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Month: November 2012

Circle time- Meditation

Students also wrote their behavior reflection of their vacations. Where they wrote description of their behavior, reasons and consequences of their behavior.

UOI- Students watch the videos on natural resources and collect information which they share through the activity—collect, connect and extend.

Math- Measurement(Capacity-Introductions) estimating using non standard units like spoon, mug and bucket to measure water and actual measurement of water using measuring cylinders, jars and beakers.


UOI- Make a mind map about all the information collected from the videos.

Write the facts you knew before the video and after the video about the natural resources.

Math- Refer the tutorial given and complete the capacity worksheet.

Highlights and homework:- 30th November 2012

Highlights and homework:- 30th November 2012


Math:- Students were given graph pieces of one cm and were asked to make the figure and find the perimeter using the basic idea of L+B+L+B. Later from the figure a discussion was taken ahead and they were made to derive the formula i.e 2(L+B). 

Have a look at the pics of students and their work pieces:-

Diwali homework discussion:- Language and math Diwali homework was discussed in the class. The students understood their mistakes and rectified the errors as well as asked the doubts if any.


1. 10 sums on finding and drawing the perimeter.

Nature camp circular (Please click on the link below):-

Grade-4 nature camp to Mahal

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (30th Nov).

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (30th Nov).

UOI-Tuning in-Students watched two videos of natural resources and collected the information in their UOI Note books .They made two columns 1.what did I collect and what I knew before. As part of their home work, they are given (yellow post- it), in which they have to write about natural resources and what they already knew. They enjoyed watching the videos and answered the question correctly.

Language-Continuation of punctuations-Capitalization (MINT Strategy)

M-Month’s name

I-“I” Pronoun

N-Names of place and people

T- Titles

Maths-Measurement-Standard measuring units using test tubes, beakers, and other measuring instruments.


Lang-Complete Work sheets

UOI-Already written under UOI topic.

Hindi Curriculum for Month of December ( Grade: 1)

Hindi Curriculum for Month of December ( Grade: 1)

In this month we will cover….

Read aloud:

  • चाँद का तोहफा

Video poems:

  • एक बंदर ने खोली दुकान
  • भारत माँ के बच्चे


  • Questions related different shops and professions.
  • Alphabet related words game
  • Finding habits and learner profile from the story.
  • Worksheet in which they have to identify the words related particular alphabet.
  • Inquiry related “ special days”- related poem


Work book:

  • “ड” to “त”
  • Revision of  alphabets “च” to “ढ”


  • Two lines of alphabet writing and coloring pictures.

Note: We will take assessments in this month.


Important Note

Important Note

Dear Parents,

As a part  of UOI , we are planning for one day picnic for next week. We are in search of good place nearby, which is spacious to play and with proper shelter which can accommodate 150 students and 20 adults (approx.); maybe it’s a farm house or a picnic spot.

 If you own such place and interested in inviting then please let us know by 1st December 2012(Saturday) through communication diary.

Note: – This Saturday (1st December) is working day for students; they have to come to school.


Jr. KG Team.

Gujarati Highlights of August to November

Gujarati Highlights of August to November

We have took 12 class and class time was divided in different activities.

Story Read aloud :

 પૈસા નો વેડફાટ

 સૌથી મોટુ કોણ
 શેરડી નો સ્વાદ
 રીછે કાન માં શું કહયું
 લાલચુ કૂતરો
 મગર અને વાંદરો
 નકલખોર વાંદરો
 કાગડો અને કાબર
 ગજપતિ કુલપતિ
 મમ્મમી  ક્યાં  છે
 વફાદાર નોળિયો


કવિતા :


 એક બિલાડી જાડી
 હાથી ભાઈ તો જાડા
 ધોળું ધોળું સસલું
 મેં એક બિલાડી પાળી છે
 ચકી બેન ચકી બેન
 નાની મારી આંખ
 એકડો સાવ સળેખડો
 હું ને ચંદુ
We completed these above mentioned stories, read aloud and  poems recitation with different activities and game related to this.We have also covered homework presentation in their respective classes.



Nature Camp Itinerary Details

Nature Camp Itinerary Details

Dear Students and Parents

It is time for fun and frolic. The Jayalgarh nature camp schedule is given below. Kindly take note of the same

Students will leave on 7 December from Surat  by Train No. 12925 Paschim Exp at 15:45. Students are requested to reach railway station by 3 pm.

Students will have holiday on 7th December and join school from 14th  December.  Please note,  15th  December is also a working day for students.

 7 Dec Departure from Surat by Train No. 12925 Paschim Exp.

At 15:45. Please report outside inquiry counter, Surat

Railway Station at 15:00 afternoon.

8 Dec Arrive Delhi at 10:40 morning check in to the Hotel. After

Lunch Delhi Visit and departure for Haridwar by Train No.

12205 Dehradun Ac Exp. at 23:55

9 Dec Arrive at Haridwar Railway station at 04:00 morning and depart

for Jayalgarh by bus. Tent allotment. After breakfast, Water

exercise & Kayaking. After lunch,  rappelling and Jumaring.

10 Dec After breakfast, Rafting on river Alaknanda. Return to the camp

for lunch and post lunch Bridge Slithering, Evening at leisure

11 Dec After breakfast, Rafting on river Alaknanda for the second time.

Lunch at campsite. Team Games and concluding session in the


12 Dec After lunch departure for Haridwar and then to Surat by Train

No. 12912 Haridwar Valsad Express at 18:50.

13 Dec Arrive Surat at 16:35.

What to get along

  • 3-4 Four  pairs of casual clothes, shorts or comfortable tracks (for rafting)
  • warm clothes, sweater, jacket
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Towel
  • Sports shoes, slippers,  socks
  • Day pack, torch, cap, sunglasses, water bag and sanitary requisites.
  • School ID Proof – compulsory


All these preferably packed in a rucksack.


What not to carry: paper plates, plastic/polythene bags or any disposable items, Cell phones, I-Pads, electronic games, ornaments and other valuables


There would be a theory session on Rafting. Camp games,  cricket, volleyball, etc. that can be attempted during the free time at the campsite.

Hindi Curriculum planning for Month of December

Hindi Curriculum planning for Month of December

In this month we will cover……

Read aloud:

  • आखिर यह क्या है
  • मेरे लिए अच्छी बाते

Video story:

  • हाथी की मित्रता
  • चालाक लोमड़ी


  • टमाटर
  • तोता
  • कविताओ का पुनरावर्तन ( हथीराजा, आज मंगलवार है, झूला, तोता, धोबी,बन्दर की ससुराल, टमाटर)
  • Note:In this month we will take Summative assessment


Hindi Highlights of October-November

Hindi Highlights of October-November

We took 4 slots and done these activities in the class.

Read aloud:

  • नन्हा पौधा
  • हाथी ने बनाया चित्र
  • भला काम
  • चुन मून और माँ
  • Story related Questions
  • Habits and learner profiles from story
  • Draw pictures related story and write the moral or understanding of the story.
  • Matra related games
  • Word antakshari
  • matra – clapping( one clap for “aa” matra’s words and two claps fro “ee” matra’s words
  • wrong and correct word game
Work book:
  • उ, ऊ, ए की मात्रा
Hindi Highlights of October-November

Hindi Highlights of October-November

In this month We took 5 classes and done these activities.

Read aloud:

  • वह हस दिया
  • हाथी और कुत्ता
  • चुलबुली बूंद
  • नव चली
  • नन्हा सुवर चला माँ को ढून्ढने
  • पिग्गी की उडान
  • Sentence game
  • Word building
  • Words from alphabets
  • Poems from alphabets
  • Clapping Game ( one clap for one alphabet and two clap for another alphabet)
  • Words from the story
  • Wrong & right words Game
  • Questions related story
Work book:
  • Revision from “अ ” to “घ ”

Alphabets writing and colouring  till “ ठ”