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Day: November 27, 2012

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (27th Nov).

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (27th Nov).

CT- We started the day with greetings and rule song and then students shared their experiences during Diwaali vacation, few of them went out of town, few visited their relatives and few were in town. As a whole they enjoyed the festival and had fun with their friends and cousins. Students reflected their learning’s even in their vacation for example one of the student went to kerela and experienced cold climate in Munnar ,saw beautiful hills and tea plantation ,almost all the students could tell that hilly region so cold climate and their occupation is tea plantation and the same student went to kovalam ,there she experienced hot climate ,immediately they could reflect that sticky and humid climate, so the same went for Goa, Junagadh, Uttaranchal ……., They played games like badminton and cricket and related the same to unit-Human body and its importance to maintain fit and healthy life style. Most of the students stayed in lavish hotel during their vacation and they realised the importance of nature camp and hardships.


Introductions of punctuation (Full stop and Comma)


Introduction of ordinal numbers.

Grade 3 Illuminate W.W.L. and H.W

Grade 3 Illuminate W.W.L. and H.W

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to the 2nd term of this academic year. Wishes for a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Today we started our class with a tsunami of excitement and joy. We shared all about our vacation and all that we experienced during the Diwali break. Then in Math, we started with cardinal and ordinal numbers and their use. It was easy, peezy lemon squeezy for our learners.  Then we did ‘punctuations’ in Language. We gained an understanding on how and when do we use certain punctuations. It was very interesting. I’m thrilled at the enthusiasm of the learners, especially after a long break. All of them have proactively started speaking in fluent English language. yeay, I’m happy.


Homework: Please make 10 sentences in language book, using ordinal numbers.

Submit Diwali Homework tomorrow.

Notice for middle years Grade 8 and 9 students.

Notice for middle years Grade 8 and 9 students.

 NES International School Mumbai-IB World School, Mulund, Mumbai – 400 082,has organized a unique programme on
 “4 Dimensional Space Exploration programme for Indian Students” on December 5, 2012 at 9.00 a.m. to create a new dimension in the exploration of space for our new generation.
The four dimension of the space exploration programme :
 INTERESTED STUDENTS: Last Date of giving name is 28th Nov ,2012

Registration Fees – Rs 500

maximum of 10-11 students can join the workshop
Reflection of the day- 27/11/12

Reflection of the day- 27/11/12

Dear Parents,

Here is the reflection of the day 27/11/12

Morning talk of the vacation, revision of 7 Habits, Routines and procedure.

Language: Rhyme “Tap your sticks” with actions, Saw Karadi tales “The singing donkey” and “the fish and three friends”

Note: Maths HW number names fro 301 to 350.


Thanks & Regards,

Shivani Dharia

Grade 1 Concord.

Highlights and homework 27 Nov.’12

Highlights and homework 27 Nov.’12



A read aloud of the poem Ticklish Tom (Genre: free verse, poetic element: Rhyme and Rhythmic pattern) was done in class. This was followed by reflection of learners on the same, in form of answering the questions and illustrating the poem.

Learners played the word game in the class to enhance their word power.


A read aloud of the book “How big is the foot”, was done in class. In the book, they used copy of the king’s foot to measure the things. Learners were asked at this point, do we use the same today, if not, what is that which we use today. They wrote a reflection based upon their understanding.


Tables 1 to 15

Grade 6, Homework 27th November,2012.

Grade 6, Homework 27th November,2012.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


Explain following words (In your Language note book) and quote examples:

1. Prose
2. Poetry
3. Verse
4. Metre (In terms of poetry)
Q. “”Poetry has to rhyme”. Is this statement true or false. Justify.
Highlights and Homewrok (27th Nov)

Highlights and Homewrok (27th Nov)

A revision on Routines and Procedures was done to refresh the students.


A poem “It’s finally friday” by Paul Orshoski, the genre of which is Humorous was done in class.

A read aloud of the book “How big is a foot?” was also done.


Those who haven’t completed writing the reflection on the read aloud done in class should submit tomorrow.



Highlights of 27th November 2012

Highlights of 27th November 2012


Routines and Procedures:- Learners revised routines and procedures in the form of a game.

Poem book:- A poem “Ticklish Tom” (stand alone poem) in the poem book was read aloud in the class. Later a discussion on the genre, the poetic element and comprehension strategy was taken in regards to the set of questions as well. 

Math:- A read loud “How big is the foot” was done in which the King’s foot was taken as a unit to measure. As this does not happen in the real-life, learners were asked to give real- life solutions as to how and what all means do they use to measure things.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:- Parents are requested to acknowledge the sports camp form (those whose wish to send their child for camp) and send it tomorrow itself  without fail along with the cheque.

Prince and Princess for the month of October & November

Prince and Princess for the month of October & November

Congratulations to the cute Princess and smart Princes of Sr.Kg Kindle. These children are the ones who made constant efforts to  converse in English  with teachers and also followed the routines & procedures diligently.

The names of the Princes & Princesses are :

  • Sunay
  • Shaurya
  • Zainab
  • Hitansh

Apart from these children, Shanaya and Aaryam also did a  good job, So they were given a Shiny Star.

Keep it Up!!!!

              Speak English….

                                     Bring a napkin daily…..

                                                                   Follow routines….

                                                                                            Be a Star…..!!!

All Kindlers are stars!!!  Parents kindly take this in a healthy spirit and motivate your child to speak in English and follow all the routines & procedures at school.


Nandini Aswani.

HRT Sr.KG Kindle