Highlights of 27th Nov to 1st Dec[Nursery]

Highlights of 27th Nov to 1st Dec[Nursery]

Circle Time

Introduction of rhyme:

  • Row row row your boat.

Revision of all the rhymes of transport unit.

Revision of the words:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Morning talk:

Teacher asked question to learners: What is your name? And they replied whatever their name is.

UOI: How we organize ourselves [Transport]

Central idea: Transportation can connect communities near and far.

Modes of transport:-

Water route [Submarine and fishing boat]

  • Learners discussed about the submarine and fishing boat and learned about their uses.
  • Flash cards and videos were shown related to it.
  • Revision of land and air transport.
  • Revision of Traffic lights and safety rules.


Various read alouds were done to engage their interest for reading books. The following books were done:

  • My first book of the body.
  • Opposites [Author :Sandra Bounton]
  • My big book of Alphabets
  • Polar bear, Polar bear, what do you hear? [Eric Carle]

Word of the week: Thinker.

Strand: Viewing [visual]

Activity: sequencing flash cards of a story

Teacher told the story “Hare and the tortoise” to the learners through sequencing flashcard. By this story teacher introduced that a story has a beginning, middle part and end.

Learners were also asked to sequence the flash cards of the story.

This activity enhanced their listening and viewing skills.


  • Introduction of number 0.
  • Introduction of Pre math concept Up-Down through real life objects.
  • Revision of backward counting 5-1.
  • Revision of numbers 1-8

Free Play: Sandpit

Learners had a gala time playing in sand-pit. They were given spade, bucket, tumbler, etc to play with it. They were trying to make cake, house, etc from sand.

This activity helped in developing their Fine Motor skills and Social skills.



Important Note:

  • We are going to the field trip [Traffic Park] on Wednesday i.e. 5th December. So please ensure that your child remains present on that day.
  • Kindly revise numbers with them and give them practice of counting.
  • From next week we will start issuing library books.
  • After  checking the H.W. worksheets we will send the worksheets home.
  • Those who have not yet sent “Diwali homework” please send it on Monday.
  • On 12th December we have “Open house”. Timings will be from 8:00-9:30.Those who wants to meet us then please take an appointment through communication diary. Each parent will get 10 minutes. Appointment  will be given on the basis of first come first.
  • Please label your child winter Jacket. We will not be responsible if it get misplaced.   

  • For next week show and tell activity send any one object  related to water transport or air transport.
  • Due to holidays on 12th & 13th December school will be working for students on 1st December (Day 2 will be followed) & 15th December (Day 1 will be followed)(both Saturdays).


Have a nice weekend!!



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