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Month: October 2012

H.W for the day | 31 Oct ’12

H.W for the day | 31 Oct ’12

Submission of the Business Reports & Business Journals, some students still have to submit their reports & journals. Last day tomorrow.
Topics for Math S.A.
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Basic Geometry and its vocabulary.
  • Basic properties of 2-D geometric shapes.
  • Transformations- Reflection, Rotation and Translation.
  • Tessellations (will be introduced tomorrow)
  • Reference book: Ch3 and ch 24 from Checkpoint. Even Mindspark and weblinks posted on FSICT for this topic to be considered for revision.
Inter-house Elocution competition:
The competition is to be held next week. Total time for speaking : 10 mins.
The topics are as follows-
  • If I had the super powers for a day
  • If I could speak to the animals
  • If I would to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world
Sorry for not being in touch.

Sorry for not being in touch.

Dear parents

I appreciate you for letting your children go through the readers often and again (The cat in the hat, The Gruffalo ). They are too excited and amazed

at their own abilities to read such books on their own. Most of you are now  may be feeling re leaved of some tension. There is no turning back, the

children are on the going.Watch them grow.


Gr-1- Hope.


Highlights of Oct 31

Highlights of Oct 31

Day 2
Thought of the Day
“Truth always wins”

The learners appeared for the Math Formative Assessment.


Practice Math Online

UOI- Answer the three questions
1) What did you learn from this Unit?
2) Which activity did you enjoy the most?
3) List down three Beliefs and Values you carry from your Culture?

Keep Reading and Accomplishing your Goals 🙂

Grade 9 Language

Grade 9 Language

Dear Students

You are allowed to carry your copy of both the short stories but without any additional information on it other than the printed story. Do NOT bring your novels only the short stories are allowed

Aayushi and Ayman

Grade 3 Illuminate homework – 31st Oct

Grade 3 Illuminate homework – 31st Oct

Complete the following wallwishers.Just click on the links given below, do the homework and close the window. Easy Peezy lemon squeezy…


Please prepare for summative assessment. Go through all the tutorials given to you and learn the names of each organ and its function in the system.

Complete the questionnaire on bullying and submit tomorrow.

Prepare posters for anti-bullying campaign in the school. (optional)

Start completing the boxcar children workbook. To be submitted after Diwali break.

Highlights and Homework (31st Oct)

Highlights and Homework (31st Oct)


There was one school reading together where students read a book of their choice.


An incomplete story was given to them and asked to complete it giving relevant ending. This enhanced their thinking skill.


Complete the MATH and LANG worksheet.