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1st Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) 2017-18 for EY and PY on Saturday, 17 June 2017.

1st Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) 2017-18 for EY and PY on Saturday, 17 June 2017.

Dear Parents,

1st Parent Teachers Meeting (PTM) for Early Years  (Nu, JK , SK) & Primary Years (G 1-6) is scheduled on Saturday, 17 June 2017. Please go through the details given below.


Grades Timings
Slot 1:  G 2, 3 & 6 7:30 am to 9:30 am
Slot 2: Early Year (Nu, Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg), G 1, 4  & 5 10:00 am to 12:00 noon


Please note that it is mandatory for all parents  to come to school by the school bus. Kindly refer to the bus schedule attached.  

Only the parents using school bus transport (as we have a parking constraint) will be allowed to attend the PTM. Please note that parents will not be allowed to board the buses after the railway crossing near the school and therefore will not be allowed to enter the school premises for the PTM. However, parents who wish to come on two-wheelers or cycles will be allowed as parking will not be a constraint.

  • Buses will reach school at 7:15 am and leave at 10:00 am SHARP for the first batch and for the 2nd PTM slot, buses will reach school by 9:45 am and leave at 12:30 pm  SHARP after the PTM ends.
  • Please note that the pantry coupons will be sold in school during PTM. A set of coupons costing Rs. 200 will be available, parent can buy as many sets as they wish to, through cash. Pantry coupons can also be purchased through PAYTM.
  • Refer to the bus schedule (given below) for your respective stop and timing. Please do not park your vehicles right at, or near the bus stops as this creates safety and traffic constraints for the general public.
  • While we expect the buses to have sufficient capacity to carry the parents, based on the average attendance at PTMs, it might be possible that some buses may be slightly more crowded than ideal. Please cooperate with us on the same and follow all bus safety rules as directed by the staff.

Please do not call the Front Desk requesting for entry to the school by giving reasons such as missing the bus, emergency situation etc. We request you to treat all the school staff (didis, bus drivers, conductors and attendants) including the school gate security staff with courtesy at all times. Please note that inappropriate tone, language or behavior will not be tolerated.

For those people who need to travel in an emergency, such as doctors, we will have a vehicle on standby to drop you so that you can get back immediately. We hope you will understand our constraints and extend your cooperation.

The parents coming through their own transportation (only in case of emergency or medical ground) can mail their requests latest by 15th June, 2017 to . Request will be approved based on the merit of the case. An email will be sent by us stating whether the request has been accepted or not.

Please note that pantry will be open for parents and only a few selected items will be available (today’s special, veg sandwich, amul cool, lemonade, tea/coffee and buttermilk). Parents can buy these items by  cash /coupons. Also, please carry a bottle of water with you for the PTM.


Falguni Jariwala

Asst GM- Administration

First two days in Nursery!!

First two days in Nursery!!

On the first day of school learners enjoyed playing in the class, they had a hearty meal with their new friends and made a wonderful hand printed 1st day card!! They enjoyed mingling with each other, sharing toys during play and singing rhymes together!! Teachers role modeled the class routines & procedures. All the best to our little ones for the year ahead!!

Thanks and regards,

Jimmi and Priyanka


Few glimpse for the same are:



Introduction of the teachers of Nursery Sky.

Introduction of the teachers of Nursery Sky.

Dear parents,


“Warm greetings to all of you!”


I hope you all had a refreshing and rejuvenating summer break. I welcome you all to Early years and  the new exciting academic year of 2017 – 18 with lot of enthusiasm and zest! Most of the students were seen settled on the very first day of school. They showed mixed feelings and emotions which I could relate with the poem  below :

Kindergarten is all about playing, learning and growing, I assure safe, secure and conducive learning environment for all the students through experiential, play based  learning. My team and I look forward to work in collaboration with you all, in shaping the lives of young children by achieving our school’s mission statement. You can write to me or  to the Homeroom teacher of your child at any point of time using the daily diary if you have any concerns. We will be communicating through the daily diary, blog and seesaw, I request you all to check them on regular basis for daily updates.


I am delighted to introduce myself and the team of Nursery Sky-

Manisha Naik

Team leader of Early year

I am commerce graduate from Maharashtra University from Dalmia Lions College, Mumbai. After joining fountainhead the learner in me excited me to pursue B. ed.. My first job was with the Design Techniques in Mumbai, as an Assistant Manager. After my husband’s transfer to Surat, I enrolled my son in Fountainhead School. I was inspired by the first orientation meeting as a parent and thus decided to join the school as a teacher in 2008. I admired the schools’ teaching methodology which connected me to the students. I was appointed as the Jr. KG Coordinator in 2011.I nurture and guide the teachers in classroom management as well as the curriculum.I enjoy swimming, dance, listening to music and I am also interested in designing outfits and visual arts.

Payal Jain

Assistant Team leader

Payal is a graduate in the field of Psychology from Mithibai college, Mumbai. Has done my B.ed in 2000 from  Lucknow university. The artist in her made her  pursue a diploma in Commercial arts and the learner in her motivate  to do  M.B.A after she had kids. She is delighted to be a part of Fountainhead school since 2012. She is energetic,enthusiastic and creative. She loves art and craft and listening to music.



Nursery Team

Jimmi Lineswala

Homeroom teacher- Nursery Sky  

Jimmi  was earlier a part of the Fountainhead Preschool for 3.5 years and now she is part of the Early Years team from 2016. She has completed B.Sc Chemistry in 2000.

Priyanka Patel

Homeroom teacher- Nursery Sky 

Priyanka is associated with Fountainhead School in 2017. She had previously worked with Fountainhead Preschool for 4 years. She has done her graduation from South Gujarat University. She is passionate about seeing children grow and learn. She enjoys being around with kids.


I would like to introduce the single subject teachers of Jr. Kg and Nursery for the academic year 2017 – 18

Art team

Shalini Nandkumar

Arts Team leader

Shalini has been in the teaching profession since 2008 and is working with Fountainhead School since 2012. She is PYP Arts Team Leader. She has done her “Diploma in Commercial Arts” from Government Polytechnic for Girls. She has attended IB workshops of CAT 1, 2 and 3. She has facilitated SAIBSA job alike session in Feb 2017.



Music Sir

Premsagar Umrao: Premsagar has been working with Fountainhead School since 2011 as a music teacher. He has done B.A. from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. He is a certified music composer and director from Mumbai University. He is the Music teacher for grade 3 , 4 and Nursery and will teach Vocals to grade 3 and 4 in Art and Design special.



Vipul Ariwala

Dance Sir

Vipul has done “Dance education programme” from Jay Nayak dance institute. He is a professional choreographer and organises events and is a part of Jay Nayak Dance institute. He is the Dance teacher for Nursery and will teach dance to Gr.3, 4 5 and 6 in Art and Design Special.


Physical Education Team:

Priyanka Chahwala

Physical Education Team Leader

Priyanka has been working with Fountainhead School since 2010. She has completed her Food Technology from Government Polytechnic, Goa. She enjoys dancing and reading nonfiction books. She is passionate about teaching.


Juganu Shah

PE Coach

Juganu Shah is a PYP PE educator. She has been working with Fountainhead school since 4 years. She is a  Reebok Certified Fitness coach and has done her Diploma in Yoga from Bombay university as well as Yoga therapy certificate course from Mumbai. She is currently pursuing the Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health course by University of Pittsburgh.
She will be coaching the following Classes for PYP PE  in Nursery.


Manisha Naik

Team Leader ,Early years.





Important note for parents!!!!!!

Important note for parents!!!!!!

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to Nursery. Kindly make note of the following points:

  • Send 5 recent passport sized photographs of your child by 12th June.
  • Students have  to wear I-card daily to school.
  • Send the  I-card with your child daily. This card will be used  to issue library books.
  • Label all your child’s  belongings. ( shoes, bag, water bottle, lunch-box, etc.)
  • Send floaters/crocs to be kept at school. (They will be sent back after the monsoon season.)
  • Keep an extra pair of uniform, undergarments (compulsory) and 2 napkins in the bag daily.
  • Details about the digital diary:  We have online diary system and no physical diaries.So all daily communication will be done through nucleus. Kindly check the school blog ( regularly for the updates. You need to go to your child’s grade and respective section to check the blog.



Welcome to Nursery !!

Welcome to Nursery !!

Today we had a walk-in for Nursery class and parents enthusiastically participated along with their kids. Learners were excited and involved in doing different activities. It’s the time to create a strong bond between parents and teachers to help them grow in a better way.


Jimmi and Priyanka.


A few glimpse for the same are:

School Timings and Transport Details for 2017-18

School Timings and Transport Details for 2017-18

Dear Parents,

Below are the school timings for all the grades for academic session 2017-18:

Grades Re-opens on Timings
Nursery 8th June 2017 9:55 am – 1:45 pm
Jr. KG & Sr. KG 8th June 2017 9:55 am – 3:15 pm
Grade 1 – 6 7th June 2017 7:15 am- 1:45 pm
Grade 7 – 10 & 12 7th June 2017 8:30 am – 3:15 pm
Grade 11 3rd July 2017 8:30 am – 3:15 pm

Please note that there will be some changes in the school timings for Nursery and Jr. KG students for the month of June 2017

Nursery: Timings for the students of Nursery for the first two working days, i.e. 8th June and 9th June will be 9:55 am to 12:00 pm. Students will come to school using the school transport, but will be going home at 12:00 noon. Parents will have to come to school to pick the students for these two days. From 10th June students will come at 9:55 am and leave at 1:45 pm

Junior Kg: Timings for Junior Kg students will be from 9:55 am to 1:45 pm for the month of June (till 30th June). 3rd July onwards timings will be 9:55 am to 3:15 pm.


Please note that the new bus routes and their timings have been updated on the school’s website. Kindly refer to the given link for the same. (

During the first few days of school, transport schedule and routes can be a little off track as students are still adjusting to the new schedules. Further, because of rains from June to August there may be a delay in timings. Therefore, we hope for full cooperation from you during this period, till the schedule is settled.

Please find below some important instruction related to the Transport Policy

  • It is compulsory for all students to avail school transport facility.
  • Routes & stops of the buses\van have been fixed for all major catchment areas of the city. Since the school wants to ensure that the time taken from the first stop to the last stop is fixed and limited, new stops / routes cannot be made for every request.
  • Request regarding change of bus stops for few days (upto 4 days) will not be accepted. In case of emergency you will have to pick-up your child from the school.
  • The bus\van will drop and pick up students at the assigned, designated pick-up / drop-off point only.
  • Since the school does not provide gate pick up or drop off facilities, the child may have to walk (and for younger children till age 10, dropped and picked-up) to and from the common convenient place in his / her residence vicinity. The pick up / drop off timings as communicated to you earlier, will be based on trial / dry runs and therefore may get affected due to traffic situation or restriction in vehicular movements. Students are expected to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before their standard bus timings, and if parents/guardians are picking up the child, then they are also requested to be at the stop 10 minutes before the expected arrival time.
  • Switching buses\vans on your own is not allowed.
  • Buses/vans will not stop along the way to pick up students who have missed the bus/van at the designated stop. However, a child who misses the bus at the previous stop may be dropped off at a further stop on the same route. You cannot board a bus of a different route e.g. if your child is coming through bus route no. 15 than s/he can only board the bus from any other stop of route no. 15.
  • Before changing your address, please make sure to identify the stop from all the existing routes and confirm with the school that a seat is available on that route. It is not feasible to create new stops / routes in the middle of the year because the address could be far from the existing routes or else even for a location falling on the route (because every new stop adds to the time taken by the vehicle and we intend to keep a maximum limit for the time taken).
  • In case you want to change the stop, it will be considered only after 30th June, 2017 and subject to the availability of seats in that particular route. If seats are not available then the request will not be accepted.
  • The school takes no guarantee of providing service in an area not covered by the given routes.
  • Request regarding change of bus stops for two/three days only will not be accepted. In case of emergency you will have to pick-up your child from the school.
  • Year on year, the routes and stops are surely going to change as there are shifts and changes in major residential addresses. Therefore, apart from adding new routes, we may also have to modify existing ones, or delete existing ones completely if that may be the need. The school will try not to disrupt an existing stop, but please note that under unavoidable circumstances, the school may have to change the stop location (e.g. Road Block due to SMC road construction/repair work, etc.)
  • Bearer card is compulsory from the first day of the school to pick up your child from the bus stop and the school even if the parents come for the pick up.

Note: Please reach the bus stop in time. The bus stop timings that have been given to you are given after taking into account an adjustment of a three minutes time variation. The bus will reach your stop at any time between the three minutes time slot for your bus stop. Please note that the bus will not wait at your bus stop for the full three minutes but will pick up the students and leave immediately. For example, if the timing for your bus stop is 7:02 to 7:05, then the bus will reach your bus stop anytime between 7:02 to 7:05 (Not wait for end time), pick up the students and leave immediately. The bus will not stop more then 30 second at your bus stop.



Fountainhead School






Mind Bend, Summer Camp

Mind Bend, Summer Camp

Dear Parent,


Mind Bend is coming up with following camps:
  • 7 days Camp (2 hours) at Sargam & Adajan Branch for age group – 10 years to 14 years
  • 1 Day Science Party (3 hours) at Sargam Branch age group – 8 years to 14 years






Fountainhead Preschool.

Upload Photo for Student Compendium in Nucleus (2017-18)

Upload Photo for Student Compendium in Nucleus (2017-18)

Dear Parents,

This form is for you to upload a family photo which will be added in Student’s Compendium (Profile) in Nucleus. The reason being, it is easy for staff members to recognize the parents and the student when they meet them.

Please note:

  • The respective form must be filled ONLY from parent’s email Id.
  • The family photos must have parents and siblings. (No uncle/ aunts or grandparents)

Kindly fill up the form latest by, 31st May 2017.


If you face any problem while filling up the form, you can send mail to with Student’s FSK ID, Name and Photograph.


Fountainhead School, Kunkni.