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Day: November 28, 2012

Reflection of the day- 28th November’12_ Day-4

Reflection of the day- 28th November’12_ Day-4

Learnt new rhyme: Tap your sticks

Math: Revised addition facts. Solved sums of addition in math notebook.

Language: Revised vowels and consonants in notebook.

UOI: Revised the unit- How we organize ourselves and its enduring understanding.

Revised year long unit- How we express ourselves– its central idea and line of inquiries.

 Today’s H.W.

Frame sentences of the given words using proper punctuation.

Wish you a very happy new year!

Warm regards,

Shruti.Patel 🙂

Grade -1 “AMITY”

Highlights and homework 28 Nov.’12

Highlights and homework 28 Nov.’12



Learners were tuned in for the new unit. They were asked prompting questions and by giving answers to these questions they came with keywords which included energy, stamina, power, etc. This was followed by an activity wherein learners were given a chart paper, on which there was a graphic organiser and they were supposed to write the keyword energy in the centre and around that write whatever comes to their mind related to the keyword energy.


Going further on measurement, learners did an activity where they were supposed to fly a paper dish like a Frisbee and then estimate the approximate value of distance. This was followed by estimating the real value of distance with the help of a measure tape.


Language writing (1 page)

Highlights and Homework

Highlights and Homework

Language: Learners had good time exploring TM to D process, for paraphrasing. They even discovered the COM concept and practised identifying the Main Idea from the given paragraph.

Math: Learners discussed “Diwali Homework” within their group. We also revised fraction concept.

UOI: Sharing and Presentation of “Desert” biome was done.

Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day for submission of “Diwali Vacation Homework”. You are expected to complete your pending assignments and in addition record 5 synonyms for “Slippery” in your language book. Also get the consent form for Dholavira.

Welcome back Symbiosis

Welcome back Symbiosis

Dear parents and students,

We are back to school and with full enthusiasm started out our first day with the revision of our school and class mission statements. We also re visited our essential agreements and mutually decided to adhere to them more religiously.

We went over the diwali homework for both math and language. Students were asked to proof read each other’s language papers and read out loud in the class after making the corrections. Through this way of reading, correcting, and listening, students were more clearly able to identify the usual grammatical mistakes.

A brief up on the Dholavira trip was also done in class and expectations of the trips were cleared. A parent consent form was handed out to the students and it needs to be turned in by the 30th of November.

Homework- 1. Revise your goals and update you log sheet to keep a track of how dedicated you are on accomplishing them.

2. Pick a book of your choice or a newspaper article and write down 5 new words with their meanings. Due by Friday.

Grade 3 Highlights and Homework- 28th November 2012

Grade 3 Highlights and Homework- 28th November 2012

Circle time- Meditation

Sharing experiences of the vacation.

UOI- Tuning In- Class discussion on the reflection of the previous unit about body systems and connecting it to the current unit. In the discussion we discussed,”How the body and earth are organizations made of the systems which work together and how the choices we make help us maintain well”. Students reflect their understanding of the central idea and concept- causation, through the ‘Hands down’ graphic organizer.

Language- Punctuation( apostrophe, speech mark,question mark and exclamation mark through the board work.


UOI- Research about the systems of the Earth.

Language- Worksheet related to punctuation(comma).

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 28th November, 2012.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 28th November, 2012.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


  • Visit the given link:

Write your understanding from the video in your Math note book. Submission on 29th November, 2012.

  • Ex.3.4 A. Submission on 29th November, 2012.
  • Create a geometric design using different types of triangles. Also write a short write-up on how you went about the design and which different triangles you have incorporated in your design. Color or collage on an A4 sheet. Submission on 30th November, 2012.


In your language notebook, write down five differences between Prose and Poetry.


Collect pictures from magazine and newspapers of various types of forces and prepare a collage of it.

Highlights of 28th November 2012

Highlights of 28th November 2012


UOI:- Tuning in of the new unit “Energy” was done by asking students various questions and discussing the same. Through this they came across the word “energy” as well as other connecting words. Later, the students were grouped and were asked to write down whatever comes to their mind when they think of the word “energy”.

Math:- Continuing with the tuning in activity of measurement, students were made to play a game on estimating the distance. Each of them threw a paper dish and then initially was asked to estimate the distance. After their estimation, the distance was actually checked with a measuring tape. The difference of their estimation and the actual distance was tracked. Through this they understood the importance of standard units of measurement.

ICT:- Students played various interactive games on math and language to enhance their learning.

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (28th Nov)

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (28th Nov)

UOI-Introduction of new unit (Tuning In)-We started this session through brainstorming. We revised our previous unit-Human body, its system and interconnections through this we connected to current unit –Earth resources, Students came up with many things like wind, plants and trees and its importance and how it is connected to human and ways to preserve the same. The same they reflected in graphical organizations (Hands down).Students came to know which  the TDT we are focusing.

Language-Continuation of punctuation-Apostrophe and speech marks.

Maths-Revision of ordinal numbers.


Lang-Complete Work sheets

Maths-Complete the ordinal numbers till 100th

Grade 5 Reciprocity, Highlights and Homework, (28/11/12)

Grade 5 Reciprocity, Highlights and Homework, (28/11/12)

UOI -: We did the recap of the current unit ” Biodiversity relies on maintaining interdependence amongst organism within a biome”. Students filled up the “KWL” chart prepared in this unit. They filled up the “L” column to reflect on the understanding of the new concepts learnt in this UOI.

Reminder -: Complete the scrap book having details of all the biomes done and submit it on Monday, 03/12/12.

Language -: We did the activity on how to make our writing vivid and interesting. Students were read few passages based on the same so as to make difference between a plain text and a descriptive passage writing.

Math -: We did self-checking of the homework given during diwali vacation. We also revised the fraction concept done so far.

HW -: Do the correction of sums in your notebook.