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Winter Jacket Details – 2018-19

Winter Jacket Details – 2018-19

Dear Parents,

Please note that winter jackets and trousers, for all the grades, will be available from 19 November 2018, onward at School Zone. (Bungalow No. 9, Shyam Kunj, Krishna Vatika Society, Near Meghna Park, City Light)

Please go through the below-given rates for winter jackets:

Size Price
20, 22 & 24 670
26 & 28 700
30 & 32 720
34 & 36 750
38 & 40 770
42 & 44 800

If the last’s year jacket is in good condition you need not buy a new one.

School Uniform Policy states that only school jackets are allowed. Thermals (only black, white and grey colors) can be worn inside the school uniform, irrespective of whether school jacket is also used or not. Note that students cannot wear full t-shirts/sweatshirts of any other color.

It is mandatory for all new students to buy a school jacket.



Fountainhead School

Invitation – Diwali celebration!

Invitation – Diwali celebration!

Come one, come all!


Diwali is round the corner. We know you all must be busy with preparations, shopping, and ‘Diwali ki safai’. But let’s take out some time from our busy schedules for our young learners. This is the time to let them explore and wonder about our traditional celebrations. Let’s join hands and do something interesting and exciting for them.


We, Grade-2 team, would like to invite you for the Diwali celebration in FS.
Venue: Grade-2
Date: 31st October 2018
Time: 8:30 am to 9:30 am


The activities planned are as follows:
1. Candle or Diya making
2. Sweet making
3. Best out of waste
4. Snacks making


Interested parents who would like to share their enthusiasm and creativity with our students can volunteer for any of these activities by filling up this form.


1. Carry all the resources that you will need.
2. You need to prepare all the things in front of students so that they learn.
3. You can take some help of students and involve them in making things.
4. Carpooling is recommended.


Grade-2 team 🙂
Homework for the day!

Homework for the day!

Math and Language

Solve the given worksheets.

Dictation words

Dictation words for the next week:

  1. several
  2. hold
  3. himself
  4. towards
  5. five
  6. step
  7. morning
  8. passed
  9. vowel
  10. true
  11. hundred
  12. against
  13. pattern
  14. numeral
  15. table



Grade-2 team 🙂

Grade – 2 Gujarati (Ab initio level) Homework (Cycle – 15) Date – 17/10/2018

Grade – 2 Gujarati (Ab initio level) Homework (Cycle – 15) Date – 17/10/2018

ગૃહકાર્ય ( गृहकार्य ) :

નીચે આપેલી કવિતા સાંભળો. વર્ગમાં કવિતા Reflection લેવામાં આવશે.
नीचे दी गई link से कविता सुनें | कक्षा में कविता का Reflection लिया जाएगा |




Dear parents,

A gentle reminder for ‘Garba Fest’ which will be held tomorrow in Grade-2. Kindly make sure that students wear traditional clothes and bring their uniform to change after the event.


The nature-camp dates have been changed for Grade-2.

Earlier it was:

Batch 1: 9-10 Dec’18 (Sun-Mon) Batch 1: (Create, Ponder, Invent, Discover)
Batch 2: 14-15 Dec’18 (Fri – Sat) Batch 2: (Dream, Think, Explore, Wonder)


Now, the final dates are:

Batch 1: 7-8 Jan’19 (Mon-Tue) Batch 1: (Create, Ponder, Invent, Discover)
Batch 2: 9-10 Jan’19 (Wed – Thu) Batch 2: (Dream, Think, Explore, Wonder)



Grade-2 team 🙂

Grade – 2 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (Cycle – 15) Date – 17/10/2018

Grade – 2 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (Cycle – 15) Date – 17/10/2018


નીચે આપેલી વાર્તા “ખરેખરો ખજાનો” સાંભળો. વર્ગમાં વાર્તાનું Reflection લેવામાં આવશે.



Grade 2 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle 15 (17\10\18)

Grade 2 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle 15 (17\10\18)

कक्षा कार्य :
-‘ख’ वर्ण चार्ट करवाया गया |
-अभी तक सीखे हुए वर्णों और मात्राओं का पुनरावर्तन लिया गया |
Summative Assessment लिया गया |

गृहकार्य :

हिंदी की नोटबुक में नीचे दिए हुए वर्णों का लेखन करें |

१. ‘घ, त, द, भ, उ, इ’ – एक बार लिखें |
२. घु,  तु,  दु,  भु  – दो (2 ) बार लिखें |
३. ‘घि, ति, दि, भि’ – दो (2 ) बार लिखें |

प्रिय अभिभावक,
छात्रों को लिखते समय दो वर्णों के बीच में अंतर रखने और एक -एक लाइन छोड़कर लिखने के लिए प्रेरित करें |


-सभी अभिभावकों से निवेदन है कि बच्चों के साथ कोई भी एक हिंदी की कहानी ज़रूर पढ़े |
-बच्चों को नोटबुक में HW, Date और अक्षरों को छोटा लिखने के लिए प्रेरित करें |
-हिंदी की पुस्तकें गुरुवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ |

Highlights of Cycle 14!

Highlights of Cycle 14!

Unit of Inquiry

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: Various factors contribute to the uniqueness of a place


  • We Do Model of a place was done by the teacher in the form of report writing.
  • FA was taken in the form of You Do Model of report writing focusing mainly on research skills.
  • Students made groups according to the place they want to research.



  • Students read The Jungle Book chapter 2 and 3.
  • I Do Model of report writing was done for The Jungle Book.



  • Revision of the concepts of number strand, addition, subtraction and measurement strand (time) was done through learning centers.
  • FA of Pattern strand and number strand was taken.



Language: Write the answers of the questions given in this link in Language HW notebook.

Language comprehension worksheet



Grade-2 team 🙂


Grade 2 Glimpse of Hindi Literary Event

Grade 2 Glimpse of Hindi Literary Event

बच्चों के लिए हिंदी की प्रतियोगिता “चित्र वर्ण” का आयोजन किया गया था | जिसमें विद्यार्थियों ने उत्साहपूर्वक सहभाग  लिया | सभी विद्यार्थियों का हार्दिक अभिनन्दन !

Vania Singhania Dignity 1st
Manal Kantharia Dignity 2nd
Aarna Chandak Dignity 3rd
Veera Patel Liberty 1st
Palaash Anandani Liberty 2nd
Devanshi Bahety Liberty 3rd
Ansh Bengani Dignity 1st
Lav Gabani Integrity 2nd
Kunj Parekh Integrity 3rd
Kshaunish Arora Liberty 1st
Janya Mehta Dignity 2nd
Jiyaan Mehta Unity 3rd
Mohameh Aiyman Ashraff Dignity 1st
Jagruti Lohoti Liberty 2nd
Rayna Rathod Integrity 3rd
Rudra Agarwal Integrity 1st
Shaurya Kheni Integrity 2nd
Hridhaan Sahajwani Integrity 3rd
Arham Vasa Integrity 1st
Aaryav Rotliwala Dignity 2nd
Vivaan Thakkar Dignity 3rd
Jahhan Pansari Unity 1st
Raavee Patel Dignity 2nd
Arnavi Dashora Integrity 3rd