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Dear Parents,

The admission process for academic session 2018-19 starts from 18th December 2017.

  • Admissions are open for the Grade SK (1st preference for staff and siblings) 1 – 9 & 11. Admission process will begin from 18th December 2017 as per seat availability.

Admission process for the academic session 2018-19 is as under:

  1. Collection & payment of Admission Packet.
  2. Submission of Documents & Submission of online admission form.
  3. Readiness test.
  4. Communication of the result and admission status/waitlist number.
  5. Deposit fees.
  6. Confirmation.

Admission Schedule:

Date Process What you need to do
18th December 2017 – 5th January 2018 onwards Forms available Parents need to come to Fountainhead School (FS), Kunkni to collect the admission packet Parents interested in the waitlist will have to complete all the formalities.
19th December 2017 – 5th January 2018 Date for submission of  documents and filling the online admission form You need to bring all the necessary documents to school and fill the online admission form. Incomplete documents will not be accepted.
6th January 2018 Student Readiness Test and “Education for Tomorrow” workshop Parents need to come with their child for the readiness test and also attend the “Education for Tomorrow” workshop. Readiness test will start at 9 a.m. sharp. Reporting time will be 8:30 a.m. Duration: 2 – 3 hrs. “Education for Tomorrow” workshop will start at 9 a.m. sharp.
19th January 2018 List of admitted / Waitlisted students (as per seat availability) Check the list online ( Results will be announced online (
23rd January 2018 Last date for fees (Security Deposit and One time Admission fee) Fill up the deposit slip given to you and deposit the fees directly at any HDFC Bank or you can pay online.

Deposit slip is provided in the admission packet.

Link for online payment: (

5th February 2018 Confirmation Once the fees are deposited, confirmation ofadmission will be given through SMS/email

Following table shows the criteria on which a child will be granted admission:

For Primary and Senior Years
Performance in the Readiness test (Preference to Girl Child)
Student’s past academic performance
Child of staff working at Fountainhead School & Siblings Studying at Fountainhead School,Kunkni

If you are looking for admission in a Grade where currently there is no seat availability, we have a wait list system. We recommend that you complete the admission procedure for your child which includes taking the admission packet, submitting the required documents, and student appearing for the admission test. We will process your application and assign you a wait list number.

Please note, if your child is unable to secure admission this year and you wish to reapply next year, you will have to go through the admission process again.

For more details, please refer to the school’s website (



Admission Team@Fountainhead School

FS Cafeteria- Relish- Updates

FS Cafeteria- Relish- Updates

Dear all,

This post has updated cafeteria menu and some other important points to note about our cafeteria services. It is required that students, staff and parents go through it so that we are all on the same page

Important points to note about Relish:

1. Cafeteria services are available for all staff and students from G1 to G12.

2. Cafeteria timings:

  • All the items will be available during the following break times [i.e. Today’s special and Regular items].

    • Main canteen on ground floor 8:10 am to 9:30 am [for staff]

    • PYP break time (mobile pantry on first-floor block 6 and second-floor block 6): 8:15 am to 8:35 am

    • Senior School(SS) break time (mobile pantry on first-floor block 1, second-floor block 1 and second-floor block 3): 10:05 to 10:25

  • Only Regular items will be sold during exit pantry [Exit pantry is the term describing mobile pantry for students/staff when they are leaving school]

    • Exit pantry PYP (in Rendezvous) 1:20 pm to 1:45 pm

    • Exit pantry SS (in Rendezvous and  near block 1 bridge) 3:00 pm to 3:10 pm

  • Rest of the times cafeteria will serve only drinks.

3. The objective of having a canteen on premises is to provide as a supplement to food that students and staff bring from home where needed or for times when we are unable to get a healthy and filling meal from home.

4. We sell two hot breakfasts (today’s special) on any given day except for student non-working days when we serve one item due to less number and hence less requirement.

5. We would really like that you get an option to choose from both hot breakfasts and for that, we take care to make proportionately enough to meet demands without generating excess. Beginning of both- PYP and SS- breaks we will ensure to stock both items.

But it is possible that we run out of one of the items while the other is available along with regular items. Now, this could happen due to several reasons- the difference in popularity, price, portion size, time to make or bring from kitchen and re-stock in last minutes of break-time etc.

This is a fairly acceptable situation where you can still choose to eat the other special item or choose from regular items.

6. Please note that from now onward we’ll only be selling Rs. 5, Rs. 10, and Rs. 30 coupons. Coupon worth other denominations that you already have will be accepted. This move is to reduce the transaction time and hence make our cafeteria services more efficient. [This is on trial basis and if for any unforeseen reason we find that this system is not working you will be duly notified of the change]

**For this same reason, we have changed the price of Amul chaas which is MRP 12 to Rs. 10 (until further rate revision).

7. We are starting to serve small plate for customers who might want to eat less or take a smaller portion of a second helping. This is only on trial basis.

[As you might notice we have avoided Rs. 12 for small plates to avoid tendering Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 coupon which will soon be discontinued]

8. Availability of market-bought items like cheese, lassi etc is based on supply by the vendor. In case of longer delay, we might substitute the item with other alike brands to meet demands.

For e.g. Company has stopped production of mango lassi as of now and hence it won’t be available in the canteen. Plain lassi will be.

All changes will be applicable from 18 Dec, Monday.

If you have any feedback/suggestions for Relish please write to us at or


Fountainhead School

Important note regarding bearer card

Important note regarding bearer card

Dear Parent,

It has come to our notice that some parents are making duplicate bearer cards to hand over to their domestic help or other family members.

Please note that, the school bus staff will hand over the student to anyone who has a bearer card. Once the student is handed over to a bearer card holder, the school will not be responsible for any untoward incident.



Fountainhead School

Availability of winter jackets

Availability of winter jackets

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that winter jackets for all sizes will be available at School Zone, Citylight from 30th November 2017 onwards. Students can wear thermals or other jackets till the school winter jackets are unavailable.

Since all the sizes will be available from 30th November 2017 onwards, parents are requested to buy the winter jackets. From 11th December 2017 onwards non-school jackets will be confiscated.



Fountainhead School

Admission process for Nursery and Jr. KG for academic session 2018-19

Admission process for Nursery and Jr. KG for academic session 2018-19

                                          Admission Process and dates for Nursery & Jr. KG 2018-19

Dear parents,

This circular is to inform you that admission process for the academic session 2018-19 for grades Nursery and Junior KG (staff & Siblings) will commence from 16th November 2017 (tomorrow).

Admission Dates & Process- Category A & B (Staff and Sibling)

Date Process (Staff & Sibling) What you need to do Comments
16 – 18 November 2017 Forms available for Nursery and Jr. KG Parents can collect the form from school themselves or can get it collected by their child.
20 – 22 November 2017 Submission of Documents and online form Parents need to submit all the required documents and complete the admission formalities  (submission of online form and documents) If you have any problem in filling the online admission form, our admission team will  guide  you.
25 November 2017 List of Admitted students Check the list online ( Results will be announced online ( and through SMS
27 November 2017 Deposit fees School will deposit the PDC in bank submitted by you Kindly maintain the required balance in your account.
4 December 2017 Confirmation Once the fee is credited in our account,  confirmation of admission will be given through SMS/email

Admission process for the academic session 2018-19 is as under:

Step 1 : “Education for Tomorrow”(EFT) workshop

Step 2: Complete the admission process in school (Submission of all the documents, payment for the admission process, submission of the online admission form)

Step 3: Interaction with parent / candidate (if needed)

Step 4: Communication of the admission status

Step 5: Deposit fee

Step 6: Confirmation


Step 1: Education for tomorrow workshop:

The EFT workshop is a compulsory requirement for parents interested in seeking admission at Fountainhead School. This workshop gives an insight into the teaching methodology, boards of education and educational philosophy at Fountainhead School. In case, you have attended this workshop in the past and are already aware of the content of the EFT workshop, as a Fountainhead School parent, you are not required to complete Step 1.

Step 2: Admission process:

  1. Submission of all the documents :

Parents seeking admission for the year 2018-19, need to come to school as per the admission dates along with ALL the documents mentioned below.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Notarized photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate
  • Notarized photocopy of the child’s aadhar card
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) of Rs. 1,00,000/- when you come for the admission process. Payee name: “Fountainhead Education Trust”.
  • Five recent passport size photographs of child
  • One recent family photograph (parents, child & siblings only in one photo)
  • Kindergarten Recommendation Form (which has to be filled by the current school of the student applying for Nursery / Jr. KG). Fountainhead Preschool students need not get it filled.
  • Admission related documents given in the admission packet (Admission form request, Parent Evaluation form, Parent Undertaking)

All the documents need to be duly filled. If any document is incomplete/missing, then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process.

It is MANDATORY for both the parents to come to Fountainhead School, Kunkni for the admission process as they need to sign the Parent Undertaking Form. In case, you have collected the admission packet in advance, any one parent can come along with the signed documents.

  1. Payment of the Admission process:

Payment of Admission form fees, has to be done once the documents are submitted.

Admission process fees are:

  • Pre-primary (Nursery, Jr.Kg )– Rs. 2000/-
  1. Submission of Admission Form:

Parents will have to fill up an online Admission form in school after the payment of Rs. 2000/-  and submission of documents.  As a part of admission process, it is MANDATORY to fill up the online admission form. If you face any problem in filling the online admission form, our admission team will guide  you.

Step 3: Interaction with parent/ candidate:

You will receive a call for parent / candidate interaction (if needed for Nursery / Jr. KG) once the admission process (submission of documents and online form) is complete.

Step 4: Communication of the admission status:

After the submission of documents and filling the online admission form, communication regarding admission status will be done through our school website.

Step 5: Deposit fees

Once the admission is granted, PDC cheque given by you earlier will be deposited in our account. In case the cheque is returned due to any reason, admission will be cancelled and will be released for the next waitlisted student.

Step 6: Confirmation

Once the fees (admission fees and security deposit) is credited in Fountainhead School account, confirmation of admission will be given through SMS/email and fee receipt will be sent to you.



Admissions Team@Fountainhead