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Important Note

Important Note

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending the Parent Teacher Meeting. As communicated, attached below is the link of the PTM presentation for your reference (please use your school email ID to view the PPT).

Parent Teacher Meeting Presentation

P.S: As we all know, Rain Dance is one of the most awaited events at Fountainhead. Kindly send an extra pair of clothes, towel, and footwear (everything should be labeled properly) with the students.

Make sure you all send it by tomorrow without fail.

Pinky Shah

Dictation words

Dictation words

Dictation words for this week :


Happy reading 🙂


Ekta Bathija

‘Grade 4, Homework – 22nd June 2018’

‘Grade 4, Homework – 22nd June 2018’


  1. Math:

    1. Redo the sums that you got incorrect in the Summer homework on a piece of paper.

    2. Click on the link given below and solve the following in your Math homework notebook.

Math homework


Rewrite the Narrative piece of Summer homework in the writing notebook, keeping in mind the feedback given by the teacher.

Note: Only publishing part to be written and not the entire process.


Grade 4- Team.

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – June 21st

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – June 21st

Math: Learners were introduced to time telling by adding and subtracting time.

Language: Learners were introduced to countable and uncountable nouns.




Solve the following :

1. What are 5 hours 5 minutes subtracted from 7 hours 20 minutes?

2. What are 3 hours 40 minutes subtracted to 2 hours 55 minutes?

3. What are 6 hours 25 minutes subtracted from 9 hours 15 minutes?

4. What time was it 1 hour and 15 minutes ago to 7 hours 5 minutes?

Challenge: What are 2 hours 15 minutes added to 4 hours 55 minutes?

Grade 4 Gujarati Homework (Standard & Ab initio level) Cycle – 1 (Date 20/6/2018)

Grade 4 Gujarati Homework (Standard & Ab initio level) Cycle – 1 (Date 20/6/2018)

નીચે આપેલો link પરથી ગુજરાતી કક્કો વાંચો, વર્ગ માં કકકા નું પુનરાવર્તન કરવામાં આવશે.
नीचे दी गई link से गुजराती वर्णमाला पढ़े, वर्ग में गुजराती वर्णमाला का पुनरावर्तन करवाया जाएगा |

કક્કો (वर्णमाला )

Link :

Grade 4 Hindi Homework and Highlights Cycle 1 (2nd) – 20/6/2018

Grade 4 Hindi Homework and Highlights Cycle 1 (2nd) – 20/6/2018

कक्षा कार्य :  

– सभी विद्यार्थियों का खेल के माध्यम से परिचय लिया गया |
– आवश्यक अनुबंध (Essential Agreement ) के द्वारा बच्चों और शिक्षिका की अपेक्षाओं का स्पष्टीकरण (Clarify Expectation ) किया गया |

गृहकार्य :

वाचन और लेखन कार्य : नीचे दी गई कहानी का वाचन करके प्रश्नों के उत्तर नोटबुक में लिखिए |

कहानी : ‘मोर के पंख’

एक कौए ने मोर के पंख लगा लिए और अपने आप को मोर समझकर मोरों की एक टोली में जा घुसा । उसे देखकर मोरों की टोली ने उसे फ़ौरन पहचान लिया। फिर क्या ! दूसरे ही पल सारे मोर उसपर झपट पड़े। चोंच मारकर उसे अपनी टोली से दूर भगा दिया । रोता हुआ कौआ अपने घर वापस लौट आया। उसके दोस्त भी उसकी इस हरकत से नाराज़ हो गए |

प्रश्न १ – कौए ने किसके पंख लगा लिए थे ?
प्रश्न २ – कौआ किस की टोली में जा घुसा ?
प्रश्न ३ – मोरों ने कौए को अपनी टोली से कैसे भगा दिया ?
प्रश्न ४ – कौए के दोस्त नाराज़ क्यों हो गए थे ?

नोट –

१ लिखते समय सही वर्तनी (Spellings ) का विशेष ध्यान रखें |

२ अपने लेखन कार्य की दोबारा जाँच कर ले | (Recheck your work )

३ लिखते समय एक लाइन छोड़कर लिखें |

४  गृहकार्य पूरा करके अपनी नोट बुक गुरुवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ|

कोई भी एक हिंदी कहानी का वाचन करके उसका का नाम अपनी नोटबुक मे लिखें |

Homework – Day 5 – June 19th

Homework – Day 5 – June 19th

Homework –


Write 5 simile sentences describing the following:

Exemplar: My uniform was as neat as an unused paper.

My first day was as ________________.

My teacher was _________________.

I am ______________________.

My friend was ______________________.

My classroom________________________.


Practice time through the online game:

Math weekend homework

Math weekend homework

1. Make the smallest and the greatest number using the given digits:

  1. 7,6,8,0,0,5
  2. 5,8,0,1,0,3
  3. 7,0,0,9,4,6,8

2. Solve the following:

  1. 946 ÷ 9
  2. 798 x 36
  3. 838 ÷ 8
  4. 451 x 97
  5. 992 ÷ 12

3. Solve the following word problem:

  1. There are 172 mangoes. If each box can contain 1 dozen mangoes, how many boxes will be required? How many mangoes will remain unpacked?



Grade 4 Team.

Language weekend homework

Language weekend homework

Dear parents,


(To be done in Language E.E notebook)

Q1. Make the blah sentence brilliant by adding verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

  1. We like pizza.
  2. The clown ate the fly.
  3. I saw a ladybug.
  4. The sock is stinking.
  5. I am going to a party.


Q2. Read the short passage and list down all the preposition given in the passage in your Language notebook:

My neighbour said she wanted to ask me for a small favour. Little did I know what was in store for me when I agreed to feed her cat. After my neighbour left on her trip, I walked across the street to her house. Once I got inside the house, I was overwhelmed by the stench of cat urine. I looked around the house and couldn’t believe what I saw. My eyes fell on two salad dressing containers sitting on a table beside the couch, which was completely covered with dirty laundry, except for this one worn area by the table. The volume on the TV was turned up all the way. In disbelief and despite my better judgment, I walked toward the restroom. Around the base of the tub, I saw these red velvety mushrooms coming up between the tub and tile floor. This filth was beyond anything I’d ever seen in my life. Within two minutes the cat was fed and I was out of there. Since she returned from her trip, I have never been available to watch her cat again.


–Source: Taken from the book Mechanically Inclined


Q.3 Learn the following words for dictation:

Open-Minded Responsible Caring Principled Balanced
Communicator Thinker Inquirer Knowledgeable Courageous
Reflective Appreciation Commitment Confidence Cooperation
Creativity Curiosity Empathy Enthusiasm Independence
Integrity Respect Tolerance attitude learner profile


P.S Math homework blog will be updated soon.

Quote of the day:

Motivational Language Quotes: The Tao of Language Learning



Grade 4 Team