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Availability of winter jackets

Availability of winter jackets

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that winter jackets for all sizes will be available at School Zone, Citylight from 30th November 2017 onwards. Students can wear thermals or other jackets till the school winter jackets are unavailable.

Since all the sizes will be available from 30th November 2017 onwards, parents are requested to buy the winter jackets. From 11th December 2017 onwards non-school jackets will be confiscated.



Fountainhead School

PTC Slots – Grade 1 Hope .

PTC Slots – Grade 1 Hope .

Dear parents,
Kindly check the PTC time slots for 20th Nov. as given below.
Please be on time.
Slots Start Time End Time Name of student
1 7:25 7:45 Aatmaja Patel
2 7:45 8:05 Anant Jain
3 8:05 8:25 Prachet Rajyaguru
Break 8:25 8:40 Break
4 8:40 9:00 Trisha Mehta
5 9:00 9:20 Vidhi Rangoonwala
6 9:20 9:40 Samaira Gupta
7 9:40 10:00 Shaurya Kheni
8 10:00 10:20 Arnavi Dashora
9 10:20 10:40 Para Bafna
10 10:40 11:00 Anaaya Monpara
11 11:00 11:20 Neel Puwar
Lunch 11:20 11:50 Break
12 11:50 12:10 Jihaan Vardani
13 12:10 12:30 Vani Mehta
14 12:30 12:50 Atharva Patel
15 12:50 13:10 Dhairya Garg
16 13:10 13:30 Lavya Kamra
17 13:30 13:50 Swar Sojitra
18 13:50 14:10 Nikhil Chowdhary
19 14:10 14:30 Kavya Chandak
20 14:30 14:50 Riana Dhupia
Highlights of the week – 13th to 17th Nov.

Highlights of the week – 13th to 17th Nov.

Unit of Inquiry

  • The new unit under the Transdisciplinary theme ‘ Who We Are’ commenced. The main focus of the unit is to know oneself. Students  will learn about their physical and emotional characteristics, abilities and interest which will help them to develop their identity.



  • Chapter 11 ‘Ryan’s room’ was completed.



  • Term 1 summative assessment was conducted.
  • Learners constructed meaning for regrouping addition sums.



Language :

Task 1:

Empowering English Complete  (Pg 58-Think and match,  Pg 59- Grid, Pg 60 Position words)
EE book- Q2 Think and Match Pg 58
Q2 Read think and make words – Look at the Grid given below and make words. Pg 58
Q3 Read think and choose pg 59
Q3 Read think and write position words Pg 60

Task 2-

Comprehension worksheet


Complete the comprehension worksheet given.


Grade  1 Team 🙂

Developing international mindedness through Mother Tongue Sessions ( PYP)

Developing international mindedness through Mother Tongue Sessions ( PYP)

Dear Parent,

We take immense pride in being a part in conserving and celebrating language of every ethnicity which is one of the most distinctive quality of our nation, being entirely multi-lingual.

Exposing students to languages other than their mother tongue provides an insight into and an appreciation of other cultures, and an awareness of other perspectives. language. Research has shown that development of mother-tongue language is crucial for cognitive development and in maintaining cultural identity. (Making the PYP Happen 2009)

We are looking for parent volunteers to facilitate mother tongue sessions for our students. Parents will be oriented about how to go with the session soon in the next week. This event will be happening during school assembly slot. i.e Day 2 between 8:40-9:30 a.m, on 1st December, 2017.

Your co-operation in building a multi-cultural environment will be a great help to the Fountainhead community.

Interested parents need to fill up the form latest by 19th November, 2017.

Form: Mother Tongue Sessions


Fountainhead School

Important Note – PTC and PYP Open House

Important Note – PTC and PYP Open House

Dear Parent,

Parent Teacher Conference is soon approaching and you must have received the calendar link for booking a  preferred slot for meeting the Homeroom Teacher.

Kindly note that Hindi teachers will be available in Concurrence (Block 5 – First Floor),  on the day of PTC but  remaining single subject teachers (Arts, PE/PS and Gujarati) will be available only in their free slots in the PYP Staff lounge (Block 5 – First Floor), as it is a regular working day for the rest of the grades.

Also, if you wish to meet any of the PYP Coordinators, you can meet them on the day of your PTC in the PYP Office – (Block 5 – First Floor)

In case, if you are not able to meet any single subject teacher (you wish to meet), you may choose to meet them during the PYP Single Subject Open House, on 25th November, 2017, from 7:30 am to 9:30 am

Venue :

Gujarati Teachers: Concurrence (Block 5 – First Floor)

Arts including AS Teachers – Library – (Block 3 – First Floor)

PE/PS Coaches – Pulse (Block 1 – First Floor)


Fountainhead School

Inter-School Athletics Selections

Inter-School Athletics Selections

Dear Parents/Students,

It is a great pleasure to announce that we will be shortly starting with the inter school competitions, which is hosted by Fountainhead school. Inter school athletics competition will be held on Saturday 6th January 2018. Students who are interested in participating for the same are required to take part in the selection trials, which will be conducted from 20th November, Monday 2018 during their PS classes and will go on till Thursday 30th November 2018.

The students who are interested in taking part in the selection trials , have to assemble in the assembly area. The events will be as follows:

  1. 50 meters
  2. Hurdles 60 meters
  3. Standing broad jump
  4. Shot put (1 Kg medicine ball)

Students who qualify at the first position during the selection trial will participate in the school athletic team for the inter school competition.

Admission process for Nursery and Jr. KG for academic session 2018-19

Admission process for Nursery and Jr. KG for academic session 2018-19

                                          Admission Process and dates for Nursery & Jr. KG 2018-19

Dear parents,

This circular is to inform you that admission process for the academic session 2018-19 for grades Nursery and Junior KG (staff & Siblings) will commence from 16th November 2017 (tomorrow).

Admission Dates & Process- Category A & B (Staff and Sibling)

Date Process (Staff & Sibling) What you need to do Comments
16 – 18 November 2017 Forms available for Nursery and Jr. KG Parents can collect the form from school themselves or can get it collected by their child.
20 – 22 November 2017 Submission of Documents and online form Parents need to submit all the required documents and complete the admission formalities  (submission of online form and documents) If you have any problem in filling the online admission form, our admission team will  guide  you.
25 November 2017 List of Admitted students Check the list online ( Results will be announced online ( and through SMS
27 November 2017 Deposit fees School will deposit the PDC in bank submitted by you Kindly maintain the required balance in your account.
4 December 2017 Confirmation Once the fee is credited in our account,  confirmation of admission will be given through SMS/email

Admission process for the academic session 2018-19 is as under:

Step 1 : “Education for Tomorrow”(EFT) workshop

Step 2: Complete the admission process in school (Submission of all the documents, payment for the admission process, submission of the online admission form)

Step 3: Interaction with parent / candidate (if needed)

Step 4: Communication of the admission status

Step 5: Deposit fee

Step 6: Confirmation


Step 1: Education for tomorrow workshop:

The EFT workshop is a compulsory requirement for parents interested in seeking admission at Fountainhead School. This workshop gives an insight into the teaching methodology, boards of education and educational philosophy at Fountainhead School. In case, you have attended this workshop in the past and are already aware of the content of the EFT workshop, as a Fountainhead School parent, you are not required to complete Step 1.

Step 2: Admission process:

  1. Submission of all the documents :

Parents seeking admission for the year 2018-19, need to come to school as per the admission dates along with ALL the documents mentioned below.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Notarized photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate
  • Notarized photocopy of the child’s aadhar card
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) of Rs. 1,00,000/- when you come for the admission process. Payee name: “Fountainhead Education Trust”.
  • Five recent passport size photographs of child
  • One recent family photograph (parents, child & siblings only in one photo)
  • Kindergarten Recommendation Form (which has to be filled by the current school of the student applying for Nursery / Jr. KG). Fountainhead Preschool students need not get it filled.
  • Admission related documents given in the admission packet (Admission form request, Parent Evaluation form, Parent Undertaking)

All the documents need to be duly filled. If any document is incomplete/missing, then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process.

It is MANDATORY for both the parents to come to Fountainhead School, Kunkni for the admission process as they need to sign the Parent Undertaking Form. In case, you have collected the admission packet in advance, any one parent can come along with the signed documents.

  1. Payment of the Admission process:

Payment of Admission form fees, has to be done once the documents are submitted.

Admission process fees are:

  • Pre-primary (Nursery, Jr.Kg )– Rs. 2000/-
  1. Submission of Admission Form:

Parents will have to fill up an online Admission form in school after the payment of Rs. 2000/-  and submission of documents.  As a part of admission process, it is MANDATORY to fill up the online admission form. If you face any problem in filling the online admission form, our admission team will guide  you.

Step 3: Interaction with parent/ candidate:

You will receive a call for parent / candidate interaction (if needed for Nursery / Jr. KG) once the admission process (submission of documents and online form) is complete.

Step 4: Communication of the admission status:

After the submission of documents and filling the online admission form, communication regarding admission status will be done through our school website.

Step 5: Deposit fees

Once the admission is granted, PDC cheque given by you earlier will be deposited in our account. In case the cheque is returned due to any reason, admission will be cancelled and will be released for the next waitlisted student.

Step 6: Confirmation

Once the fees (admission fees and security deposit) is credited in Fountainhead School account, confirmation of admission will be given through SMS/email and fee receipt will be sent to you.



Admissions Team@Fountainhead