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Let’s “Shine” Like The Universe Is Our Playground!!!

Let’s “Shine” Like The Universe Is Our Playground!!!

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you the first day of Senior Kg. Shine. The students were welcomed to their new class with a small token of love (star) from our end. They settled into the class after performing their routines and procedures. They had fun playing the ice-breaking activity, which helped them to know their teacher, didi and friends better. Then, we discussed the routines and procedures for the class. They enjoyed their school meal and also had a gala time while painting.

As it’s truly said, time flies away when you’re having fun, and it passed by too quickly. We enjoyed the whole day and I look forward to getting to know and learn from your child!

Here’s a little sneak peak into our first day…


Rashida Golwala

Highlights of the week 11th to 14th June.

Highlights of the week 11th to 14th June.

Circle Time


Good morning

1)Morning has come, night is away,

Rise with the sun and welcome the day

Good morning.


Subeh hui, Raat dhali,

Uth jao sab, Din ka swagat kare,


2) Good morning dear Earth,

Good morning dear Sun,

Good morning to the stones

And flowers every one

Good morning dear animals

And the birds in the tree,

Good morning to you all

And good morning to me ……


3) Each like a petal of one great flower,

that closes at night and unfolds with the light.

Down is the earth,

Up is the sky.

Here are my friends and here am I…..


                          ……by anonymous

Word of the week:



Phonological Awareness :

Rhyming words


Read aloud:

Read alouds from Sr. KG monthly read aloud list.


  • Revision of numbers from 1-20 including other mathematical concepts : forward counting, backward counting, before and after numbers, place value and greater than ,less than , equal to.
  • Revision of patterns with two attributes and pre math concepts.



  • Revision of letter sounds, formation and association of sounds with pictures of cluster 1:



a t i p





Math and language worksheet.


Have a fantastic weekend !



Sr. KG  Team.




1st Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) 2018-19

Dear Parent,

1st Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) for  Primary Years (G 1- 6) and Early Years (Nursery, J.KG and S.KG) is scheduled on Saturday, 16 June, 2018 and 23 June, 2018. Kindly go through the details given below.

16th June, 2018  (Saturday)
Batch 1
Time Grade Venue Sections
7:30 am to 9:30 am Grade 1 Pulse Concord, Joy, Harmony, Trust
Y-Box Amity, Truth, Hope, Peace
Grade 3 Hippodrome All sections
Batch 2
Time Grade Venue Sections
10:30 am to 12:30 pm Grade 2 Pulse Discover, Invent, Explore, Wonder
Y-Box Think, Dream, Create, Ponder
Grade 4 Hippodrome All sections


23rd June, 2018 (Saturday)
Batch 1
Time Grade Venue Sections
7:30 am to 9:30 am Grade 5 Pulse Synergy, Coalition, Alliance, Conglomerate
Y-Box Reciprocity, Collaboration, Consortium, Symbiosis
Grade 6 Hippodrome All sections
Batch 2
Time Grade Venue Sections
10:30 am to 12:30 pm Nursery Senior Library
Junior Kg Y-Box Red, Yellow, Green, Orange
X-Box White, Blue, Indigo, Violet
Senior Kg Hippodrome All sections


On the basis of the feedback received in the past, parents are now allowed to use personal transport for attending the PTM, hence no bus route will be run for parents.

  • We strongly recommend car pooling due to parking space constraints.
  • We expect that parents vacate the parking slot immediately after the PTM so as to make space for the cars coming in for the next slot. 
  • Gates for batch 1 will be closed by 7:40 am and for batch 2 by 10:40 am. We recommend that you arrive in school early. 
  • Please do not call at Front desk requesting entry in school incase you are late.
    We request you to treat all the school staff including support staff (security, drivers and conductors) with courtesy at all times. Please note that inappropriate tone, language or behaviour will not be accepted. 

          Kindly note that pantry will be open for parents and only a few selected items will be available. Parents can savour the items using cash/coupons.

         Parents can buy pantry coupons in cash as well through Paytm.



Fountainhead School




Dear parents,

“Warm greetings to all of you!”

I hope you all had a refreshing and rejuvenating summer break.I , Manisha Naik,  welcome you all to Sr. KG and the new exciting academic year of 2018 – 19 with lot of enthusiasm and zest!

Our team mission is  “To provide a natural environment to play and develop in our students, the will to become lifelong learners by honing their creativity and imagination, help them to think out of the box and make them future ready.”

We assure safe, secure and conducive learning environment for all the students through experiential, play based  learning. Me and my team look forward to work in collaboration with you all, in shaping the lives of these little ones by achieving our school’s mission statement. You can write to me or to the Homeroom teacher of your child at any point of time using the daily diary if you have any concerns. We will be communicating through the daily diary and blog.  We request you all to check them on regular basis for daily updates.

I am  delighted to introduce the Senior KG  team –

Manisha Naik : Team leader (

She is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University and has completed her studies at Dalmia Lions College, Mumbai.She has done B. Ed from Singhania university.   She initiated her career with Design Techniques in Mumbai, as an Assistant Manager. She joined Fountainhead School in the year 2008 and is associated with school since then. . She enjoys swimming, listening to music and her hobbies are designing outfits and visual arts.

Shreya Kantharia: HRT Glitter

She believes that “We all are lifelong learners.” There is no specific age for learning. She is in the teaching profession since 2008 and is associated with FS since Feb 2014. She has done BSC(IT) from South Gujarat University. She loves reading, cooking, listening to music, dancing and making friends. She is committed towards her work, is lively and humorous.

Anupama Khedkar:  HRT Sparkle

She is a Commerce Graduate from Pune University, Maharashtra. She began her journey of learning and teaching in 2012. She worked with in an IT firm in Pune before joining FS in 2013. She discovered love and joy among the kindergarteners. She is committed towards her work, is lively and humorous. She believes there is a child living in everyone of us and the best way to keep the child alive is to be with kids. Her motto is making learning playful, enjoyable and child-friendly.

Juhi Awatramani: HRT Glimmer

She has done her B.Pharm from Saurashtra University She is a member of FS family since April 2013. She aims at 3 P’s in life: Professional progress, Physical health & Peace of mind. She believes that each child is unique with distinct personality and can be moulded through acceptance and affection. Her strengths are her patience & her ability to easily establish a rapport with kids. Music, movies & reading are what she prefers in her free time. Her ambition is to earn a lot of respect in her profession through her hard work & dedication. Her dream is to influence children positively, in each & every aspect of life. Currently, she is the Resource Teacher for EY team.

Dimple Topiwala: HRT Kindle

She has completed her graduation in commerce. She has also studied her masters from Deakin University, Australia. She has a  diploma in aviation, hospitality and travel management from Frankfinn and has worked with SpiceJet airlines. She enhanced her flair for designing with a diploma course in fashion designing from NIFD. She loves to be around kids  and hence she has devoted herself to teaching since 2011 and is working with Fountainhead School since 2013.

Rashida Golwala :  HRT Shine

She started her journey of teaching and learning in 2011. She is a B.Sc. Psychology Graduate from SNDT University, Mumbai.  To satisfy her urge for learning, she is currently pursuing her M.A. in Psychology. She believes in spreading knowledge with love and care.  She thinks there is a child living in each one of us and the best way to keep the child alive is to be with kids. Her motive is making learning playful, enjoyable and child-friendly.

Saakshi Dubey: HRT Blaze

She has completed her graduation in commerce from South Gujarat University. She has a Post Graduate Diploma degree in Computer Application. Her journey with FS started in the year 2015. She holds work-experience in different fields like banking, customer support and teaching.

Suchi Dakoria: HRT Ignite

She hails from Vadodara, and presently resides with her family in Surat. She has completed her Diploma in Architecture and Interior Designing from Parul Institute and Maharaja Sayajirao University respectively. She is an avid traveler and a book worm. Her other hobbies include basketball, singing, dancing and music. She joined Fountainhead School in 2013. Teaching gives her immense pleasure and satisfaction. She firmly believes that, “It doesn’t matter what others do, what you do matters.”

Tasnim Batliwala : HRT Dazzle

She is in the teaching profession since 2007 and is associated with this institute since February 2014. She completed her graduation from P. T. Science College, Surat with Chemistry as the principle subject. She likes doing creative work, reading books, watching TV and making friends.

Silky Malu: Resource teacher

She is from Odisha and settled after marriage in Surat past eight years ago. She has completed her Diploma in Fashion Designing from INIFD Surat. She has a thirst to read books and believe to be a lifelong learner. Her other hobbies are traveling and baking.She is a lively person with a heart to spread smiles all around. Blessed being a mother, she loves to be with kids and hence joined Fountainhead school in 2017-18 as EY teacher. She strongly believes that “ The best way to learn is to teach”.


Manisha Naik

Senior KG team leader




Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that, grade 1 onwards students are bifurcated into different houses. Given below is the house-wise student list. Please note that uniform T-shirt as per the allotted house is mandatory. There is no change in the allocation till the the child remains in school.

The four houses at FS are:

Unity (Green) Dignity (White) Liberty (Orange) Integrity (Yellow)

Please refer to the list before buying new uniforms.


Student Name House
Aadik Jain Unity
Aadisth Jain Dignity
Aadit Patel Liberty
Aahaan Thakkar Integrity
Aaradhya Agarwal Unity
Aarav Gadia Unity
Aarav Mistry Dignity
Aarav Patel Liberty
Aarav Sharma Integrity
Adisesh Mundra Unity
Aksh Patel Dignity
Anaisha Jain Dignity
Ananya Banthia Liberty
Ananya Singhvi Integrity
Anay Shah Liberty
Annika Agarwal Unity
Ansh Kalathiya Integrity
Antra Parmar Dignity
Aria Patel Liberty
Arjun Lakhani Unity
Armaan Patel Dignity
Arnav Bhansali Liberty
Arth Koshiya Integrity
Arushi Mangukiya Integrity
Arva Patel Unity
Arya Koshiya Unity
Arya Patel Dignity
Atharv Patel Liberty
Atharv Patodia Integrity
Avvarnya Baid Unity
Bhavya Desai Dignity
Daivya Jain Dignity
Daivya Kothari Liberty
Daksh Mangukiya Liberty
Darsh Sheth Integrity
Deshna Chhalani Integrity
Dhairya Kansara Unity
Dhanush Patel Dignity
Dhiyaana Rathod Unity
Dhruv Agarwal Liberty
Dhyaan Kakadia Integrity
Divolka Jajoo Dignity
Divya Mangukiya Unity
Divyansh Chandak Dignity
Durva Patel Liberty
Garvit Jain Liberty
Geetaanshi Agrawal Integrity
Granth Gangwani Integrity
Harvy Detroja Unity
Hemish Patel Unity
Hidayat Nandwani Dignity
Hitanshi Khemka Liberty
Hridaay Agrawal Dignity
Hridhya Rathod Integrity
Ishika Patel Unity
Jaival Patel Liberty
Jessica Patel Dignity
Jiana Mehta Liberty
Jianna Marfatia Integrity
Jinansh Chheda Integrity
Jinay Jain Unity
Jinaya Surana Unity
Jiveek Jain Dignity
Jiyara Sutariya Dignity
Kabiir Saraf Liberty
Kabir Agarwal Integrity
Kahaan Kothari Unity
Kanika Patel Liberty
Karnam Shah Liberty
Kavya Parikh Integrity
Kayaan Choksi Integrity
Kelly Doshi Unity
Kiaara Narola Dignity
Kiara Shah Liberty
Kkaviya Agarwal Integrity
Krishi Puthawala Unity
Krishiv Huria Unity
Krishna Chimppa Dignity
Krishya Radadiya Dignity
Kriyansh Shah Liberty
Kyara Adwani Liberty
Lata Patel Integrity
Mahika Rathod Unity
Meera Pathak Dignity
Mehaan Desai Integrity
Mishthi Gupta Liberty
Mohammed Memon Unity
Mohit Choradia Dignity
Naksh Nangalia Liberty
Nandini Shah Integrity
Nandish Kapadia Integrity
Naomi Choksi Unity
Navisha Banthia Dignity
Navya Choksi Unity
Naysha Agarwal Liberty
Neev Kansal Dignity
Nirvan Kukadiya Liberty
Nitya Jariwala Integrity
Pahal Jalan Integrity
Panav Jariwala Unity
Paridhi Megotia Unity
Parv Rathod Dignity
Pavni Bulchandani Dignity
Pratit Kothari Liberty
Priyansh Periwal Integrity
Purva Kachiwala Liberty
Raashi Bhatt Integrity
Raavi Desai Unity
Rachit Baheti Unity
Rajveer Madhavani Dignity
Raviraaj Surana Liberty
Reet Madrasi Dignity
Reyansh Agarwal Liberty
Reyansh Chhapgar Integrity
Reyansh Patodia Unity
Riaan Dharia Dignity
Ridhaan Sekhani Liberty
Ridhansh Parmar Integrity
Ruth Dhamelia Unity
Saanwe Arora Dignity
Saisha Gambhir Liberty
Shahraan Virani Unity
Shaivee Savani Integrity
Shivang Jindal Dignity
Shlok Kapadia Liberty
Shlok Patel Integrity
Shravya Patel Unity
Siddhant Bachkaniwala Unity
Siya Gupta Dignity
Soham Mistry Dignity
Swayam Patel Liberty
Taksh Ahir Integrity
Tanishka Patel Liberty
Tanishq Goel Unity
Tanmay Kejriwal Dignity
Tansi Suthar Integrity
Tiana Thakkar Unity
Urja Shah Dignity
Vaaniya Gupta Liberty
Vansh Vasanka Liberty
Varenya Mehta Integrity
Varija Mehta Unity
Vasu Jain Integrity
Vedant Berlia Unity
Vedshree Gandhi Dignity
Veer Bhatia Dignity
Viana Desai Liberty
Viha Mehta Integrity
Vihaan Patel Liberty
Vihaan Thakkar Dignity
Vihana Goyal Unity
Vihana Kothari Dignity
Vihana Shah Liberty
Vishad Patel Integrity
Yashika Daswani Integrity
Yashvi Pagaria Unity
Yojit Bisani Unity
Yuvraj Thumar Dignity
Zysha Roy Dignity

Important Details for the Academic Year 2018-19

Important Details for the Academic Year 2018-19

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the academic year 2018-19. Here are some important details  which you need to be aware of before school commences.

  1. Uniform &  Bags– Uniforms & bags will be available at School Zone, Citylight and Fountainhead School, Kunkni. Please refer to the details given below:
Grade Uniform details Available at

Early years-

Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr.KG

School T-shirt School Zone- City light
Wega shorts Fountainhead School – stores
Track Pants Fountainhead School – stores

Primary years:

G 1 to 2

School T-shirt (as per house)

House T-shirt (as per house)

School Zone- City light

Fountainhead School – stores


Option 1- Polyester/cotton shorts (with button)


Option 2- Sport Shorts (wega shorts)

School Zone- City lightFountainhead School – stores

Primary Years:

G 3 – 6

School T-shirt (as per house)

House T-shirt (as per house)

School Zone- City light

Fountainhead School – stores

Long pants School Zone- City light
Wega shorts Fountainhead School – stores

Senior School:

G 7-12

School T-shirt (as per house) School Zone- City light
Long pants
Wega shorts Fountainhead School – stores

Uniforms (school t-shirts, shorts (Polyester/cotton) & pants) will be available from 25th April, 2018 onwards at School Zone


℅ Saraswati Book House,

Bungalow No -9, Shyam Kunj, Krishna Vatika Society, Nr. Meghna Park, Opp. Rani Sati Motors, (diagonally opp. Suzuki Showroom) Citylight Road. Surat.

Phone – 0261-3022244

Wega shorts (sports shorts) will be available in School stores – You can buy it from school stores when you visit the school (Amount of Rs 400 for shorts will be deducted from your child’s Imprest deposit)

Please buy the uniforms as per the house of your child. Only Primary (Grades 1 – 6) and Senior School students (Grade 7  – 12) have house allocations. There will be no houses for the Early Years (Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG) students.

Students should be in complete uniform from the first day of school. In case of any problem in getting uniforms, please inform us immediately through email:

​Please note that it is mandatory for Senior School students to get full pants to school everyday. It is mandatory for students to wear during field trips, maker’s class and Science labs. In case they do not wear full pants they are not allowed to go for the makers class, field trips or labs. So please make sure that all students have full pants

Price of school uniform:



(School Zone)

Shorts with button

(Gr 1 & 2)

(School Zone)


(G 3 – 12)

(School Zone)

Track pants- Early years

(Fountainhead school stores)

House T-shirt

(Fountainhead School- stores)

Size Rate INR Size (Length) Rate INR Size (length) Rate INR Size Rate INR Size Rate INR
20, 22,  24 & 26 350 13 280 22, 24, 26 & 28 360 24 200 24, 26, 28 & 30 450
28 & 30 380 14 & 15 300 30, 32 & 34 430 26 32, 34, 36 500
32 & 34 400 16 & 17 330 36 & 38 480 28 S,M. L, XL, XXL 550
36 & 38 430 40, 42 & 44 530 30
40 & 42 450 32
44 480

Bags There is a change in the  policy about school bags.  

Students from Nursery to Junior KG need to buy the prescribed school bag only. This bag will be available at School Zone. Details are as follows:

Grade Size Rate INR
Nur to Sr. Kg. Small 580/-

From Grade 1 onwards, students can buy bags as per their requirement/ choice. They can also choose to buy the bag available at School Zone (medium sized one)   if they wish to..

Please follow the guidelines below in case you are choosing a bag of your choice:

  • It should be big enough to carry a folder
  • Separate compartments for tiffin box, water bottle etc is preferable
  • Bag can be of any color. We  strongly recommend to avoid stereotypical colors (pink/ purple  for girls, blue / gray for boys) while choosing a bag
  • Trolley bags are not allowed.
  • Bag with characters like chota bheem, mickey mouse, Dora, Elsa, Spiderman, Barbie, Peppa pig, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Motu Patlu, Minions or any other character are strictly not allowed. The reason for doing so is to minimize media influence on the child.

Despite these constraints, we assure you that you will get plenty of smart bag options in the market and we encourage you to pick up the same.

Shoes – Students can wear shoes of any brand, provided they are completely or predominantly black. Socks should also be predominantly black. Shoes and socks can be purchased from any vendor of your choice.

  1. I-Card / Parent Card:

Each parent will be issued one I-card and two Parent cards for next academic session. No bearer card will be issued.


It is compulsory for all students to wear the I-card till June 30th after which the I-card must be kept in the bag at all times. Any student not wearing the I-card will not be allowed to board the bus. The  I-Card is also required for issuing books from the library.

Parent card:

We will be issuing 2 parent RFID cards (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification) to each parent for the next academic session. The Parent RFID Card will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Picking up the student from the bus stop during the drop off route.
  2. Picking up the student, while he/she is returning from nature camp, field trips, etc.
  3. Picking up the student directly from school (any person coming to pick the student has to bring the Parent RFID Card
  4. Present it as identification whenever visiting the school for any purpose.

This card will be registered in the school records in your child’s name and will be non-transferable. In case the parent card is not shown, even if you are a parent, the student will not be handed over to you. The same applies when you come to pick the child from the school. In case of any error or changes required in the I-card / Parent-card, please report to the Front Desk for rectification. This could take up to 5 working days.

  1. Transportation:

You can log on to the given link to view stop and timings after 10th May 2018.  During the first few days of school, transport schedule and routes can be a little off track as students are still adjusting to the new schedules. Further, because of rains from June to August there may be a delay in timings. Therefore, we hope for full cooperation from you during this period, till the schedule is settled.

  1. Chromebook: Every student of Grade 5 and above is expected to purchase a Google Chromebook from the next academic session. For more details please refer to the given link

Details regarding the purchase of chromebook as been shared with you through blog post. A meeting was also held regarding the same

  1. Important academic dates for the  year 2018-19:
Dates Event Comments
7th June, 2018 Thursday School begins – Grades 1- 10 & Grade 12 Please note that attendance on the first and the last day of school is highly recommended. The first few days of school are when a child gets adjusted to her new classroom, classmates and teacher. Missing the first day creates a disconnect in the child. If your child is unable to attend the initial days due any reason, then you need to email us about the same at
11th June, 2018 Monday School begins- Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG
2nd July, 2018 Monday School begins for Grade 11

16th June, 2018

Timings: 07:30 am – 09:30 am

First PTM for Grade  1 & 3 It is MANDATORY for both the parents’ to attend the PTM. In this meeting, curriculum will be discussed. Children are not allowed to accompany the parents for this meeting.

16th June, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 am

First PTM for Grade 2 & 4

23rd  June, 2018

Timings: 07:30 am – 09:30 am

First PTM for Grade 5 & 6

23rd June, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 am

First PTM for Early years (Nu, JK & Sk)

30th June, 2018

Timings: 7:30 am – 9:30 am

First PTM for Grade 7 & 8

30th June, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 am

First PTM for Grade 9, 10 & 12

We would like to emphasize on punctuality for all meetings at school. The school gates will close 5 minutes prior to the meeting timings. If you are late you will be requested to leave. No arguments/requests will be entertained. So kindly abide by the rules and be on time.

  1. Things to carry on the first day of school:
Early Years (Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG) School bag, water bottle, 2 lap sized napkins, snack box, extra pair of clothes
Primary (Grade 1 – 6), Middle Years (Grade 7 – 10) & Senior Years (Grade 11 & 12) Bag, water bottle, snack box

Stationery and books will be handed over to the student on the first day of  school.

It is mandatory to label your child’s bag, shoes, uniform, clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles etc. If they are misplaced/ lost (and students do lose a lot of their belongings), it becomes difficult to trace the items if they are not labeled. Loss of uniform (shorts, t-shirts and shoes) will not be accepted as a reason for not wearing the complete uniform.



Fountainhead School


Final PTC Slots

Final PTC Slots

Dear Parents

Kindly find the PTC slots for tomorrow as below :

Sr.No Slots Timings Names
1 07:30- 07:50 Dhairya Kansara
2 07:50- 08:10 Kiara Shah
3 08:10- 08:30 Mishthi Gupta
4 08:45- 09:05 Ananya Singhvi
5 09:05- 09:25 Riddhianand Gupta
6 09:25- 09:45 Rachit Baheti
7 09:45- 10:05 Adisesh Mundra
8 10:05- 10:25 Divyansh Chandak
9 10:25- 10:45 Arya Koshiya
10 10:45- 11:05 Shlok Patel
11 11:05- 11:25 Reyansh Agarwal
12 11:25- 11:45 Shaivee Savani
13 11:45- 12:05 Granth Gangwani
14 12:35- 12:55 Ridhaan Shekhani
15 12:55- 13:15 Mohit Choradia
16 13:15- 13:35 Vedshree Gandhi
17 13:35- 13:55 Aarav Patel
18 13:55- 14:15 Dhruv Agarwal
19 14:15- 14:35 Kiaara Narola
20 14:35-14:55 Raashi Bhatt