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Day: December 1, 2012

Jr. KG Red: Language Enhancement Activity

Jr. KG Red: Language Enhancement Activity

To Enhance the communication skills, the students were given different  pictures and were asked to view the picture and speak about it. This activity helped them to understand that the image and language interact to convey ideas and helped them to express their ideas clearly and confidently.



Jr.KG Red: Highlights of the week (27th November to 1st December)

Jr.KG Red: Highlights of the week (27th November to 1st December)

Circle Time:

  • Revision of all the rhymes done till date.
  • Morning Message: We are we are inquirers, we ask we ask questions!

UOI: – Family and friends play a role in our lives.

  • Revision of all the types of the families and all the vocabulary introduced regarding the unit
  • Role play: – Students were given situations and they had to act accordingly.


  • Revision of all the words introduced weekly

Introduction of letter “P” and its associations (Pail, Paintbrush, Pajamas, Pan, Panda, Panther, Pants, Paper, Parachute, Parrot, Peach, Peacock, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Pear, Pencil, Pens, Penguin, Pet, Piano, Pickles, Pie, Pillow, Pineapple, Pig, Pirates, Pizza, Plants, Plate, Plum, Pocket, Pom-Pom, Popcorn, Postcard, Pot, Potato, Princess, Pumpkin, Puppet, Puppy, Puzzle, Peas, Pin, Pudding)

  • High frequency words: – Introduction of “you” and revision of other words done till date( I, he, she, me, we, do, go, to, no, by, my, so, up, in, us, on, or, as, at, am)
  • Read aloud:– Four Friends (Retold by Kala Sasikumar)

                                            Best Friends by Nina Sabnani

After the read aloud of each story, the main characters of the story, the beginning/middle/end of the story, the emotions related to the story and the message learnt from the story was discussed in the whole group. They were even asked to give a new end to the story using their creativity.


  • Introduction of number ‘16 and 17’ by using vocabulary ten and six- sixteen and ten and seven- seventeen.
  • Revision of Terms: long-short, wide-narrow, small-big, up-down, far- near, left-right, inside-outside and Fat-thin etc was been practiced.
  • Revision of mathematical operations – forward/backward counting, counting the objects, association with numbers, after, before, middle, between, more and less, greater than/less than and equal to from number 0-15.
  • Revision of sorting objects according to shape, size and colours was done.

Free Play:

  • Construction Blocks
  • Puzzles
  • Sensory foot path blocks.

Important Note:-

  • We had sent you the helping family log sheet along with the Diwali homework; please send it back by next week, as it is a part of UOI assessment.
  • As a part of UOI, we are planning for one day picnic for next week. We are in search of of good place nearby, which is spacious to play and with proper shelter which can accommodate 150 students and 20 adults (approx.); maybe it’s a farm house or a picnic spot. If you own such a place and are interested in inviting then please let us know by 1st December 2012(Saturday) through communication Diary.
  • Due to holidays on 12th & 13th December, the school will be working for students on 1st December (Day 2 will be followed) & 15th December (Day 1 will be followed) (both the days are Saturday).
  • Kindly practice math operations (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child. And in language identification of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.).
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.

Have a nice Sunday!







Dear parents,

  •  Summative Assessments will starts from 7th December in their respected
  •  classes. The assessment sheet will based on their Hindi work book. We will
  •  include matra “अ” to “ऊ”
  •  Recognize matra in the word and put it in the related matra  box.
  •  Put matra and name the picture
prepare your child for the assessment.
Reflection of the day– 1st December’12, Day-2, Saturday

Reflection of the day– 1st December’12, Day-2, Saturday

Morning assignment was written on the board beforehand so after submitting H.W and settling down, they are supposed to take paper from the table and start doing the assignment. The assignment is very short which they can complete in 5-10 min instead of wasting their time.

Math: Wrote expanded form from 401 – 410

Language: Made 5-8 sentences on different topics.

No H.W. today

Motivate and appreciate them to work on their goals.

Warm regards,

Shruti.Patel 🙂

Grade- 1″AMITY




Summative Assessments will starts from 7th December in their respected
classes. We will include alphabets “अ” to “झ”

  • Recognition of alphabets
  • Recognition of pictures related to  alphabets
  •  Copy the written alphabets
  • dictation
Gujarati Curriculum for month of December

Gujarati Curriculum for month of December

In the month of December we will have 4 classes.We will cover 3 stories from” ચાંદામામા ની ચિત્ર વાર્તાઓ”

  1. વાંસળીવાળો
  2. ચાંદામામા નો કોપ
  3. કાગડા નું વેર
Homework- Learn these  Poems from home we will provide worksheet to students :
  1. મામા નું ઘર
  2. એક હતો ઉંદર
  3. સાયકલ મારી સરરર
  4. Learn Animal name

In this month we will take Summative Assessment also,which will be based on Poems which they learnt in Gujarati class.Assessment will be taken from 10 December  to 22 December in their class slot.So start preparing for Assessments.

Highlights of the Week- 27th Nov to 1st Dec.

Highlights of the Week- 27th Nov to 1st Dec.

Dear Parents,

The highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

UOI 4-‘ Tuning In ‘ Initiation song link:

Revision of the poem: “Bounce the ball

Read Aloud :  A color of his own- Leo Lionni

                           Swimmy- Leo Lionni


Revision of all the family words done till date through worksheets.

Oral revision of sight words covered till date.

Reading the poem-“Butterfly”


  • Revision of number names:  1-17.


  Introduction of new unit: Sharing the planet.

CENTRAL IDEA : Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

  1. Tuning in activity was done wherein models of habitats were stimulated and learners were given pictures of
    different animals .They had to place the animals in their respective habitats
  • Field trip to Sarthana zoo.

Homework for the weekend:

Math: Write number names: 1-17 in notebook.

Language: Page no. 6 and 44 in work book. ( Revision)



Nandini Aswani.


Highlights of 27th Nov to 1st Dec[Nursery]

Highlights of 27th Nov to 1st Dec[Nursery]

Circle Time

Introduction of rhyme:

  • Row row row your boat.

Revision of all the rhymes of transport unit.

Revision of the words:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Morning talk:

Teacher asked question to learners: What is your name? And they replied whatever their name is.

UOI: How we organize ourselves [Transport]

Central idea: Transportation can connect communities near and far.

Modes of transport:-

Water route [Submarine and fishing boat]

  • Learners discussed about the submarine and fishing boat and learned about their uses.
  • Flash cards and videos were shown related to it.
  • Revision of land and air transport.
  • Revision of Traffic lights and safety rules.


Various read alouds were done to engage their interest for reading books. The following books were done:

  • My first book of the body.
  • Opposites [Author :Sandra Bounton]
  • My big book of Alphabets
  • Polar bear, Polar bear, what do you hear? [Eric Carle]

Word of the week: Thinker.

Strand: Viewing [visual]

Activity: sequencing flash cards of a story

Teacher told the story “Hare and the tortoise” to the learners through sequencing flashcard. By this story teacher introduced that a story has a beginning, middle part and end.

Learners were also asked to sequence the flash cards of the story.

This activity enhanced their listening and viewing skills.


  • Introduction of number 0.
  • Introduction of Pre math concept Up-Down through real life objects.
  • Revision of backward counting 5-1.
  • Revision of numbers 1-8

Free Play: Sandpit

Learners had a gala time playing in sand-pit. They were given spade, bucket, tumbler, etc to play with it. They were trying to make cake, house, etc from sand.

This activity helped in developing their Fine Motor skills and Social skills.



Important Note:

  • We are going to the field trip [Traffic Park] on Wednesday i.e. 5th December. So please ensure that your child remains present on that day.
  • Kindly revise numbers with them and give them practice of counting.
  • From next week we will start issuing library books.
  • After  checking the H.W. worksheets we will send the worksheets home.
  • Those who have not yet sent “Diwali homework” please send it on Monday.
  • On 12th December we have “Open house”. Timings will be from 8:00-9:30.Those who wants to meet us then please take an appointment through communication diary. Each parent will get 10 minutes. Appointment  will be given on the basis of first come first.
  • Please label your child winter Jacket. We will not be responsible if it get misplaced.   

  • For next week show and tell activity send any one object  related to water transport or air transport.
  • Due to holidays on 12th & 13th December school will be working for students on 1st December (Day 2 will be followed) & 15th December (Day 1 will be followed)(both Saturdays).


Have a nice weekend!!