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Month: November 2012

Gujarati Highlights of August to November

Gujarati Highlights of August to November

We took 12 classes and class time divided in different activities.

We completed stories from the reader “vaarta lo koi vaarta”  part 1 and from part 2 three story completed.We also completed diffrent types of maatras.

વાર્તા લો કોઈ વાર્તા – ભાગ  1 / 2

Workbook writing :

માત્રા લેખન :અ ,આ ,ઇ ,ઈ ,ઉ, ઊં ,એ
અક્ષર લેખન : ક , ખ , ગ , ઘ , ચ , છ ,જ , ઝ

We also play crossword game based on maatras to recognize alphabets writing in workbook.

Itinerary and details for grade 8 Nature Camp

Itinerary and details for grade 8 Nature Camp

Dear Parents,

Students will leave on 8 December from Surat  by Train No. 12925 Paschim Exp at 15:45. Students are requested to reach railway station by 3 pm.

Students will have holiday on 8 dec


PLease refer to the itinereary and things to carry:


 8 Dec Departure from Surat by Train No. 12925 Paschim Exp at 15:45.

Please report outside inquiry counter, Surat Railway Station at

15:00 afternoon.

9 Dec Arrive Ambala Cant at 14:40 and leave for Shimla by bus.

Arrive Kufri Campsite at around 9 pm. Basic instructions,

Eco-huts allotment, dinner.

10 Dec Orientation meeting, breakfast and Rock climbing &

Rappelling /Burma bridge & Bush Craft in two groups. Group

will inter change after lunch.

11 Dec After Breakfast Valley Crossing & Double Rope crossing in

the morning.  And treasure hunt & Group game after lunch.

12 Dec After Breakfast trek to Kufri Nature park. After Lunch Navigation trek

through map reading.

13 Dec After breakfast concluding session. Visit Shimla town after

lunch. Back to the campsite.

14 Dec After breakfast depart for Ambala and then to Surat by

Train No. 12926 Paschim Exp. at 13:05.

15 Dec Arrive Surat Railway Station at 10:20. Please check the

platform number.


What to get along:

  • Four  pairs of casual clothes
  • One pair warm clothes
  • Rain coat
  • Towel
  • Sports shoes, slippers, cotton socks
  • Day pack, torch, cap, water bag and sanitary requisites.
  • School ID Proof
  • Sleeping bags and plates will be provided at the campsite


What not to carry: paper plates, plastic/polythene bags or any disposable items, Cell phones, I-Pads, electronic games, ornaments and other valuables

Gujarati Highlights of August – November

Gujarati Highlights of August – November

We took 4 classes and we completed four stories from the reader “તનુ ” we did reading , words meaning and oral discussion on story. We have completed different activities   and game based on story for enhance their skills.We also show them different flash cards of:  Handy helpers , Vegetables , Animals to recognize pronounce  in Gujarati.We also did homework presentation in their respective classes.

Story Read aloud name:

  1. તનુને  એક ગલુડિયું મળયું
  2. સ્નુપી બહેરો બન્યો
  3. સ્નુપી એ રંગ બદલ્યો
  4. તનુ ને ઝટ ઝટ મોટા થવું હતું
  5. દોડવીર કાચબો
  6. સાબર ના રૂપાળા સિંગડા
  7. કોંણ વધુ બળવાન
કવિતા :
  1. મારી  મમ્મી પ્યારી
  2. હાથી ભાઈ જાડા
  3. એક બિલાડી જાડી
  4. બા મને ચપટી વગાડતા
  5. નાની મારી આંખ


write remaining two lines of alphabet “ट” and “ठ” and colouring pictures related that alphabets. Students have do this H.W in their work book.( in some classes Home work will given in their respected classes)

Jr.KG White: Highlights of the week (27th November to 1st December)

Jr.KG White: Highlights of the week (27th November to 1st December)

Circle Time:

  • Revision of all the rhymes done till date.
  • Morning Message: We are we are inquirers, we ask we ask questions!

UOI: – Family and friends play a role in our lives.

  • Role play: – Students were given situations and they had to act accordingly.


  • Word of the week: revision of all the word of the week done till date.

Introduction of letter “P” and its associations (Pail, Paintbrush, Pajamas, Pan, Panda, Panther, Pants, Paper, Parachute, Parrot, Peach, Peacock, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Pear, Pencil, Pens, Penguin, Pet, Piano, Pickles, Pie, Pillow, Pineapple, Pig, Pirates, Pizza, Plants, Plate, Plum, Pocket, Pom-Poms, Popcorn, Porcupine, Postcard, Pot, Potato, Princess, Pumpkin, Puppet, Puppy, Puzzle, Peas, Pin, Pudding)

  • High frequency words: – Introduction of “you” and revision of other words done till date( I, he, she, me, we, do, go, to, no, by, my, so, up, in, us, on, or, as, at, am)


  • Introduction of number “16 and 17” by using vocabulary ten and six, sixteen and ten and seven, seventeen.
  • Revision of Terms: long-short, wide-narrow, small-big, up-down, far- near, left-right, inside-outside and Fat-thin etc was been practiced.
  • Revision of mathematical operation- counting, association, after, before, middle, between, forward, backward, more and less, greater than and less than from number 0-15.
  • Revision of sorting objects according to shape, size and colours was done.

Free Play:

  • Construction Blocks
  • Puzzles
  • Sensory foot path blocks.

Important Note:-

  • We had sent you the helping family log sheet along with the Diwali homework; please send it back by next week, as it is a part of UOI assessment.
  • As a part of UOI, we are planning for one day picnic for next week. We are in search of of good place nearby, which is spacious to play and with proper shelter which can accommodate 150 students and 20 adults (approx.); maybe it’s a farm house or a picnic spot. If you own such place and interested inviting then please let us know by 1st December 2012(Saturday) through communication Diary.
  • Due to holidays on 12th & 13th December school will be working for students on 1st December (Day 2 will be followed) & 15th December (Day 1 will be followed)(both Saturdays).
  • Kindly practice math operation (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child. And in language identification of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.).
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.


Have a nice Sunday!



Hindi Curriculum planning for Month of December ( Grade: 2)

Hindi Curriculum planning for Month of December ( Grade: 2)

We will do these activities in this month

Read aloud from story book:

  • चुनमुन और माँ
  • नन्हा पौधा
  • भला काम


  • Find out habit and learner profile from the story
  • Example of habit proactive
  • Question – answers
  • Words from the story and write on the chart
  • Rhyming words from the story “नन्हा पौधा”

Work book:

  • Till page no. 42
  • Singular and plural
  • Grammar worksheet

Home work

  • Home work will given in each slots and mention in the work book

Note: We will take assessments in this month.

Important note for Parents

Important note for Parents

Dear Parents,

There has been a change in the schedule for the trip to Sarthana zoo. The students will follow their regular school timings. The parents are requested to drop their child on the regular bus stops and time. We will depart for Sarthana zoo from school at 10:30.

We will follow the regular bus route (3:30 pm route) on our way back. You need to pick up your child from the regular bus stop and time in the afternoon. Therefore there will be no common stop . All the other things to bring along are the same. They don’t have to bring books. They have to carry 2 lunch boxes, water bottle, and caps.

Thank You

Regards Team


Grade 6, Homework for the day, 30th November,2012.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 30th November,2012.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


  • Check point book Ex. 3.4.B. Q. 2,3(a,b),4(a).
  • Bring pictures famous buildings that have used polygons in an interesting way.   Explain how and why it’s interesting.
  • CHALLENGE QUESTION: Create a triangle with more than one Obtuse Angle. Possible? Give reasons for your answer.
Lots of force around us isn’t it?? So which branch of science is it??
In you UOI books answer the question: What is physics?