Highlights and homework – 23rd October 2018

Highlights and homework – 23rd October 2018

Day 4 – Tuesday.


Students presented their brochures (Summative assessment).


Learners solved word-problems related to time.



Convert the following into 24-hour format.

12 hour                               24 hour                                   

a) 3:00 pm

b) 1:45  pm

c) 8:15 pm

d) 9:35 am

e)10:00 am

f)11:55 pm

g)1:05 pm

Solve the following word problem:

1. On Sunday, I spent 98 minutes on my science project and 35 minutes on my math homework. On Thursday evening, I spent a total of 100 minutes on my homework. What is the difference between the time spent on completing homework on Sunday and Thursday evening?

2. My dad drives a truck. Last week, he drove 136 km on Monday and 145 km on Tuesday. This week, he drove 150 km in total. Which week did he drive more?

3. My Mother arrived at my grandmother’s house at 7:10am. My brother left our house at 6:50am and arrived at grandmother’s house 10 minutes after mother. How long did it take him to get there?

Have a good day! 🙂




Solve the following:

a) There are 365 days in one year. How many days are there in 36 years?

b) 2560 students are going to the zoo. They have to be divided into groups so that each teacher has one group. There are 25 teachers. Each teacher will have to manage how many students?

c) John can run one block in 30 seconds. How far can he run in 5 minutes?

d) What is the area of a square-shaped room with length 25m?


Stars of the day: Ananya Agrawal  and Nyassha Fudhnawala (For becoming a leader and helping her peers during Playtime)





Fatema Topiwala


Grade 6 Deliberate – 23rd October’18

Grade 6 Deliberate – 23rd October’18


A) Prepare for tomorrow’s Science Fair. Remember to get all the required things for the fair.

All the best!

B) Watch the following video and come prepared, we will have a discussion in our next Language Development slot –



Get the formative assessment notebook signed by the parents.

Homework for the day- 23rd October 2018

Homework for the day- 23rd October 2018

Dear students,

Following are the tasks to be completed as for today’s homework:-

  1. Solve the following set of word problems in your Maths homework notebook:-

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2


2. Prepare for your summative assessment task. Following is the list of criteria based on which your project will be assessed:-


3. Finish off the Khan academy tasks related to addition and subtraction of integers till 25th October 2018.

Today’s Homework

Today’s Homework

Do the following tasks in your math notebook.

Task 1- Write the properties of 3D shapes given below: 

1. Cylinder   2. Cone    3. Cube    4. Cuboid    5. Sphere.

Task 2- Create your own story problem and solve it.

Task 3- Write the ordinal numbers and its name:

1) 12      2) 15      3) 20      4) 9


Grade 1 Team.

Homework for the day – 23rd October 2018

Homework for the day – 23rd October 2018

Today the students attempted the summative assessment of the linguistic skill of persuasive writing. Tomorrow they will be displaying their understanding of the unit through the summative assessment.


Students have been asked to carry their FA notebooks for you to acknowledge the same by signing.


The students have to solve the word problems from the worksheet shared below.

Link to the worksheet:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j9T6u5f-sv394ctGpjCu0kdHeTfFO-oShdWQ47uKbnM/edit?usp=sharing


Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta

Recap of the day – 23rd October, 2018

Recap of the day – 23rd October, 2018

Day 4, Tuesday

UOI: Students created posters and model for their Summative Assessment task for the unit “Energy”.



Describe the physical appearance of any one character from the page number 105 of the reader Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Keep in mind the criteria given below:

Write 4-5 lines
Use punctuation and capitalization in your writing
Use correct spelling
Use adjectives/ adjectival phrases to describe the character



Dear parents,

You must be aware that Grade 4 students have been experimenting and learning about  ‘How energy can be converted and used to support human progress.’ Our young scientists are all charged up to lead and showcase their understanding through a student-led conference through the science fair.

Fountainhead has always stated that parent participation holds equal importance in a child’s education as they are an important part of the learning community. Therefore, we hereby, invite you to celebrate your child’s learning of the current unit and assess their understanding.

Date 24th October
Time 8:45 am to 10 am
Orientation venue Number Nagar (Wing 6 2nd floor)

We request you to clear your schedule and make time to appreciate the efforts put in by your child.You are supposed to assemble first at the orientation venue for the briefing of the assessment checklist. Later, you will be escorted to the venue for the science fair.

Note: Carpooling is appreciated and recommended since we are promoting energy conservation and we have limited parking space.

Homework for today

Homework for today

Watch the following video and come prepared, we will have a discussion in our next Language Development slot


Math :

  1.  Rasha is a microbiology student. She was doing a research on optimum temperature for the survival of different strains of bacteria. Studies showed that bacteria X need optimum temperature of -31˚C while bacteria Y need optimum temperature of -56˚C. What is the temperature difference?
  2.    2. A submarine is at 20m below the sea level and further descends by 250m? What is the distance covered by the submarine?