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Important Note For Sr. KG Parents Regarding Funzone!

Important Note For Sr. KG Parents Regarding Funzone!

Dear Parents,
Sr. KG students are organizing an event:Fun Zone on Friday, 22nd September. We request you to send an amount of Rs 50( 5 notes of Rs 10) with your child on this Friday in an envelope so that they can play games/  eat food from the Fun Zone stalls.  Kindly write the name, grade and the section of your child on the envelope to avoid confusions.( This applies for all the 160 students of Sr. KG ).

Sr. KG Team

Sr.KG Hindi homework

Sr.KG Hindi homework

cycle 12

सभी अभिवावकों से निवेदन हैं कि नीचे दी गई link से “बंदी शेर ” कहानी “का video दिखाएँ और कहानी के आधार पर नीचे दिए गए प्रश्न अपने बच्चों से पूछें-

१) इस कहानी में कौन-कौन से पशु थे ?
२) पिंजरे में फँसे हुए शेर की मदद किसने की ?
३) वह ब्राह्मण शेर से कैसे बच गया ?



Dear Parents,

We have organized CONNECT – An Open Meeting for the Parents with the School Management – on 21st September 2017, Thursday.

Time – 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Venue – Y-Box

Please Note:

  • The agenda decided by the management is as follows:
    • A short presentation on “Existing  practices at Fountainhead school to address safety concerns”
    • Sharing of writing samples of students across school  (This is in response to concerns raised by a few parents about writing skills of students)
    • Perceptions amongst parents about IB education, What differentiates FS from other schools etc.
  • Kindly be seated by 08:50 AM
  • Since it is an Open Meeting you can address any concerns regarding our Education System as a whole, on Common / General Academic matters, Administrative Issues or any relative apprehensions you may have as a parent. This is not a platform to raise any child-specific issues.

The session will be addressed by:

Vardan Kabra (Head of School)

Ankita Kabra (Deputy Head of School & Primary School Principal)

Bhumika Parmar (Vice Principal -Senior School)

Sanjana Amarnani (Primary Years Program Coordinator)

Mr Parag Shah (Chairman – Trust)



Swati Agarwal

On behalf of Fountainhead School

Change in EYP- menu for 18th ,19th & 20th September 2017

Change in EYP- menu for 18th ,19th & 20th September 2017

Dear Parents,

             Please note that EYP- menu for 18th ,19th & 20th September 2017 has been changed:
Earlier Menu
18.09.17 D6 Monday Paneer methi malai Paneer methi malai Roti Rice Dal Fry
19.09.17 D1 Tuesday Veg chilla Veg chilla Chutney Rice Dal Makhani Mohanthal
20.09.17 D2 Wednesday Potato tomato sabji Banana tomato sabji Puri Mung daal khichdi Gujarati Kadhi
Changed Menu-
18.09.17 D6 Monday Potato tomato sabji Banana tomato sabji Puri Mung daal khichdi Gujarati Kadhi
19.09.17 D1 Tuesday Veg chilla Veg chilla Chutney Rice Rajma Mohanthal
20.09.17 D2 Wednesday Paneer methi malai Paneer methi malai Roti Rice Dal Fry
Highlights of the week(11th-15th September)

Highlights of the week(11th-15th September)

Read aloud:

Read alouds from the Sr. KG monthly read aloud list.



  • Revision of O’clock.
  • Number names 16 to 20 were introduced.
  • Revision of ascending order (25-50), after/before numbers, number names and ‘O’clock through learning centers.
  • Summative assessment of patterns was taken.




  • Blending and segmentation of CCVC words (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant) and CVCC words(consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant).
  • Revision of tricky words done till date.
  • Writing of tricky words:
because want saw put were
  • Dictation of tricky words was conducted.




TDT : How we organize ourselves.

Central Idea : Planning an event requires a multitude of skills.

  • Final event – Students along with the mentor teachers started planning for their final event.
  • Students gained an understanding about different sources involved in planning an event from the guest speaker sessions by Event organiser and Travel agent.



  • Math: Firefly book page numbers:46 and 47.
  • Language:Write the following tricky words (3 times) :
any many more before other were because want saw put

(Kindly refer to the format  used in C.W.)


Important points :

  • Kindly send raincoat every day.
  • Kindly ensure revision of taught concepts in Math.
  • Kindly ensure daily revision of tricky words.
  • Kindly conduct read alouds everyday.
  • Give writing practice for the taught number names (One to Fifteen only).


😊 Have a wonderful weekend! 😊


Sr. KG  Team.


Cyber Safety session by Mr. Rakshit Tandon

Cyber Safety session by Mr. Rakshit Tandon

Dear Parents,

If you have yet not registered for the session of Cyber Safety lead by Mr. Rakshit Tandon, kindly do the same soon.

Date: Monday, 18 September 2017

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: VNSGU Convention Hall, Udhana Magdalla Road, Surat.

Registration form for Fountainhead School Parents

Kindly promote this to your friends and family; outsiders can fill given below form.

Registration form for Non Fountainhead School Parents




Events Team

Important note regarding events..

Important note regarding events..

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the following is the list of students who are hosting different events with the help of their mentor teachers. When these students are hosting, other students will be attending the event as guests (who are not organizing).

For any queries regarding the event, kindly contact the mentor teachers.

Students name Event name
Kiara, Ananya, Raashi,Mishthi, Ridhaan


Mentor teacher- Nisha Jain

Mohit, Adisesh, Dhairya,Shlok, Reyansh

Event- Funfair

Mentor teacher- Saakshi Dubey

Shaivee, Arya, Rachit, Dhruv,Aarav

Event- Trip to Fun Zone

Mentor teacher- Rashida Golwala

Vedshree, Granth, Riddhi, Divyansh

Event- Navratri

Mentor teacher- Riddhi Jain



‘Important note’

‘Important note’

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                             

As a part of our on-going unit we have planned a picnic to a farm house on Monday, 18th September  2017. The students have to reach Vanita Vishram ground (Opp. Mahavir Cardiac Hospital) by 7 :30 amParents are requested to hand over the child to the HRT and leave immediately.

Also make a note, parents have to pick up their kids from VANITA VISHRAM GROUND at 1:00 pm sharp. Request you to be on time.

Important points:

1. Students have to come in full uniform along with their I-cards.

2. Kindly send  lunch box with a heavy meal and water bottle.(Friday food policy will be followed).

3. Send one extra pair of clothes and an outdoor game or a toy in their bag. Please label all the belongings.

4. Do remember to bring the bearer card when you come to pick up your child.


Sr.KG Team.