Highlights of the week (27th Nov-1st Dec)

Highlights of the week (27th Nov-1st Dec)

U.O.I : Discuss the Vacation journals i.e about the places they visited in vacation.Puzzle activity related to places.Took the learners to the field trip to Science center. Took a reflection related to the field trip. Carried an inquiry related to the unit and discussed the concepts and attitudes for this TDT.

Language: Discussed the answers of grammar h.w in the class. New words given. Took the dictation for the new words given.Did 1 comprehension from the comprehension w.b.wrote a paragraph on the topic given to them.

Math: Did addition and subtraction word problems seperately. Did mix word problems also of addition and subtraction.

Anti-bullying session: Had a role play of anti bullying within the class in groups of 4.

ICT session: Did wordle activity.

Homework: One page in handwriting book, w.s given related to verbs.

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