Highlights of the day 14-08-18

Highlights of the day 14-08-18

Day 3


  • Formative assessment was conducted.


  • Students applied their understanding of subtraction to solve real-life problems.



Sums on Subtraction of 5-digit numbers with regrouping and zero.

A. Find the difference:

1) 55,021 – 27,484                               2) 80,013 – 14,199                                  3) 66,247 – 42,806

B. Subtract:

1) 40,516 from 92,690                     2) 6,247 from 66,807                         3) 48,400 from 93,254

C. In a box, there are two magical numbers: 75,604 and 57,295. Write which magical number is bigger and by how much.

D. My target for the month of August is to collect 14,902 marbles. So far I have collected 9,327 marbles. How many more marbles do I need to collect to achieve my target?

E. Tina and Sumit decided to keep a track of the number of steps they walk in a week. After one week they found that Tina had walked 15,341 steps and Sumit had walked 20,020 steps. How many less steps did Tina walk in that week?


Find at least two examples of each simple machine in your home.
Identify which simple machine is being used, draw a picture of it, label the picture,
and write a description of how it makes our work easier.

Kindly follow Hindi-Gujarati blog for their respective homework.


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Highlights and homework – Day 3 – August 8th

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – August 8th

UOI integrated with PE: Learners visited a local school ‘Lavachha Choriyasi School.’  They interacted with the students and played team games.

Language: Learners practised Simile by reciting and comprehending the poem ‘My Family’ by Stacy Zeiger. Further, they practised the goals ‘listening attentively and discussing in the group’ by listening to the poem.

Math: Learners tried hands-on with equipment and practised conversion of measurements.


UOI: Reflect on your today’s visit, make the connection with the central idea ‘Children worldwide encounters a range of risks, challenges and opportunities’ and note down 5 things you learned, 3 connections you made and 2 questions in your UOI notebook.

Language: In your language EE notebook, complete Week 4 Day 4 and Weekend Task.

Math: Practice conversion of measurement through Khanacademy.

Homework for the Day

Homework for the Day

Language: Open the link below and complete the task in your Language NB.

descriptive writing WS

( Correction, spelling correction and incomplete work of previous HW also needs to be finished)

UOI: ICT – Make your Home time table in the Google sheet . Make sure the below task are completed .

Spreadsheet Name & rename
Font style and Size
Bold and Italic
changing text and cell color
Increasing the size of row
Increasing the size of column
Merge cells , wrap text
Make a copy and send to the ” timetable Reciprocity ” folder shared by Seema Ma’am
Alignment (Horizontal and vertical), indent
Adding a sub sheet in the main sheet and renaming it
Protecting the sub sheet (lock), cells in the sheet
Freezing row/column (max can be 2)
Changing the ownership to seema.tater
Download as PDF

Hindi and Gujarati hw  to be completed .

Class Assembly : The folders have been shared for the scripts . Kindly complete your respective scripst before Thursday.

Day 3-Homework for the day!! (14th August 2018)

Day 3-Homework for the day!! (14th August 2018)

Language: To be done in the Language HW notebook.
Read the story and answer the below questions in full sentences:-
1. What does Nani keep losing?
2. What were the different places she could find Nani’s glasses?
3. Write in short which activities Nani did during the day?
4. What did she decide to be while searching for glasses?
5. Where were the glasses found at the end?
Grade 2 🙂
Highlight and Homework

Highlight and Homework

Highlight of the day

Math : Students practiced the conversion of metric units through manipulatives. 

UOI integrated with PE :  Learners visited a local school ‘Lavachha Choriyasi School.’  They interacted with the students and played team games.



Math : 

Students have to solve the following in their math homework book :

  1. John rode 2 kilometers on his bike. His sister Sally rode 3000 meters on her bike. Who rode the farthest ?
  2. Jessica is measuring a line segment. The line segment is 30 cm long. Line segment is how many mm long?
  3. Jiya weighed 55 kg in the month of May. After exercising for 2 months, she lost 2 kg weight. How much does she weigh now?


Reflect on your today’s visit, make connection to the central idea ‘Children worldwide encounter range of risk, challenges and opportunities’.  Note down 5 things you learned, 3 connections you made and 2 questions on an A4 paper.



Ekta Bathija

Recap of the day -14/8/18

Recap of the day -14/8/18

Math –    

Learners learned to solve problems involving units of measurements and carry out mathematical operations (addition and subtraction) on them.

Language: Students revised Simile through the poem My Family by Stacy Zeiger.

UOI: Students discussed the various kinds of Risks and Challenges that children encounter. In addition, students made connections with the Learner Profile attributes, PYP Attitudes and Related concepts of this unit.



Task 1:  Look at the image and describe the boy/boys using complete sentences as done in class.



The boy/s have a _______ face.


He had a ________skin.


He wore ________ dress.


He was adorned with________.


He looked ________.


He was ___________.


Task 2: Read the following article and answer the following questions.

Click on the following link to access the article: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LtC0Rtc0DZJf_eexUCUAXtHOaURJULTFSTj0RuRO4MU/edit?usp=sharing

Image result for i see i think i wonder

citation: https://www.slideshare.net/hrysa/i-see-i-think-i-wonder-16556222

Happy Independence day to all.


Homework of 14th August

Homework of 14th August

  • An article on ‘Malala’ has been given to you in class. You need to do note-taking(by underlining) and annotating as taught during the reading of Holes.

You also need to segregate the information in the article as per the lines of inquiry of the current unit, as discussed in class.

  • Ensure you complete the Hindi and Gujarati homework, posted on the blog.

Image result for jai hind image

Source – Jai hind images


Grade – 2 Gujarati Homework (Ab – initio level) Cycle – 8 (Date : 14/08/2018)

Grade – 2 Gujarati Homework (Ab – initio level) Cycle – 8 (Date : 14/08/2018)

ગૃહકાર્ય ( गृहकार्य ) :

નીચે આપેલી link પરથી વાર્તા “એકતા માં શક્તિ છે” સાંભળો. વર્ગમાં રમત દ્વારા વાર્તાનું Reflection લેવામાં આવશે.

नीचे दी गई link से “એકતા માં શક્તિ છે” कहानी सुनें | कक्षा में खेल के माध्यम से कहानी का Reflection लिया जाएगा |

વાર્તા – એકતા માં શક્તિ છે

Link :