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Homework for the weekend – 16th March’18

Homework for the weekend – 16th March’18

  1. The following link will help you understand the Big 6 tool in detail. Kindly read the document for better understanding.
  2. If your mentors/teachers have uploaded the links in the research link tab, kindly refer those links and read to have a better understanding of the topic.
  3. Start researching on your topic keeping big idea and lines of inquiry in mind.
  4. Complete mixed bag homework and cyclic reflection if pending.
Buying of House T-shirt for academic year 2018-19

Buying of House T-shirt for academic year 2018-19

Dear Students & Parents,

Students who wish to buy house t-shirt for the next academic year 2018-19, kindly fill this form  
House t-shirts are mandatory to wear during any inter house competition.

Last date to order house t-shirt is 31st March, 2018. If you fill the form after deadline, school will not be responsible to deliver your t-shirts on time.

These new house t-shirts would be available in June.

The cost of each t-shirt will range from Rs. 450/- to Rs. 550/- depending upon the size chosen by you. To know your size, kindly refer to the table given below.


Please note:  Amount will be deducted from the Imprest account.


Fountainhead School,



Mixed bag homework for the day- 15th March 2018

Mixed bag homework for the day- 15th March 2018


Complete the following Grammar module on Khan Academy :
Read the comprehension passage given in the following link and answer the questions in your mixed bag notebook:-
Submission day- 19th March 2018 (Monday)
Homework for the day – 14th March’18

Homework for the day – 14th March’18

1) Write the individual big idea in the sheet as discussed in the class.

2) Cyclic Reflection (Cyclic Reflection no. 3) and checklist for the cycle.  Pointers for cyclic reflection: Trip to LRK,  Choosing my research topic and getting into groups, first mentor meeting. 

3) Maths Homework to be done in Mixed bag notebook. Link to the same is:

4) Complete the tasks given by your mentors.

Important Note:

1)Students need to settle in class in the 1st slot for single subject feedback and thereafter will be moving for the PS slot.

2)Students need to bring their Chromebook completely charged from home.

Homework – 13th March

Homework – 13th March

~ Revise all the chapters of Holes thoroughly.

~ Maths-

Watch the video and make Notes in Math notebook   –

~ Mixed bag- Submit it on Thursday

Finish the incomplete task, if any.

Homework – 12th March’18

Homework – 12th March’18

  1. Read Holes from chapter 43 to 50. Write your understanding in short at the end of each chapter. Be prepared and scan through the book as you have Summative Assessment tomorrow.
  2. Write the answers to the following questions in your PYPX notebook or A4 paper. a) Which is the most memorable experience of the trip for you? Why? b) Which aspect of the Culture you find most interesting? Why?        c) Which aspect of the TDT you find most interesting? Why?
Goa Super Cup 2018

Goa Super Cup 2018

Dear Parents,

The GOA SUPER CUP (GSC) is India’s premier youth football tournament held annually in the state of Goa. The May 2018 edition will be the Season 5 of the GSC.

The GSC is organised by India’s fast-growing academy – Football School of India (FSI). FSI is headquartered in Navi Mumbai & has over 30 training centres across India. The GSC’s organising committee includes the founders of FSI who are former India international players & are currently involved with India’s national teams in various capacities. The organising committee also includes heads & managers with more than 5 years of experience in organising & managing Indian teams on tours to more than one dozen annual youth tournaments in several European countries, which is the football hub of the world. With the combined experience of these committee members, the GSC has been designed to provide a safe, healthy, India-centric environment for budding Indian players to play in a high-quality youth tournament.

The GSC provides your child & his team the opportunity to compete in an inspiring atmosphere. The GSC brings together teams from different parts of the country & they attempt to ensure that teams from different regions will face each other at the group stages. At a young age, this can help the child to feel any difference in playing styles or natural attributes like physical structure, strength, agility, etc. of their opponents from other regions. This Season 4 is also being expanded to include teams from foreign countries.

  • Date: 9-14 May, 2018
  • Structure: The GSC will be held in four age-categories,
Category Born in & After Match Format
Under 11 Boys 2007 7 v 7 (7 players + 4 substitutes; 1 coach) 15 mnts halves; 3 mnts half-time
Under 13 Boys and Girls 2005 7 v 7 (7 players + 4 substitutes; 1 coach) 15 mnts halves; 3 mnts half-time
Under 15 Girls 2003 7 v 7 (7 players + 4 substitutes; 1 coach) 15 mnts halves; 3 mnts half-time
Under 15 Boys 2003 11 v 11 (11 players + 4 substitutes; 1 coach) 25 mnts halves; 5 mnts half-time)
Under 17 Boys 2001 11 v 11 (11 players + 4 substitutes; 1 coach) 25 mnts halves; 5 mnts half-time)

Venue: Goa (The GSC will be held across several grounds in South Goa close to the main town of Margao).

Game format:

Teams will be put in Groups of 4

Qualifying rounds: 3 matches for all teams

Top-two teams from each group will qualify for the knockout stages:

i.e. quarter-final –> semi-final –> final.

Accommodation: In 4* hotel on quadruple basis allotted by GSC. (details will be shared later after registration). Arrival in Goa on 9th May and departure on 14th May.

Travel: (Specific and final details will be shared later)

  • Surat-Goa-Surat: By train/bus to Mumbai and by flight to Goa. Same while returning.
  • Goa: Internal travel in Goa will be managed by GSC which includes pick up from Airport to hotel, to ground and back to hotel.

Meals: All meals(Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will be provided by GSC.

Cost: Approx Rs. 30,000/-. The cost includes travel, accommodation, meals, registration amount, teacher’s cost, one playing kit (jersey, shorts, stockings),Misc cost etc.

*The cost of the trip is variable and depends on the number of participants. The final amount will be sent to you once the trip is done.

If you are interested in sending your child for this tournament, please fill the given below form today itself., and send cheque tomorrow without fail. 

Cheque should be in the name of “Fountainhead Education Trust”.

In case of any query, please feel free to contact us at or at

*Note:- We will book the flight tickets once you fill the form. If you back out from the trip later on, cancellation charges will be deducted from the imprest account.


  • Also the confirmation of our school participating for this tournament will be decided on the number of students registered for this trip.



Mohamed Zulkif Jelani

Sports Event Organiser