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Day: December 3, 2012

Highlights of the week 27th Dec – 1st Dec.

Highlights of the week 27th Dec – 1st Dec.

Dear Parent ,

The highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time: Initiation song link:

Revision of the poem: “Bounce the ball”

Read Aloud:

The Grouchy Ladybird- Eric Carl.

A color of his own- Eric Carl.

The Very Busy Spider-Eric Carl.


Revision of all the family words done till date through worksheets.

Oral revision of sight words covered till date.

Reading the poem-“Butterfly”


  • Revision of number names:  1-17.
  • Introduction of half past clock.


UOI:  Introduction of new unit: Sharing the planet.

CENTRAL IDEA : Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

  1. Tuning in activity was done wherein models of habitats were stimulated and learners were given pictures of different animals .They had to place the animals in their respective habitats
  • Field trip to Sarthana zoo.

Homework for the weekend:

Math: Write number names: 1-17 in notebook.

Language: Page no. 6 and 44 in work book. ( Revision)



Payal Jain.

Gujarati Curriculum for the month of December

Gujarati Curriculum for the month of December

In month of December we have 4 classes and 1 class for the month of November.We will cover 3 poem teacher will explain poem ask them question releted with poem.

Poem worksheet : Student wil write answers on given questions in  poem worksheet.

  1. “પાંચ પુતળા”
  2. “જો હું હોતી પંતગિયું”
  3. “હોમવર્ક”

Home work :

  1. Student will write 5 to 10 lines on ” ગાંધીજી” in their notebook.
  2. Student will search “હાસ્યકવિતા” on net and write summary in their,  from given net.
  3. Student will write summury from poem.

Assessment Poem :

  1. “મા મને સાગર કિનારે લઈ જા…” Student will write answers on given question in poem worksheet.
  2. Student will write answers releted with given  story comprehension worksheet.
  3. Student will search on poem from net or given link


In this week will take Summative Assessment also, which will be based on comprehension and poem. Assessment will be taken from 10 December to  22 December in their class slot.So start preapring for assessment.

Gujarati Curriculum for the month of December

Gujarati Curriculum for the month of December

In month of December we have 4 classes and 1 class of November month.We will cover creative writing which enhace their skills.

Classwork activity :

  1. મુદા પરથી વાર્તા લખો
  2. પત્રલેખન
  3. છાપા નું વાંચન

Homework :  1. student bring  ” કંકોતરી”  from home and read it in their respective class.

2.student will write words from alphabet “ ક થી જ્ઞ” eg.  ક – કમળ, ખ- ખડિયો.

Assessment : Story reading  “ભેટ આપણે ધરીએ” student will read this story to enhance their reading skills. Also they write                                   comic strip on given worksheet.

In this month we will take Summative Assessment also,which will be based on comprehension and story reading.Assessment will be taken from 10 December  to 22 December in their class slot.Reading assessment will be based on given story by teacher. So start preparing for assessment.

Reflection of the day– 3rd Dec’12–Monday–Day-3

Reflection of the day– 3rd Dec’12–Monday–Day-3

-Morning assignment: Write 6 letter words.

-Math: Revising number names

Core pattern in math notebook and

Addition with montero cubes

-Read books in library

Today’s H.W.

-Read class library book given and submit it on Friday.

-Revise core pattern at home.

Encourage and appreciate to them achieve their goals.

Warm regards,

Shruti.Patel 🙂

Grade – 1 “AMITY

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (3rdDec)

Grade 3, Imbue, Highlights and home work (3rdDec)

UOI- (People can make choices to support the sustainability of the earth’s resources) which is displayed on the chart paper; students in groups unfold the meaning of central idea and derive the key concepts of the unit (Causation and responsibility).Brainstorming on finite and infinite resources.

Listing down the resources water, air, sunlight, petrol,  coal, plants and animals) and picking out “Water” for case study


Learning centres of maths and languages

Students were introduced to learning centres routines and procedures and also its work station.

Language will have, Reading, listening, writing and games as work station.

Maths will have manipulative, flash card, worksheets, reading and games as work station.


Maths- Complete worksheets.

UOI- Bring empty 2l of bottles(2) and muslin cloth.

H.W for the day- 3 December ’12

H.W for the day- 3 December ’12


  • Show your formative paper to your parents and get it signed.
  • Rewrite the wrong answers correctly in your math book. Write question also. Explain your answers with diagram and reasoning.
  • You have been given a poetry workbook today. Show this workbook to your parents so that they are aware of is happening and what next is going to happen in language for couple of weeks to come.
  • The first 8 pages are related to couplet. Finish reading and completing related exercise.
  • Also finish your work in the couplet online document.
Spellings for the spelling test to be held on Wednesday.
1. Quadrilateral
2. Parallelogram
3. Rhombus
4. Vertices
5. Collinear
6. Trapezium
7. Heptagon
8. Isosceles
9. Obtuse
10. Couplet
11. Cinquain
12. Verse
13. Stanza
14. Meter
15. Syllable
16. Rhythm
17. Acrostic
18. Elegy
19. Centripetal
20. Resistance
21. Gravitational
22. Electrostatic
23. Magnetism
24. Inertia
25. Pendulum
26. Movement
27. Impede
28. Friction
29. Plagiarism
30. Paraphrasing.






Highlights of the week (27th Nov-1st Dec)

Highlights of the week (27th Nov-1st Dec)

UOI: Learners discussed the Vacation journals i.e about the places they visited in vacation. Puzzle activity were discussed about different places. Learners were taken for a Field Trip to the Science Center. After the field trip they gave oral reflection and tried to connect with the central idea and TDT.

Math: Learners were taught the mixed operation word problems and practice for the same was given through out the week.

Language: Learners discussed the H.W. that was given in language grammar workbook during the Diwali vacation. They completed the Berenstain Bears W.B. in Class. Learners did one comprehension in the class from the comprehension W.B. Learners saw the video of  Writing Prompts and did the same in the note book. Learners did the verbs activity they were given a set of flash cards in which they had to match the animal sounds. Learners were also given an another set of flash cards in which they had to make a sentence from the given word and underline the verbs in the sentence.

Anti-bullying session: Had a role play of anti bullying within the class in groups of 4.