a great day!! 🙂