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Educational Trip 2018-19 – G-7 Gir & Beyt-Dwarka

Educational Trip 2018-19 – G-7 Gir & Beyt-Dwarka

Dear Parent,

We had an orientation for grade 7 students with Team Wilderness who are organising this educational trip from last 4-5 years for grade 7.

The purpose was to give clarity to students if they have any queries or concerns and they can directly ask the vendor. Students were briefed about activities, and doubts were clarified regarding hygiene and stay at Gir & Beyt-Dwarka.

On basis of this orientation we have requested students to give their confirmation. Forms will not be accessible, if they want to register now or change the response they need to email us at

You need to give your response latest by 18th Aug’ 2018 (Extended Date)

Grade Destination Section Date Cheque amount to be submitted Travel details Trip Details
7 Gir & Beyt-Dwarka

Batch 1 (Cognizance, Envisage, Idea, Vision )

Batch 2 (Acuity, Acumen, Insight, Perspicacity)

Batch 1:

24th – 30th  Dec

Batch 2:  

25th – 31st  Dec

10,500 AC sleeper bus

1. Short trek

2. Devaliya park

3. Okha beach-experience flora and fauna

  • Booking and travel arrangement will commence after 18th August. Post this cancellation charges will be applicable on opting out, if consent has been given earlier.

For more information, please refer to the details posted on the blog

Note: Detailed itinerary and other important information of each trip will be shared later.

For any further query related to educational trips, feel free to contact us at



Dear All,

Students of IBDP Year 1 and 2 have taken an interesting project for CAS. Monsoon Musings…!

Monsoon Musings is a student-led Poetry Event that intends to give budding writers (students, staff, parents and grandparents) an opportunity to express their ideas – in the form of poems and tiny tales.

In addition to the poetry event, as part of our CAS activity, we introduce Seva Cafe – a unique concept where we serve food during the poetry reading and people can pay whatever amount they think is right. We will also put up Art Stalls which will display various exquisite Artworks which can be sold by the Creator of that art piece. The proceedings of every part of the event will go to charity, including the sales of Art installations.


We welcome all the senior school students and their parents (along with grandparents) to showcase their potential as a writer – in English, Hindi or Gujarati. So, here is your chance to express yourself and be heard.


Students interested in participation can fill up this form below to let us know which particular event they want to participate in. They may also directly send their Poem or Tiny tales to latest by 20th August, 2018.

Form link :

Parents and grandparents can directly send entries to in English, Hindi or Gujarati.

There will be sifting of content for offensive language or profanity – both of which will automatically make your work liable for rejection.

We look forward to having your valuable creation as part of adding to the beauty of the event.

Why wait and be late? Just pen down your ideas and emotions and send your entries at the earliest.

We thank you in anticipation.


Date :   Saturday 1st September, 2018

Venue: Atrium (Poetry/Story reading), Rendezvous (Seva cafe and Art displays).

              Note: Venue of the event in school may change based on the weather conditions on the day of  the event.

Time:   9.00 am to 11.00 am


IBDP Students.




Since 2013, FSMUN has been returning every year to provide students with an unmatchable MUN experience. This year, we come again and present to you FSMUN 5.0!
Any MUN is impossible without the assistance of Organizing Committee. FSMUN treasures the OC and recognizes its need. Which is why, we now open applications for the Organizing Committee of FSMUN 5.0. Any people who wish to partake may fill out the following form. The last date to fill the form is 25th of August. More details about the event, along with registration for delegates will come soon.
Mathathon results 2018-19

Mathathon results 2018-19

“Mathematics is the music of reason” – James Joseph Sylvester

Mathematics and music! Sounds odd! But no we believe that they go hand in hand, they synergize! And that is why we had a unique competition called “Mathathon which stands for a marathon of Mathematics. We conducted a logical mathematics competition with a soothing music back ground! And trust us it rocked!

Students of grade 7 competed against each other(in their own grade) and themselves in a contest that tested their logical reasoning and that too at a high speed. Students set a very high benchmark and met it with their zeal, enthusiasm and sincerity. As it was an inter-house event, students participated with high spirits to earn maximum scores for their house. Mathematics was what got them going and music was what supported. Thanks to all SS teachers and the Math team for making it a success!!



Grade 7
Name Section House
 1st place
Divyansh Tulsian Acuity Integrity
Arya Talera Insight Liberty
 2nd place
Daksh Bardoliwala Cognizance Liberty
Monish Shah Insight Unity
 3rd place Arya Vachhani Envisage Dignity




Mathematics Team

Math : Algebra

Math : Algebra

Grade7 – G7 Idea
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Mon Aug 13 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Dear learners,
Kindly complete the exercise of 9C.1 and 7C.2 from Haese reference book in your math notebook and cross check your answers from the back side of your reference book and mark it as self checked in your math notebook.
Expected Time: 30 minutes

Safety Audit @Fountainhead

Safety Audit @Fountainhead

Dear Parents,

Safety and well being of students is of utmost importance to us at Fountainhead. To this end, we had undertaken a safety project last year to improve safety and well being measures at school.

The next step that we have in line is to to invite parent volunteers for an audit of safety practices at school.

What is a safety audit?

A safety audit is to monitor and analyze an institution’s operations in order to determine how well it conforms to a set of specific criteria.

In this case, the parent volunteers of the safety audit team will assess the school’s safety measures based on Aarambh India’s checklist

Categories/Departments for audit:

  • Physical Safety
  • Emotional Safety
  • Cyber Safety
  • Social Safety
  • Emergency Measures

How will the process work?

Once we receive responses from the parents, a short meeting will be arranged to discuss the details. The Safety Audit committee members, i.e. parents will be divided into groups as per the preferences chosen by them. Each group will be conducting the audit for a specific department, will be completing the audit and bringing it to conclusion by writing comments for the chosen department.

Interested parents need to click on the following link and fill the form latest by 16th August, 2018.

Safety Audit @ Fountainhead

The audit along with the parent orientation will be done in the first week of September. (Date will be informed to you later). The parents might choose to do the audit on the same day or some other day in the same week. Important point to note is that parents should be willing to spend a day in school for the audit.

Let’s join hands and work towards ensuring safety of students at Fountainhead!


Fountainhead School

Assessment in Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Assessment in Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Dear Parents,

MYP being a new program, we intend to provide all the required support to parents to help them understand the requirements of the program. We have planned a session with the parents to explain MYP Assessment and Grading System. To ensure that we are equipped to analyse students’ performance, it is important that we understand how assessment and grading is done in the MYP.

Even though the IB has worked hard to improve the clarity of how MYP assessment works, it is not always easy to follow without assistance. However, the ideas underpinning the assessment practices are exciting and innovative. This session will explain in more details how it works and it will be conducted by Middle School Programme Coordinators and Subject experts.

Date and time slots are as follows-

Date Time Slot Venue
8th August, 2018 8:45 am – 10:45 am Hippodrome

Please note:

This session is compulsory for the parents (any one parent can attend).

Carpooling is encouraged.


Looking forward to your presence.



Fountainhead School.